Top manager of RSC Energia Alexei Beloborodov fell into the hands of the guards of order

The Deputy General Director of RSC Energia was accused of attempted fraud.
The investigators detained Alexei Beloborodov, deputy general director of the Energia rocket and space corporation, and two of his subordinates. This was reported by the Moscow Region Office of the Investigative Committee of Russia. All three were charged with attempted fraud (Part 1, Article 30, Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). On Monday, the court will consider the issue of their arrest.

Earlier on Sunday, the state corporation Roskosmos reported that investigators suspected several employees of RSC Energia of bribery. The names of the suspects were not mentioned, the details of the criminal case are not listed.

"Several bribes from the top management of RSC Energia are suspected of bribes. The measure of restraint for them will be chosen by the court on Monday, "the Roskosmos press service said, noting that the suspects give confessions.

Roskosmos added that it closely cooperates with the law enforcement agencies in the fight against corruption and will severely suppress bribery and other financial crimes at the enterprises of the rocket and space industry.

In June, the general director of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin asked the Accounting Chamber to check the state corporation's enterprises. He said this after the auditors revealed in Roskosmos a violation of 760 billion rubles. According to Alexei Kudrin, the chairman of the Accounting Chamber, more than 40% of violations identified by the agency in 2017 are related to the activities of the state corporation. Kudrin added that the results of the checks already formed the basis of criminal cases. He did not specify what matters he was talking about.

In July, Rogozin instructed to check all the leaders of the enterprises of the rocket and space industry. Including the check was carried out in RSC Energia, which is engaged in the development and production of Soyuz rockets and Progress space vehicles. It was noted that, if necessary, the results of inspections will be transferred to law enforcement agencies.

In early July, RSC Energia changed its head: Vladimir Solntsev wrote a statement of resignation at his own request from the post of general director of the corporation.

From the moment of appointment on May 24, Rogozin changed the management of the key enterprises of the branch by the general director of Roskosmos. The leadership of the Samara Space Center Progress has been replaced. The management of CENSCI (the organization that manages the cosmodromes), Glonass JSC (the operator of the Era-Glonass system) has been replaced. Also, the statement of dismissal was written by the director of the NGO. Lavochkin Sergey Lemeshevsky, against whom a case of embezzlement is being investigated.

In addition, in July it became known about the investigation of the case of high treason against employees of the leading scientific research institute of the region - the Moscow-based NIIMash. In connection with this, a 74-year-old scientist Viktor Kudryavtsev was detained.

Deputy head of RSC Energia accused of attempted fraud
Kommersant, August 19, 2018

Deputy Director of the Rocket and Space Corporation (RSC) Energia Alexei Beloborodov and two of his subordinates were detained on suspicion of attempted fraud (Part 1, Article 30, Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code), the Investigative Committee of Russia reports. The names of the two subordinates are not named.

Detainees are charged. The details of the case of the TFR are not disclosed, but specifies that the investigation is conducted jointly with the management of the "P" of the FSB of Russia. It deals with counterintelligence support of the fight against corruption in the industrial sphere.

The fact that several employees of RSC Energia are suspected of bribery, previously reported in Roskosmos. The names of the alleged criminals in the state corporations were not named. The head of Roskosmos Dmitry Rogozin instructed to maximally assist the investigation. The measure of restraint to the detainees will be elected on August 20.

At the end of July, Roskosmos agreed with the Accounts Chamber on the comprehensive inspection of RSC Energia. As Kommersant reported, RKK Energia's debt is 68 billion rubles. Two weeks later, the head of the RKK, Vladimir Solntsev, was removed from work "in connection with the termination of an employment contract with him on the agreement of the parties."