Top secret heroes

Novaya Gazeta has come into possession of a list of people awarded for the Crimean campaign.

At the disposal of "New" was a list of secretly awarded the Russians, particularly distinguished themselves during this year the Crimean events. One of them was disguised as locals in the noisy crowd scenes, someone had to do with the seizure of administrative buildings and Ukrainian military units. Others - provides information support in Moscow.

Among those who marked state awards, we found a prominent United Russia, bikers, soccer fans, nationalists and people with violent criminal past. And one of the recipients being on probation, has recently carried out an armed attack on an Orthodox church, and the other - is listed in the federal wanted list.

Decrees, these have not been published, but did not hide their awarded prizes, and though the event was not advertised, to conceal the participation of dozens of people, of course, it failed.

Three secret ceremony

In fact, award ceremonies for "Crimea" were three: March 25 medals awarded high heads; 26th - a prominent member of the "United Russia" and "Patriots of Russia", and March 31 at the Cultpolar center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation received awards on the list of "Russian Union of Afghan Veterans" (VAST).

Among the «VIP-Knights" were: Oleg Morozov - Head of the President on domestic policy, and two of his deputies - Alexei Anisimov Viktor Seliverstov; Chief Management Advisor to the President for Domestic Policy Dmitry Kiryuhin; Deputy Head of the President on public projects management Vladimir Popov; Head of the Department of State Legal Department of the President Dmitry Volik; Deputy Chairman of the State Duma, the secretary of the General Council of "United Russia" Sergei Neverov; head of the Organization Department of the CEC "United Russia" Konstantin Mazurevskaj apparatus; Head of the executive committee of Movement "People's Front" "For Russia" Andrei Bocharov; Deputy Secretary of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation Vladislav Grib.

The next day, to get awards in the Kremlin came: the head of the executive committee of "Patriots of Russia" Nadezhda Korneev and Chairman of the Central Auditing Commission of "Patriots of Russia » Evgeny Shevchenko.

On March 31, the Kremlin has taken "spisochnikov" VAST. Three awarded a medal of the Order "For Services to the Motherland» II degree: Elektrostal resident 24-year-old boxer Victor Blinov, kickboxers from Noginsk Roman Eremin (Crimea went along with his trainer Maxim Pustovit) and residents of Cherepovets, 35-year-old boxer Alexander Kireev.

Nine was awarded a diploma "Thanks the President of the Russian Federation", and 186 people were awarded "Diploma" with the phrase "For active participation in the work to strengthen the friendship between the peoples." In addition, all awarded the medal "For the return of the Crimea."

Among the "ukreplentsev" it turned out to be the most residents Moscow (42 people) and Muscovites (41), followed by the natives, Lipetsk, Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod, Orel, Tula and Tver regions, as well as Chechnya.

In the list under the number 1 on the presentation of the President's "Certificate of honor" - the name of the leading awards ceremony, the State Duma deputy from the "United Russia" and Chairman Franz VAST Klintsevich, third in the list is his son Andrew, wholed jewelry company Shantal, oversees the military-patriotic program "Young Guard" United Russia "and often appears on gostelekanalam expert on the situation in Ukraine.

Behind him is a deputy head of the VAST Vladimir Kostyuchenko.

Under number 6 - Oleg Ptashkin, a member of the General Council of United Russia and Chairman of the Central Trade Union of Media "Work and Creativity."

Next - a member of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the Commission of the Central Council of the supporters of United Russia to work with Dmitry Galochkin unions. Along the way, Mr. Galochkin headed "Professional Union of non-state security sector 'and is guide" Officers of Russia ". Another secret award - a member of the Council of Veterans of Internal Affairs of Moscow CJSC Mikhail solarium, a retired warrant officer, a member of the Afghan war.

Another owner of a presidential "Diploma" was a Muscovite Felix Chernyakhovsky (Black Crow) - the owner of chic "Hammer" and the biker from the pro-Kremlin motorcycle club "Night Wolves". According to the materials of the criminal case, "Hammer" BLACKvskogo was recorded October 19, 2012 in Zelenograd CCTV cameras at the time of the attack "Night Wolves" bikers on the basis of the "Three Roads".

As you know, it ended in the shooting: was killed by "Wolf" from Sevastopol Valery parents (White), and one "wolf" - Alex Yaroshevich - was wounded in the arm (see "New", number 121 of October 24, 2012.) .

In the above list, and I showed a close friend Chernyakhovsky - Krasnogorsk near Moscow resident Konstantin Karakovsky. The city is well-known personality Karakovsky: biker, member of the EP, "Fighting brotherhood", the deputy of the local council and the head of a martial arts club "Night Wolves".

In 2012, the Investigation Committee started karate at a criminal case for alleged fake diploma Bashkir State Pedagogical Institute.

Among the secret "tourists" who went to the Crimea, there are also foreign citizens: for example, 26-year-old Belarusian Vladimir Karatkevich. Judging by the photos on his web page, he took an active part in the seizure of administrative buildings and military cachildren in the Crimea - and in addition to the certificate of honor from the president (. see illustration) handed him another medal Russian Ministry of Defense. As a former officer of the Afghan secret service Hostal Mubarak Shah (pictured above) who now sits on the Public Chamber of the Kaluga region.

At the end of the ceremony the deputy Klintsevich addressed the audience: "The president asked each of you to say a huge thank you."

