Theatre debut of Sobchak cost the budget 360 thousand rubles

The management of a state theater paid more money to the TV presenter than to the star of Leviathan.
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Reports emigration Ksenia Sobchak were an exaggeration of what did not fail to declare itself presenter. And it's not only the reluctance Sobchak to leave the country, but also in its contractual obligations. TV presenter has yet to play a few performances at the Theatre of Nations. How do I find "News", Sobchak is due for her first theatrical role - in the play "Marriage" - a total of 362 thousand rubles.. It's more than fees experimental theater and film actors, playing in the same statement. Among those who walked on fees Sobchak, Anna Ukolova (total 312 thous. Rubles), Oleg Komarov (195 thous. Rubles), Anna Galinova (270 thous. Rubles). According to Sobchak fee equaled only in the performance of her husband Maxim Vitorgan and Vitaly Hai.

This information is available on the website of public procurement - The theater, being a federal state budget institution, forced to have similar notification procurement with a single supplier for their performances, as he does not have his permanent troupe. It is subordinated to the Ministry of Culture and is financed from the budget. For example, in September 2011 hudozhesGov. director of the theater Yevgeny Mironov said at a meeting with Vladimir Putin (held in the framework of reconstruction of the Theatre of Nations) that his organization received 50 million rubles from the federal budget each year. According to the schedule of the procurement of the Theatre of Nations in the 2015 general budget of the theater, too, procurement is about 50 million rubles. There are at Theatre of Nations and donors, including Sberbank and watch manufacturer Breguet (part of the Swatch Group). Sberbank declined to comment, in the Swatch did not have time to respond promptly.

The Culture Ministry's press service confirmed that the Theatre of Nations "planned unprofitable", in 2014 the amount of subsidies to perform goszadaniya it was 316.8 million rubles, in 2015 - 276.6 million rubles.

The first procedure of procurement troupe to "The Marriage" by 51.7 thousand. Rubles, carried out in December 2014 and, apparently, are the reward for the rehearsal. In February, the final contracts were concluded (see. Infographic above). From materials procurement website it shows that they are designed to August, but the director of the play "Marriage" Filipp Grigoryan told "Izvestia" that summer performanceswill not be.

- In July and August, no one is playing, and the contract can be terminated at any time by consent of the parties, - says the director. - Actors we picked up in different ways. Someone you know, someone you saw. Prior to that, of those who are invited to the show, I only worked with Anna Galinova. Ksenia Sobchak, we also decided to take on their own. We can say, as an experiment. The performance difficult, and it will change, the team will change, too - the actors can someone get sick, someone will be replaced by life circumstances.

Sobchak can be called a fan Grigoryan, laureate of state prize "Golden Mask". The presenter profiles in social networks can be found thanks Grigoryanu for the production of "Shakespeare. Labyrinth ".

According to the National Association of procurement institutions (NAIZ), when purchasing from a single supplier (and which was carried out with the actors of the theater) actors, providers only need to sign a paper contract, no action in the public procurement system, they do not need to take. A copy of the contract upon its completion should be laid on the State purchases onlineOK, they formally concluded until 31 August. With regard to the payment of 13% income tax and 30% of insurance premiums, the Theatre of Nations itself will deduct 13% of the fee of the agreed amount, and send to the Federal Tax Service (FTS), and contributions to the Pension Fund of Russia will transfer already in excess of the amount of their payroll labor, the expert added NAIZ Alex Bektashev.

According to the poster on the website of the Theatre of Nations, held in March, two of the play "Marriage" (March 4 and 14), scheduled for April three. In May, the play will not play - at the ticket office reported that performances will continue the poster is not typeset from 10 May to 16 June. Theatre of Nations representative Yulia Girba noted that each director own gathering actors and spends listening, artists' fees are set on a contractual basis between the theater and the artist himself; paid actors and rehearsals. Further comment Girba refused.

