Timchenko transferred 19% of NOVATEK to a new company

Out of 23.49% of the shares of the gas company owned by him, he transferred 19.16% to the dummy company "Ena Invest". Perhaps for the purpose of further sale or collateral. Now such a package is estimated at 500 billion rubles.
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Gennady Timchenko transferred most of the NOVATEK stake - 19.16% - from the Volga Group holding (manages the businessman's assets) to the newly established company Ena Invest LLC, follows from the message of the gas company.

But the total share of Timchenko in NOVATEK has not changed - it still owns 23.49% (of which 4.33% is left on the Volga Group), NOVATEK underscores.

Ena acquired 19.16% of the gas company from Volga Group on July 5 for 464.84 billion rubles, based on the valuation of one paper at 798.9 rubles, NOVATEK said. At the close of trading on the Moscow stock exchange on the eve of the deal, on July 4, the company's shares were traded at 874.7 rubles. for a thing, and this package cost 508.94 billion rubles.

According to SPARC data, "Ena Invest", registered in Moscow, was established in November 2017, its sole owner is Timchenko. The registration data indicate that this company belongs to "economic companies and partnerships with the participation of foreign legal entities and (or) individuals, as well as stateless persons". According to Rosstat, it belongs to a Swiss citizen - Timchenko, in addition to Russian citizenship, has passports of Switzerland and Finland.

"A deal to transfer 19.16% of NOVATEK's shares to ENA Invest was made as part of the restructuring of Volga Group's assets," the group's representative told RBC. At present, the group has no plans to change its stake in NOVATEK, he added.

A representative of Volga Group had previously told Interfax that Ena Invest was established to address the project tasks of Volga Group and the shareholder. He has not answered RBC's questions yet.

Re-registration of a part of NOVATEK shares to "Ena Invest" may be due to the formation of a separate asset to attract financing, the partner of Paragon Advice, Alexander Zakharov, assumes. "Either this is the beginning of a strategy for preparing a tool to inherit property and keep the business in the future," he adds.

In January 2017, it became known that the "Volga Group" released from the pledge of 9.13% of NOVATEK. The securities were pledged "in financial institutions" from the end of 2015, explained then RBC representative of the holding company. The amount of the loan and other details, he did not specify, noting only that the consolidated share of Timchenko and Volga Group in NOVATEK has not changed. In February 2017, Timchenko withdrew from the number of direct shareholders of NOVATEK, transferring his stake to Volga Group.