Time said about the visits of Kirill Shamalov and Lyudmila Putina to Biarritz

The deputy mayor assured the magazine that the property bought by the president's relatives was purchased exclusively for honestly earned money.
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Kirill Shamalov, whom Reuters and Bloomberg called President Vladimir Putin's son-in-law, and ex-spouse of the head of state Ludmila Putina (after the second marriage - Ocheretnaya) regularly spend time in Biarritz, where they own several real estate, Time writes.

Shamalov bought a villa in a resort in the south-west of France from Gennady Timchenko. Real estate agent Lorin Weber, who dealt with this deal, refused to tell the publication any details. According to her, she called Shamalova last year and asked him how to react to all questions from journalists. "He told me not to say anything. And I respect his decision, "she said.

At the same time, Deputy Mayor of the city Jocelyn Castaneda told the magazine that the property that Shamalov acquired in 2012 is one of at least two houses in the area associated with the Putin family. "People see them on the market when they are on a walk," she says of the president's relatives. "But we do not approach them and do not do selfies. We do not care who they are, "- adds Time companion.

In the neighboring city of Anglet there is a second facility connected with the family of the head of state, and he is currently under reconstruction, the publication says. The local land cadastre specifies that the owner of the property is Arthur Ocheretny, a businessman from St. Petersburg, married, according to Time, when Lyudmila Putin left after a divorce from the president. As pointed out by Reuters, the cost of the villa can be about $ 6 million. Neither Lyudmila, nor Ocheretny, nor the daughter of Lyudmila Maria and Catherine did not respond to Time's request.

Russian Consul Alexander de Miller de La Cerda said that Putin's ex-wife almost every year came to Biarritz to "take water", both before and after her divorce. He says that he often sees her during these visits, when sometimes he drives his own car or buys textiles in his favorite boutique. "She stops at the Miramar hotel or in a house that belongs to our mutual friend from the Petersburg environment of Putin," he says.

Castaneda assured reporters that all transactions were legal in terms of Russian and French legislation, and that the president's relatives went through rigorous financial checks, like any other foreign investors.

Kirill Shamalov is an ex-co-owner of Sibur. In 2016, Forbes first included Kirill Shamalov in the rating of Russia's richest people, then his fortune was estimated at $ 1.2 billion. In 2017, Shamalov also entered the rating, taking 74th place with a state of $ 1.3 billion. He is the youngest billionaire in Russia List of Forbes. In April 2017, he sold a 17% stake in Sibur to another major shareholder of the petrochemical company, Leonid Mikhelson.