This production - theatrical debut for Ksenia Sobchak. Prior to that, she starred in the TV show, and only low-budget comedies (on account of its supporting role in the film "Rzhev against Napoleon", "Samasecond best film "," Mamma Mia "). The only conditionally theatrical experience, which was at Sobchak - ballet lessons as a child at the Mariinsky Theatre.

Among the famous actors who supported Sobchak to work on "Marriage", - Anna Ukolova (she starred in 68 films and television series, including the film-nominee for "Oscar" "Leviathan", "The Geographer Drank His Globe Away", "Dad" ).

- And she (Ksenia Sobchak -. "Izvestiya") left the country? - Surprised in a conversation with "Izvestia" Ukolov. - I do not know, I do not look online, newspapers and do not watch telly too. I hope we will play in the play with her and further, at the theater on this has not yet spoken. It's there in his place, knows what has gone, knows his worth. She tried, well done, do not irritate me.

On the question of whether Ukolov with Sobchak talking about politics, the actress said that "to do with it, we had only the texts of Gogol." Discussing fees of 200-300 thousand. Rubles, Ukolov noticed that during one performance "that kind of money in the theater do not pay that kind of money to pay to a party in" Gazprom ". Overall voznagrSuppress in "Marriage" for several performances Ukolov said solid.

- For me, the theater as a hobby. . Even for 5-7 performances this amount 300 thousand large, - the interlocutor said.

Another well-known actor - Oleg Komarov (roles in 49 films and television series, among them "Brother 2", "Voroshilov Sharpshooter", series "Brigada" and "Kings game") - did not know that Sobchak slid from Russia.

- I do not know where the leaves Xenia, do not know. The other day, we played the show, everything was in order. I think that this is another "duck". With Ksenia I was familiar with and to work on the production. The role has a very good left, all the comments directed implicitly accepts, and the role of their home with Maxim always repeats. Xenia role - the role of the first plan. Thekla (Sobchak), Agatha (Ukolov) PODKOLYOSIN (Vitorgan) Kochkarev (Hai) - the four main roles - said Komarov, refraining from discussing intimate financial topics. - With respect to contracts, each actor finds it with the director in the office alone.

Vitaly Hai leads to the NTV program lottery "Golden Key", he played in the fimah "Playing the Victim", "Bless the Woman", "Ragin" and others. Maxim Vitorgan best known for his roles in theater and film "Quartet", including "Radio Day" and "Election Day." Anna Galinova more commonly known as a stage actress. She played in the theater, NV Gogol Center. VE Meyerhold Theater Center "Taganka" and others. Contact with them, as with Sobchak failed.

Taras Volkovinsky, director of concert agency L-Concert and an expert on the fees of stars, says actor award in 360 thousand. Rubles in the theater at least twice the average for the market (at Sobchak get about 60 thousand. Rubles for the show, excluding rehearsals ).

- The Drama Theatre in Moscow, the average monthly salary - about 30 thousand rubles per month, if you have theater troupe, in which the actor plays 10 times a month.. There are, however, and contracts that the actors receive a fee as a percentage of tickets sold. Everywhere play an important role "locomotives" - artists, where there are people, and if involved in the formulation of a star, theater, of course, inGodnev early to conclude a contract with the actor, and not give him a fee based on tickets sold. Participation Sobchak - likely a PR stunt for the Theater of Nations.

Directed by Philip Grigoryan, modernize the play of Nikolai "The Marriage" by Gogol, main character and plot are the same realities have changed: the action of the play takes place in our time. Ivan PODKOLYOSIN (Vitorgan) - it is a successful civil servant, who, according to the story, decides to marry and asks for help from a matchmaker in this - the owner of the modeling agency Thecla Ivanovna (Sobchak). Matchmaker is PODKOLYOSIN bride-merchant's wife Agafia Kuperdyaginu (Ukolov), which, like Gogol, - the successor business successful parents. As described on the website of the Theatre of Nations, "New" Marriage "- a reminder of how cruel to the man becomes the consumer society and how difficult it is today to become the man himself and find personal happiness in the world and the temptations available substitutions."