Tobacco trace of dairy woman Balabanova

Why the current vice-president of the Russian Danone was expelled from PhilipMorris?
Companion Ostap Bender Shura Balaganov the question of how much money he needs for happiness, called the amount of 6 thousand 400 rubles. Vice President transnational dairy company Danone CIS Marina Balabanova require clearly more than Balaganov. But it seems that the methods of enrichment from the hapless "son of Lieutenant Schmidt," and the former tabachnitsy almost similar. If Shura Balaganov even received by Comrade Bender 50 thousand rubles, seduced by bad purse lying in the passenger tram, the Marina Balabanova privorovyvala being on the post of Vice-President of Public Relations JSC "Philip Morris Izhora". According to former colleagues Balabanova, it accepted the post of "piarschitsa" blonde almost immediately began to earn one recoils from the advertising budgets of the tobacco companies. Gradually Balabanova appetite grew, and ultimately dishonest employee caught red-handed. It is noteworthy that the very Marina Balabanov, talking about himself in an interview with a local media also did not ignore the fact of his sudden departure from PhilipMorris. However, in it, andnterpretatsii story seemed rather vague. Here's how Balabanov recalls his functional duties in the tobacco companies, "often mentioned a dark gray or PR. But you can never really prick in our profession. "

Although Marina and swears that followed voiced its principle of "do not steal", but the vocabulary is a graduate of the St. Petersburg institution speaks for itself. Any astute psychologist will tell you that the person who uses the interview in such slang words, at least allows for the ability to follow the indicated their concepts. And if Balabanov not "prick" management of CJSC "Philip Morris Izhora", it is unlikely in such haste he would have left the position of Vice-President of Public Relations. According to the same of our heroine, her professional successes in a factory in Izhora were so great and evident, that she was invited to move to an increase in the main office of the Russian division PhilipMorris in Moscow. However, as assured Balabanov, she did not want to part with his native city on the Neva, by raising it refused, causing cameaxis generally withdraw from tobacco companies. Version clearly looks improbable: who will chase a valuable employee, who due to family or other valid reasons could not move the capital to a more prestigious and highly paid job? Any manager will sympathize with such an employee, and possibly find a way to improve it in the same place of work, but it did not point to the door. In the case of Balabanova it happened just recently.

It is possible that the multinational company Danone's personnel officers, who then took on the job Balabanov, proshlyapili this key moment of her previous employment history. But for several years now scandalous tabachnitsa making a career in the dairy corporations, reaching the position of Regional Vice President of Corporate Affairs in the CIS. Apparently, Marina Alexandrovna become more cautious in building gray sliding schemes for the development of advertising budgets. However, the management of Danone could not hide the provocative strategy Balabanova, who recently seriously held up their employers. So, in the midst ofthe conflict with the head of Vladimir Medina MinkultaRF about the brand, "Buttermilk" Balabanov throwing the Ukrainian in the media biased publications that supposedly "Russian officials extort money from Danone business." Not only that, a campaign "in defense of" transnational producer Balabanova efforts have been routinely utilized heavily, so also is it that they have been paid for the article, which may cause political claims to Danone. As they say, that a fraud or cuffs, is found all over the controversial tobacco trail, even in the Danone milk.