Trampoline Arena

The Fifa Commission refused to accept the Zenit-Arena play field: it vibrates too much.
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FIFA Commission, arrived in the city on the Neva to see how work is progressing on the stadium "Zenit-Arena", which is to host the World Cup 2018, rejected the withdrawable field. The reason for the negative evaluation - too high vibration levels of the arena.

According to "Fontanka", on the organization of FIFA competitions director Colin Smith and head of the Department for the preparation of the World Championships, Christian Unger visited St. Petersburg on 31 October. Together with representatives of the Russian "Organizing Committee of the 2018" they visited the stadium, which are lengthy preparatory work.

A good deal will not be called marriage?

Participants check shared with reporters how the inspection took place. In particular, the committee members took to the field and "began to jump on the lawn," said one of the witnesses. The surface of the stadium, according to the companion publication, "zapruzhinila" in response. Playing football on a trampoline is not possible, representatives of FIFA concluded. The spring effect, however, was not a surprise to the builders themselves.

"Vibrations were expected for engineers. And there was an understanding that they need to fix before being put into operation, "- he leads the" Fontanka "the words of the person who is familiar with the course of construction" Zenit-Arena ".

In broken "trough"

The base of the professional field, experts have commented, it is a reinforced concrete box with a total weight of over 10 tons. However, during the construction of "Zenit-Arena" box fabricated from steel, weight of the structure instead of the planned 8,400 tons was only 5-6. As a result, in the words of an expert, "trough field lacks any mass or stiffness."

Harnessed long: even in 2015, the contractor "T-module" offered "Transstroy" strengthen the construction field, and now have to either go fast or delete "Zenit-Arena" from the list of stadiums hosting the World Cup. Pass "Zenit-Arena" in the operation is necessary before the end of this year, or the stadium will be deprived of the possibility to make the Confederations Cup matches in 2017 and the World Cup in 2018.

Norm no, no violations

Probably, in the FIFA commission is hoping that the defect will operastively fixed: in any case, the general designer of the works, CB "high-rise and underground construction", the official claims of quality has not yet received. "All conforms" - say in the company. True, and set standards for vibration withdrawable fields in the Russian Federation does not yet exist.

Vice-governor of St. Petersburg Igor Albin aware of the problems, however, believes that especially do not worry: there have been "working notes, no fatal." Indeed, against the backdrop of the old problems "Zenit-Arena" springing field does not look catastrophic. In the end, it can even be funny: as explained by members of the FIFA commission, if the "football player in one part of the field will jump on the ball, the other parts of the lawn will begin to move."

Recall stadium on Krestovsky island began to build for the football club "Zenith" in 2007. After the stadium included in the list of objects of the World Cup, the project was sent back for revision, "Zenit-Arena" is to fully meet the FIFA standards for capacity and safety. The project for this spemya corrected three times: in 2008, 2010 and 2013, with expected increases and monetary questions. By June 2016 the planned costs of the stadium reached 39 billion rubles. To find the required amount, Saint-Petersburg Government decided to transfer part of the proceeds with the construction of social facilities (additional 2.6 billion) - just to finally finish work on the construction of the stadium.

Three options

In July, after the scandal broke, the city government early terminated the contract with the general contractor, "Zenit-Arena", the company "ETS-SPb", a new contractor was OJSC "Metrostroy". His solution to the problem of high vibration "Metrostroy" already suggested a bottom steel box welded possible additional metal sheets, and the space filled with concrete and polyurethane. It will weight design and it adds rigidity.

Another option proposed "Innovative Center of advanced technologies", which is "Zenit-Arena" is responsible for the mechanization of roofing. VTSPT experts suggest to establish a floorit 1.5 thousand jacks to hold the vibration. Finally, the engineering team from the Polytechnic University offers to fix the metal sheets that make up the basket in steel frames. What decision would be, nobody knows, withdrawable design field "Zenit-Arena" is unique, and improvements have to do "in the living." Therefore, experts are discussing and another, a radical solution to the problem: in addition to the withdrawable, equipped and even ordinary stationary field. It will not be superfluous.