"Transaero" hasn't been saved in "Siberia"

A new scandal is erupting around the company
The government responded to the unexpectedly tough declared on the eve of the deal on the sale of control in the "Transaero", "Siberia". In the morning it was announced the recall of 26 October operator certificate "Transaero", and First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov suggested law enforcement authorities to pay attention to the situation. Sources "Kommersant" believe that another attempt to sell the company can not be linked to its core business, and with the desire of creditors to somehow control the process of a possible bankruptcy. However, in "Siberia" still expect to keep "Transaero" and unite with it.

Messages about buying a controlling stake, "Transaero" Alexander Pleshakov shareholder of the airline "Siberia" Vladislav Filev, appeared on Tuesday night, yesterday provoked harsh government reaction. Early in the morning Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said the cancellation of air operator certificate "Transaero" from October 26, it was confirmed by the head of the Federal Air Transport Agency Alexander Neradko, named the cause of "the deterioration of the financial condition of the company." subordinate officialrknul that the certificate can not be restored.

Fueled the situation first deputy prime minister Igor Shuvalov that day stated that "there are questions about the economic feasibility of the Tariff decisions" ticket "Transaero", and added: "Maybe someone who is engaged in law enforcement activities, should look at the how the company was in such a state. " Until now, although the announcement of the problems, "Transaero" has been almost two months, it was not going to intervene speech siloviki.

Accommodation and gentlemen Fileva Pleshakova blew up the situation with "Transaero", which from the beginning of the month gradually led to bankruptcy. Sources "Kommersant" claim that the officials and "Aeroflot" airline manager and exporting of passengers, the deal was a complete surprise. It is, in fact, confirmed by Alexander Neradko.

Together with the air operator certificate "Transaero" lose one of their most valuable assets - the tolerances for international routes, but after the announcement of this co-owner of "Siberia" Natalia Filev says the deal in ale. As a possible new shareholder is going to solve the problem of "Transaero" with old and new debts (for example, before razvozyaschim its passengers "Aeroflot"), is still unknown, and the operator's certificate revocation seriously worsened the situation surrounding the troubled carrier.

Sources "Kommersant" in the creditor banks are considered "main driver" of the deal with the "Siberia" IFC owner of the bank (creditor "Transaero") Mikhail Prokhorov, who opposed the bankruptcy. But, according to the interlocutors "b" until the document formalized the deal, and the final decision must be approved by the "top". According to one of the interlocutors "b", small lenders still believe that the company must be saved, otherwise the balance sheet of banks run short (especially given the fact that a number of them provision for bad assets of not more than 20-30%), but the major banks supporting bankrupt. Another source of "b" in the industry said that the deal with "Siberia" could provide even bankruptcy "in a controlled manner," but there were risks of failure "Aeroflot" and beyondie to solve the problem of passengers "Transaero".

Aviation authorities have already begun to divide the business problem of the carrier: The Ministry of Transport said that the inter-ministerial commission to give 30 October 2016 "Aeroflot" 56 of the 156 international routes, "Transaero". The law enforcement agencies, according to "Kommersant", and ready to tackle the situation. Moscow interregional transport prosecutor's office has to carry out checks on the aircraft nevyletam "Transaero", but recently, according to sources, "b", it has joined Prosecutor General's Office, which indicates that "it is not limited only to nevyletami". According to the source "b", the Interior Ministry employees in the inspections is not involved, but "obviously, this is a question the next time." From comments in the Prosecutor General's Office and the Interior Ministry declined.

Cancellation of certificate means the inability to restore commercial flights, said the head of service of "Airport" Oleg Panteleyev. In "Siberia" "Kommersant" said they did not understand on what basis the appointment was "Aeroflot", because by law the right of them are still at the "Transaero". Source & quot; b ", close to the shareholders of" Siberia ", is confident that business and Operator Certificate" Transaero "can still be saved, and the behavior of" Aeroflot "calls" corporate raid "Today the owners." Siberia "are going to change the leadership" Transaero " which is now chaired by a representative of "Aeroflot" Dmitry Saprykin, begin to assess the situation in their new asset, and, in particular, examine the act of revocation of the operator. The money for the solution of current problems, "Transaero" have new owners there, says the source "b", they plan attract lenders to the company management, and later merged with the "Siberia", and also controlled by the latest "Globe".

Shares of "Transaero" gained new wings


Shares "Transaero" took off on Wednesday at the opening of trading on the Moscow stock exchange, which raised three times the upper limit of the price range for this paper, in the end - to 19.5 rubles. The day quotes have increased almost three times, and the company's market capitalization reached 3 bln. Just a biZhu took almost 13% of all shares in the airline. "After the news of the purchase of a controlling stake by the S7 investors began to hope that the company will survive", - said the chief investment officer of April Capital Dmitry Skvortsov. The rapid growth of quotations raised questions regarding the possible manipulation of stock prices. The Central Bank in respect of the shares, "Transaero" stated that at the moment signs of market manipulation is not established.