The wife of the new Moscow prosecutor owns Mediterranean hotels and villas worth millions of euros

FBK suspects Denis Popov of hiding Russian and foreign real estate.
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Denis Popov, recently appointed to the post of prosecutor of Moscow, has not only experience in Khakassia and Dagestan. As FBK found out, for many years in the supervisory authority he managed to acquire good property, however, forgetting to indicate it in the declaration. Popov's enviable real estate both in Russia and abroad - in Montenegro and Spain, now formally belongs to his ex-wife, which does not prevent him from using his undeclared possessions.

Hotel business employee supervision

In 2009, the then-complete family of the current Moscow prosecutor, Denis Popov, out of four, lived on a salary of 57 thousand rubles — four people. This is evidenced by the declaration of the head of the family for that time. However, such a low income did not prevent the unemployed wife of Denis Popov, Irina, single-handedly founding Monte Biser in Montenegro, and then registering apartments for this company on the Adriatic coast.

As FBK activists found out in their investigation, the apartments in the building were put up for sale, but not one was sold. As a result, real estate with an area of ​​more than 1 thousand square meters. m with nine apartments for a long time remained for Irina Popova. Apartments are for rent, but not all - the Alexey Navalny Foundation publishes photographs showing that the Popov family regularly and happily spends time there.

And in November 2018, an offshore company from the British Virgin Islands appeared among the founders of the company. The FBK believes that he is the property of the prosecutor himself.

But a hotel on the Montenegrin coast is not the only property of Irina Popova in this Balkan country. Almost a hectare near the ski resort at an altitude of one and a half thousand meters above sea level was given for houses under construction, which also belong to Monte Biser.

The total value of the Montenegrin firm Popova’s real estate is 3 million euros, according to FBK. They also found out that the announcements about the construction and sale of these objects first appeared clearly before the divorce of Denis Popov - in 2011, when the prosecutor’s wife still appeared in his income declaration.

“All these Montenegrin investments were planned and made by the family of the current prosecutor, official and law enforcer. They don’t know where the funds came from, ”the public anti-corruption fighters emphasize, noting that no Montenegrin possessions were indicated in the prosecutor’s declaration.

As the apartment in Spain, in Marbella, which the Popovs have had since 2010, when the official income of the family was 60 thousand rubles a month, is also not indicated. The cost of Spanish real estate is 645 thousand euros.

From Rublev to fishing in a Mercedes

The prosecutor’s ex-wife also has a fishing base in the Astrakhan region on the banks of the Volga with many cottages, houses, a restaurant, a hotel, a tennis court and a swimming pool.

All this is located on one and a half hectares of land. Denis Popov, without hesitation, puts up his photos on the base's website, showing off an enviable fish catch.

Also, a Mercedes ML350 car was issued for Irina Popova, whose parking is paid from a mobile phone number owned by the Moscow prosecutor.

Denis Popov did not manage without a secret dacha on Rublevka, which was recorded on his 79-year-old mother Lyudmila Mikhailovna Popova. The FBK does not doubt that the estate was equipped by the prosecutor, since his father, a member of the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, died a long time ago and could hardly leave him such a rich inheritance.