Thin "business lines"

Transport company Business Line may fall victim to both its own tax fraud, greed, and the actions of competitors.
In the main office, "Business Line" shipping company in St. Petersburg employees of the Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee conducted extensive investigations and raided. The company is suspected of fraud with the payment of taxes on the total amount of 1.089 billion rubles. This is not the first alarm zvonochok Transportation company formed by entrepreneurs Bogatikova Alexander and Mikhail Khabarov. Officially, the press service of "Business line" tried to make a good face on a bad game, saying that the investigative measures relating to it are not, and some contractor who "namudril" with the VAT refund. But, according to investigators, it is not so, and the company's involvement in tax evasion may well be the case.

According to Vedomosti, "according to the investigation, unidentified persons acting on behalf of" business lines ", from October 2011 to March 2014 included in the tax returns with false information about the presence of the right to tax deductions on 516 million rbl., And as the presence in 2011-2013. 2.86 billion rubles. expenses deductible for income tax. according to the Investigative Committee of Russia (TFR), these actions resulted in tax evasion totaling 1.089 billion rubles. "

It is clear that the investigating authorities are now engaged in precisely these "unidentified persons". Proceed for several years "on behalf of" Only those crooks who are inside the organization - this truism understood by all. Based on this and the problem appears reasonable "Business lines" is now - to pay off with all available means panic among its customers and partners. After all, what will they do if the police arrested in general all transport companies account?

And it's not fancy - of the money "Business lines" is already under arrest! As reported November 9 Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, the court in St. Petersburg put a "lien on the funds of the company" Business Line ", located on the bank accounts totaling more than 1 billion 598 million 689 thousand. Rub., Taking into account fines and penalties." Upon violations were prosecuted under paragraph. "B" Part 2 st.199 Criminal Code of Russia (tax evasion), according to the RF IC.

What is a seizure of 1.6 billion rubles? In 2015, revenues "Business lines" was 12.7 billion rubles, and net profit - less than 90 million rubles. This may mean that the company has already had problems with the financing of the current activity. In the end, the transport company - not a bank, and work on operational vehicles. The arrest of nearly 13-14% of its working capital can inflict a real commercial damage and to reimburse him, the company will have to resort to commercial credit, and interest costs take away from their already arrived or shifting on the shoulders of contractors!

It is possible that in addition to the version of the investigating authorities, on the alleged thrive in the company long-term fraud tax evasion, it could be banal and "attacks" on it. "Business lines" are a significant player in the freight market in the Russian Federation - to the beginning of 2015 the group of companies "Business Line" took in 20% of the Russian market of cargoes and about 5% of the road transport market, the volume of which reaches 700-800 billion rubles. The group of companies employs over 16 thousand people, the fleet of vehicles of various tonnage of about 5 million units.

Moreover, despite the crisis, all the experts predict the success of the business "Business Lines", and earlier this year the company has come a new investor and co-owner - Mikhail Khabarov. As he wrote then, "Kommersant", "Business Line" One of the directions of its development can elect the tactics of mergers and acquisitions.

The transport market is attractive in terms of M & A, it looks like the retail market of five - seven years ago, says CEO InfraNews. He believes that "Business line" players can purchase "from the end of the top ten." "There are players for shopping, you can build a champion" - sums up Mr. Bezborodov.

And in March 2016 the media reported the first such transaction - "Business Line" acquired company "Auto" 120 Mercedes-Benz trucks with trailers. Total stoimst such a purchase would be between 600 million to 1 billion rubles. The question is whether such a spurt like competitors? Main competitors "Business lines" - the largest carrier of cargoes by rail "Zheldorekspeditsiya" Company "Baikal Service", "Svetlana-K", and in some segments and the German DHL. It is possible that any of them could arrange for the "Business line" checks. However, this is only version. It will be worse for the "Business lines" if the investigation did confirm that the scammers from the company over the years engaged in primitive tax optimization, substituting it for the investigation and imposing fines.

This version is devoid of plaque conspiracy, but friendly with a reality in which the multiplying complaints services "Business lines" and ugly attitude of the company to its customers. The site "Smart logistician" often flashed accusations in her address:

Contact the company Business lines with the aim to carry things from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Very worried about the TV, before leaving him very well packed in its original packaging, with a soft film and foam, all safe! The box in several places coarse wrote CAUTION FRAGILE! Loaders assured and reassured me that the goods do not throw, not rushes and will reach safely, there is nothing to worry about. As a result, I received a faulty TV. Cargo received in the morning, turned on the TV in the evening of the same day and on the screen I saw multicolored stripes (damaged matrix). In the study found a box in it a large fingerprint boot !!! Of course, I can understand everything, but to go on TV !!! Of course it is entirely not reach !!! On claims unsubscribe, repudiate, and more. Disappointed, very much! Instead of viewing channels, I am now going to deal with the complaint procedure and likely litigation! Even through put is incorrect! We put the receipt on a single sum and the site indicated the debt and demand payment! I do not recommend!

