Top-manager of "Inter RAO" Karina Turcan was a citizen of Romania

The arrested on suspicion of spying for Romania, a member of the board of "Inter RAO" was not three, but only two citizenships: Russia and Romania. In 2016, Karina Turcan refused from Moldovan.
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Accused of espionage top manager of Inter RAO Karina Turcan is a Romanian citizen, confirmed by RBC in the embassy of the republic in Moscow.

"It has been confirmed that she is also a citizen of Romania. The Romanian Foreign Ministry will soon publish a statement on this issue, "the embassy said, adding that the diplomatic mission has not yet received official notifications of the criminal case on the Russian side.

The National Agency for Citizenship Issues responded to a request from the local Q Magazine, informing that Turcan received Romanian citizenship on April 2, 2014.

Earlier, Romanian Foreign Minister Teodor Melescanu told the Romanian news agency AGERPRESS that the woman detained in Russia has "several passports", including Moldovan and Romanian. However, a source close to the Moldovan Ministry of Foreign Affairs told RBC that Karina Turcan, who holds the post of board member at Inter RAO, had long ago abandoned Moldovan citizenship.

Turcan was granted permission to withdraw from the citizenship of Moldova in 2016, follows from the decree of the country's president, published on the website of the Moldovan embassy in Germany. The website of Inter RAO indicates that Turcan has Russian citizenship.

In accordance with Art. 276 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation under espionage means the activities of a foreign citizen or stateless person, consisting in the transfer, collection, embezzlement or storage for the purpose of transferring to a foreign state information constituting a state secret in Russia, and also - on instructions from foreign intelligence - and other information that is supposed Use against the security of Russia. The penalty for espionage under the law is imprisonment for a term of 10 to 20 years. Russian citizens are punished for work on foreign special services under art. 275 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (high treason).