Three NPFs Boris Mintsa filed a lawsuit against the business financing company

Three NPFs Boris Minta filed a lawsuit against the company that finances its business, Prime Finance. Thus, the businessman tries to pull out the money from the company's bonds ahead of schedule, which indicates a serious cash gap.
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Three pension funds, members of the financial group "Future" of Boris Mints, filed a lawsuit for 8.7 billion rubles. to the company "Prime Finance". The company, as it says in its documents, finances projects belonging to the businessman O1 Group

Three non-government pension funds included in FG "Future" of Boris Mints (Future Fund, Social Development and Telecom-Soyuz), and the asset management company Concord Asset Management filed a lawsuit against OOO Prime Finance in the amount of 8.7 billion rubles. Information on this is placed in the database of arbitration courts. Details of the claim in the electronic card are not shown.

The press service of FG "Future" RBC reported that the claim was filed in order to ensure the return of funds invested in the bonds of "Prime Finance". Debt of "Prime Finance" before the fund arose after the issuer did not fulfill the obligation to pay coupon yield on bonds, the press service explained. The claimant demands early repayment of exchange bonds, payment of accrued coupon income, as well as interest for using other people's money. "The Fund expects to meet its claims and debt settlement, which will reflect the income from this investment for insured persons," FG "Future" concluded. RBC sent a request to Prime Finance, but received no response.

About the company "Prime Finance" little is known. It is 100% owned by CJSC "Gloria", the founder of which, in turn, is Cyprus Florenterino Consulting Ltd. In the documents of "Prime Finance" it is noted that it finances the assets of O1 Group (the main owner is Boris Mintz). In particular, in the prospectus of the bond issue "Prime Finance" for 11.75 billion rubles. it is said that the company is "the issuer, through the placement of bonds of which the projects of the group of companies O1 Group are being financed". Now in circulation three issues of bonds "Prime Finance" totaling 21.75 billion rubles. According to the largest issue (by 11.75 billion rubles.), The company defaulted, tried to negotiate with bondholders, but they opposed restructuring. This issue was placed in 2013. For the same amount, Prime Finance issued a loan to Stratola Investments, which, according to the rating agency Expert RA, operates in the interests of O1 Group.

FG "Future", which includes NPFs that filed a lawsuit, itself bought bonds "Prime Finance". In 2016, VTB Capital in a presentation for investors to the IPO FG "Future" on the Moscow Stock Exchange wrote that the financial group invested about 24 billion rubles. in bonds "О1 Property Property Finance", "Prime Finance" and "Finstandart". "Basically, these are assets related to the business of O1 Properties and a number of other real estate facilities," the analysts of VTB Capital wrote.

Mints structures conduct several lawsuits at once for billions of rubles. In the autumn of last year, FC Otkritie is trying to challenge the purchase of bonds of one of the O1 Group structures - O1 Group Finance. The bank purchased these bonds in the amount of 34 billion rubles. in August 2017, after which O1 Group early repaid its loan obligations to FC Otkritie, and on the balance sheet of the bank, instead of collateral for loans (assets of more than 30 billion rubles.) were bonds "O1 group finance." Another case is the claim of Concord Asset Management to Promsvyazbank because of the bank's 13.3 billion rubles hanging on the bank's deposits. pension accumulations of the clients of NPF "Future". Promsvyazbank does not want to return deposits, believing that their placement was "feigned".

Finally, on July 30, the Future Fund pension funds filed a lawsuit against Promsvyazkapital of former owner of Promsvyazbank Dmitry Ananyev for RUB 3.9 billion.

Boris Mintz himself, along with his three sons, according to the newspaper Vedomosti, left Russia and went to London (the O1 Group does not comment on this information). In relation to them, according to the publication, the Investigative Committee of Russia conducts a pre-investigation check on the statement of Mikhail Zadornov, Chairman of the Board of FC Opening. The key assets of the businessman - FG "Future" and О1 Properties - are mortgaged on a loan from the Moscow Credit Bank for 25 billion rubles. The bank, in turn, transferred the right to claim debt to its parent structure, the Rossium holding company, and he raised the Cyprus Riverstretch Trading & Investments (as Kommersant wrote, Rossiy sold to her) for work on "structuring the deal." This company, as they wrote "Vedomosti", can get control over O1 Properties.

Funds FG "Future", as wrote "Kommersant", can go to NPF "Neftegarant" (works with pension savings of Rosneft). The management company Neftegaranta - GC Region, with which the media have repeatedly associated with Riverstretch Trading & Investments (offshore is controlled by the former top manager of Region Group Pavel Vashchenko). In CC "Region" the connection with offshore is denied.