"Scoffer" Podymkin fugitive Ivonin and Hopper

Among the recipients of the "spetsturne" in Crimea there were also characters with violent criminal biography. Meet villager Big Gryzlov (Serpukhov district) Denis Podymkin. When 26-year-old "veteran" Podymkin in the Kremlin handed the letter, he had behind him a conditional conviction for the brutal beating of a person and held by the accused in the criminal case of an armed attack on a Moscow cathedral.

As it turned out, 27 November 2011 in the Moscow region Pushchino company drunken thugs offended visitors to the store. When a local resident Robert tried to reason with bullies, Podymkin with accomplices beat him so that he was in the hospital. Court Puschina showed humanity and regretted the defendants. I quote: "The defendants sentenced to imprisonment with probation because the court considered that the defendants' correction is possible without isolation from society and the real punishment. Court appointed a probationary period, during which condemned his behavior must prove his correction. "

Corrects our "veteran" began almost immediately after the trial: 15 October 2013 Podymkin, born in Moldova, Alexander Dikusar and native of Uzbekistan Timur Ishmukhamedov broke into the temple Gregory Neokesariysky on Bolshaya Polyanka and put a gun to the head of the student Seminary Mikhail Golubev. Then the raiders made a few memorable photos on the background of the altar, beat a beggar at the entrance to the temple and fled.

The incident immediately got into the top category of news, and the chairman of the Synodal Department for Church and Society Relations Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin said: "blasphemous outburst in the temple should be thoroughly investigated and punished. It is important, among other things, elucidatingthread, do not stand there behind this seemingly spontaneous attack instigators - pseudo-radical organizations associated with foreign countries. "

Then hijackers quickly arrested and taken to the police station, but we did not manage to find out the fate of the sensational criminal case. But "scoffer" Podymkin particularly distinguished in Crimea and now has on hand a certificate of honor from the president.

"Thanks the President of the Russian Federation" for the events in the Crimea and was awarded the Director Prioksky Reserve 60-year-old Andrew Ivonin. According to some reports, a former paratrooper Ivonin commanded the group that seized the building of the city council in Simferopol (in his squad are "scoffer" Podymkin). However, it remains a mystery, as Mr. Ivonin could freely penetrate the award: the director of the reserve is listed on the federal wanted list "for embezzlement, done on a large scale using his official position and abuse of power."

We contacted the investigation initiated - Department of Serpukhov district police and told about Gluecheniya fugitive. In response, on duty asked to place on the pages of our newspaper picture hiding Ivonina phones and AMIA.

Oh, and the detachment was Ivonina and Muscovite Roman Hopper, who in 2004 appeared in the case of theft in the store (a criminal case number 194 054). Who is the owner of the certificate of honor from the president listed the CEO 8 commercial structures with signs one-day firms.

Under №142 in the above list, the number and Victor Keller, who was the representative on the VAST above-mentioned trial of an armed attack "Night Wolves" to the base motor club "Three Roads". The "gentleman" has caused a stir in the Crimea, is not known. But another interesting fact is known of his biography: June 11, 2004 Keller in the company of his fellow countryman from Pyatigorsk Peter Yungersa and Muscovite Irina Bodrova raided the apartment VGTRK top manager Tatiana P. and stole "a collection of antique jewelry of the 18th century of historical and cultural value "of $ 21 mln. rub. (Criminal case number 193 856). Verdict Khamovniki Court "burglar" was sentenced to 8 years numberonii, but he was released after 4 years on parole and now VAST headed the department for combating corruption and is the leader of the public organization "Public environmental control."

Certificate awarded

On social networks, we contacted a number of "tourists" from the premium list and asked to speak to the details of your stay in the Crimea. Most recipients pretended to be the first to hear about the "mission" or started to threaten. However, some immediately removed "incriminating" photos from their pages. However, one of awardees, on condition of anonymity, told the following rules.

"I got a call from our friend" rocking "and offered to go on a business trip to the Crimea, to help our Russian brothers. In Crimea have delivered military aircraft IL-76, all on board were 50 people landed at a military airport, and we were taken by bus to the boarding house. Another group was brought by sea from Sebastopol. He commanded us a man named Nicholas, said about him that he is from Izmailov. The objectives of our party included assault and blockingbuildings in Simferopol, support our military, and quenched dissatisfied. One man from Moscow was well aware of our TV personalities. We always wore masks and hoods and filmed them during meetings. Many grew a beard to avoid being recognized. The detachment consisted of athletes from Podolsk, Noginsk and the "right guys" from Orekhovo-. They called each other only by their nicknames. Another was pumped combat swimmer of marine special forces and a lot of people who fought in Chechnya. They fed us well and even went to Yalta on the tour. After the Crimea became ours, some volunteers went to Donetsk, and their fate, I do not know anything. In the Kremlin, I did not go, "Letter of Appreciation" from Putin and medal I brought my friend. "

Not for the first time, of course, in the interests of the state use of retirees, idealists, romantics, adventurers who are prone to violence, lovers of all sorts of adventures that are paid out of the treasury, and patriotic citizens, not paying attention to their relationship with the law. When the state requires special services, it closes its eyes to the past volunteers who these servicesThe ability to provide. Suffice it to recall how the British crown, when it was necessary, recruited into the ranks of the Navy entire pirate fleet. Because - is nothing new. It is not clear why so frankly ashamed ...