Tragedy in Karelia: what is known about the death of Moscow schoolchildren

Students of the Park-Hotel Syamozero camp died, while rafting on the lake in Karelia during the storm. The Investigative Committee announced the arrest of two top managers of the company that organized the tour, and the two instructors who accompanied the children.
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What happened

According to the Investigative Committee, on the lake in Karelia killed 14 schoolchildren from Moscow, rest in camp "Park Hotel Syamozero". Children's Ombudsman Pavel Astakhov, reported 15 dead. The tragedy happened on Saturday night, but the reports of it appeared in the media only on Sunday. 47 children accompanied by four adults floated on the Karelian lake, and the boat capsized during a storm.

In the camp rested capital orphans and children from disadvantaged families of 12-15 years. Vouchers for these bodies have paid Social Security in Moscow. Competition for the leisure organization won the summer camp "Park Hotel" Syamozero ".

Pupils of the "Park-Hotel Syamozero 'camp were killed, rafting on the lake in Karelia during the storm. TFR announced the arrest of two top managers of the company that organized the tour, and the two instructors who accompanied children

A spokesman for the governor of Karelia Marina Kabatyuk in conversation with RBC stressed that there was a storm warning and a "crazy wind" in the country. "Then you do not even need to be an expert,To understand that water is unsafe. This is some sloppiness ", - says Kabatyuk.

Ministry of Emergency Situations of Karelia has informed employees of all the objects near the lake on the storm warning via SMS, told RBC director of recreation "Inzhunavolok" Svetlana Polyanskaya.

However, according to the correspondent of the publication "Petrozavodsk says," when the band went on a campaign, the weather was good and SMS alerts from the MOE did not have time to get the instructors.

According to her, young people were divided into two groups: some settled on the island, and some decided to overtake him around. "As long as they did the rounds, it began a storm, and their scattered across several islands," - she added. The boat capsized about 16:30.

Not all children have life jackets, and counselors have notified the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the plans to organize rafting on the lake, according to the publication the words of local residents.

According Kabatyuk, on Sunday at the site of the tragedy was the Head of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen, the camp was called the operational headquarters, the children provided medical and psychological assistance. According to one of the counselors'Syamozero "on Sunday the camp was evacuated children who lived in a tent camp.

Monday declared a day of mourning in Karelia.

Who detained

Investigative Committee started upon their death a criminal case and began tracing the organizers of children's recreation. At the time of publication of the material detained four - director of "The Park Hotel" Syamozero ", engaged in recreation organizations Reshetova Elena, her deputy Vadim Vinogradov and instructors Regina Ivanova and Lyudmila Vasilyeva, he told the official representative of the Investigative Committee Vladimir Markin. Soon it will be solved the issue of electing a preventive measure them.

According to Markin, "it is clear" that the instructors who accompanied the children on the march, "is uniquely responsible for their safety." He also reminded that the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry warned of downpours, thunderstorms and gusts of wind up to 17-20 m / s in most regions of Karelia. The investigators will find out whether this information had accompanied the children instructors and supervisors, and why they are, "before leaving in swimming, not otseor wind speed and other weather conditions. "

SC spokesman said that security in the camp became the subject of an investigation before. In 2011, the deputy director of the institution after the joint use of alcohol at the camp guards beat to death. He is currently serving a 13-year prison sentence, said Markin. Local media also wrote that the camp had a bad reputation. Last year, parents complained about the accommodation, and the children - of ill-treatment.

The authorities' response

On Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to relatives of those killed in the tragedy and instructed the Investigation Committee investigate and identify those responsible, told his press secretary, Dmitry Peskov. Putin also gave instructions on the organization of assistance to the victims and relatives of the victims.

The governor of Karelia has promised to consider the closure of the Camp "Park Hotel Syamozero", reports TASS. Families of the victims, he promised to pay compensation in the amount of 1 million rubles., Said RBC's press secretpb. Also, the regional authorities will check all the tourist sites with active recreation on the water on the observance of safety measures, she added.

Who organized the holiday

The representative of the Investigative Committee said that the investigators plan to test "what was the competition" and by what criteria was selected firm. "Thorough examination also requires the personal composition of which was held by the company to work with children, the level of preparation of teachers and trainers", - said Markin.

"Let [the UK] are checking, we have all the information in the order, all the documents are in order," - commented RBC's first deputy head of the Moscow Department of Social Protection Olga Grachev.

OOO "Park Hotel" Syamozero "was registered in November 2007. Its owner - director Elena Reshetova company. Revenues in 2014, according to SPARK, - 30.2 million rubles, net profit -. 9.2 million Reshetova also owns and operates even with 3 Karelian companies -. Ltd. "Kareliyaopen", LLC "White Nights" and OOO " health and fitness center Syamozero ".

At Gorodskomu phone number on the website of travel company "KareliaOpen" reported that children having a rest in the camp "Park Hotel Syamoozero" and organized the company "KareliyaOpen" vacation. Further comment interlocutor RBC abstained.

On what conditions the children were resting

Contract "to purchase vouchers for rehabilitation of children in need of social services, in the health center, realizing the eco-ethno-adventure recreation programs located in the Republic of Karelia", was signed in early June and signed by the deputy head of the Moscow department Tatiana Barsukov Director "Syamozero" Elena Reshetnikov. The contract amount - 45.3 million rubles.

According to the agreement, the park-hotel prior to December 20, 2016 must provide the trips in 1478: 924 - in the summer for children from 10 to 17 years, and 277 - in the fall and winter children from 12 to 17 years. The cost of summer trips -. About 38 000 rubles, autumn - 12 600 rubles, the winter -. 25 200 rubles.

Management and teaching staff according to the contract with the capital camp officials had to provide children with a variety of programs, sposobssponding formation of character. Children from 12 to 13 years, for example, were to meet with the water craft practice, the rules of safety and first aid on water management skills rafts, canoes, extreme diving, basics of rescue. 14 and 15 year olds were supposed to undergo complex training to survive in different environments with a minimum of equipment, including a 1-2 "cold" nights (no tents), controlled trials (solitude, silence, thirst, etc.) and basic first aid materials at hand in the field to study the dwelling unit in the wild, learning to build a fire.

The responsibility for the life and health of the children during their stay in the camp and transfer to it and back carries Park Hotel "Syamozero" indicated in the documents of state contract: he must ensure compliance provided under permits services' requirements for quality, safety of life and health and other requirements certification, safety licensing. "