I want to add! I wrote a complaint to the company! Having been refused !!! I am outraged by this inhumanity! More and he accused me of allegedly faulty item I have sent !!! They put in the act of reception - the deformation of the boxes! Yes, they always write, to insure yourself! Boxes clothes were rumpled, but the box is intact from the TV - can be seen in the photo!

The box came a whole as soon realize that TV is broken? Of course I found it after you turn it into an electrical outlet! Act I still stuck in the street, before brought all the boxes in the apartment! Never again will not mess with this company! DARKNESS!

And I do not advise anyone !!!

Too zamorochennye information system and the receipt of the goods. Suitable only for large companies whose logistics are sitting on a computer permanently and staff movers awaiting the arrival of the clock. No no efficiency. Calls with no return response, and we can only guess what it called transport company delivery or can even about something. And then run to the computer and look what happened there and not the fact that you will find throughout the day. Too heaped computer technology. And still have to chat with the operator. It is impossible to determine the exact time of receipt of the goods. The first encounter with such an indefinite. For 5 days I can not get accurate information.

Svetlana Svetlana (02.11.2016 20:13)
Good afternoon, received the goods a month ago this company, three boxes damaged, spoiled goods. Money insurance has not yet been translated, all the time that something new you need to provide. A hundred times think before you communicate with the company. My patience is exhausted, and a court will seek reimbursement and cost of delivery, compensation for loss of profits and non-pecuniary damage. Be careful!

 Share Pavel (08.15.2016 16:43)
All good day! I'd like to be objective in assessing TK "Business Line", but the ratio of the carrier to the customer disgusting.
Yes, nobody wants to lose money, but let's be fair, if we nakosyachili: please pay this business approach and throw a man hiding behind his "rules" is the frank rudeness.
So, I have not once send and receive goods through the DL, a plus for the choice of delivery times and became a developed network of branches. And all went well until the incident occurred: ordered parts (trunk door with glass) for himself, sent whole came in a bubble film and rigid packaging, but, alas, with broken glass.
When viewed with the claim department employee revealed that the glass chips are inside the film, ie, damage during transportation.
She photographed everything, I'm sure everything will be fine, and will be reimbursed after 10 minutes brought a "commercial act rendition" in which he proposed to sign. Asked What is the Filkin charter and which act in the form bargaining-2 gave me an answer: Like, about auction-2 do not know anything, we did not make up, according to our rules drawn up a commercial act.
This was followed by a waste of time to collect documents for the goods until the power of attorney for the courier through whom gruzotopravitel made the shipment. Contributed invoices, receipts and so on.
After 5 days, a refusal which was said claim is rejected for failure to conduct an internal inspection of cargo due to lack of shipping documentation. Those. just at the time of receipt of the goods in the shopping you do not have your delivery note, it is not the type of damage. Something like that.
Then after a visit to the heating chamber in order to communicate with the management of the warehouse on the same manager the claim department I was supposedly the head of such issues does not solve - communicate with lawyers from St. Petersburg.
The answer, I wrote to them, but prosherstit Internet for lawsuits and claims in the TC Business I lines found a wonderful article by reading which came to the conclusion that any attempts in my situation are useless, for submission to the court is necessary not to take the goods, do not sign and immediately invited the representative of the Chamber of Commerce (other ooo peer review Filkin charter for the Court). And even after all this, it is necessary to sue about a year. So I got on the glass and its installation, approximately 5 thousand.
I want to appeal to all who read this review: do not work with those who spit on the client, violates all the legal requirements for registration of such incidents damage to the goods and works only in their own interests.
Good luck to all, and I begin to write a complaint to the Federal Service on the DL. Not because harmful, but because it is necessary for a human being.

Perhaps, of course, all these reviews - fake or prank competitors, but "Business lines" should explicitly take over the mind and to build in the first place, competent work with customers, and secondly, to establish a reasonable relationship with the community. Because otherwise no client business will not work. While transport companies comments do not shine from the face of the official representative of the company, said that "Business Line" constructive cooperation with the representatives of agencies involved in the verification. The activities carried out in the normal mode, adds Maria Gladkova, the representative of Business Lines.