Transcapital Bank risks to jump

Questionable operations of the shareholder of Transcapitalbank (TEB) and the chairman of its board of directors Olga Gryadova can lead the bank to a crash.
TKB bankrupt the Expert group, of which VEB.RF is a shareholder. Bankruptcy petition was filed in September last year. The other day, the court introduced a monitoring procedure in the group. This was reported by The Moscow Post. TKB with "Expert" could have questionable transactions? The reputations of the bank and its chairman of the board of directors, Olga Gryadova, are far from ideal.

VEB began financing the Expert Group in 2009. Now VEB.RF owns 44% of the holding, 29.3% control the structures of Basic Element Oleg Deripaska, and the rest are from top managers of the company. It is unclear why, with such shareholders in 2013, the Expert group took a loan from TKB in the amount of 37.8 million rubles. Moreover, in the same 2013 VEB issued a loan to the holding for 100 million rubles.

Vedomosti wrote that at the end of 2013, the ex-general director of the group Valery Fadeev complained to President Vladimir Putin that a loan issued by VEB for 100 million rubles. only aggravated the situation of the holding. A majority stake was in VEB and the holding’s management was deprived of the opportunity to independently seek money.

It seems that Fadeev was cunning. The Expert Group could well be used to withdraw money from it. Since 2013, despite the loans taken from two banks, the group has never made a profit. And the competent authorities did not touch her, probably only because of the presence of "significant" shareholders.

Previously, TKB has already won court against the Expert group. In the first suit, 20 million rubles. received 1.42% of the shares of Expert Group JSC, for the second one - by 15 million rubles - 1 million of the magazines Expert and Russian Reporter for 2013, which were pledged by the bank. That is, waste paper that nobody needs? In principle, the shares of the TKB group are not particularly needed, is it possible that the money issued in the form of a loan was “cut” between the leadership of the TKB and the Expert group behind VEB? Therefore, no one raises the issue of absurdity of payments.

And VEB.RF, in which, since last year, the new leadership in the person of ex-Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, apparently, simply has no time to engage in such a "small thing". Well, another 4% of the shares will go to TKB Bank. "VEB.RF" from this is neither cold nor hot. If necessary, Igor Shuvalov will deal with Olga Gryadova at a time. Moreover, there is a reason to press it.

New TKB investor?

Last year, information appeared that Tatyana Orlova, the ex-shareholder of Bank Vozrozhdenie and the daughter of the founder of the bank, Dmitry Orlov, who died in 2014, could become the largest shareholder of TKB, and the Ananiev brothers went to Vozrozhdenie and Orlova came to TKB, having acquired a 1.8% stake for 150 million rubles. 45% would need a completely different amount. To date, Orlova owns a 9.89% stake. He is a member of the board of directors and is deputy chairman of the bank’s board Evgeny Ivanovsky, the son of Olga Gryadova.

Probably, through Orlova, which has become one of the key figures in the bank over the year, Olga Gryadova and her family can be removed from the leadership. She owns a 21.4% stake, her husband Leonid Ivanovsky - 11.95% of the bank. Of course, no one suspects this yet, but the history of the Trojan horse in one form or another is periodically repeated.
The chairman of the board of directors of Vozrozhdenie Bank under Dmitry Orlov was Otar Margania, a rumored person widely known in narrow, including criminal, circles. They talk about his acquaintance with Mikhail Mirilashvili (Misha Kutaisi) and the "authority" Khalid Omarov, who is credited with cases of "contracted" murders. However, it is much more interesting that the classmate Alexei Kudrin, who is now the head of the Accounts Chamber, could give the road to Margania’s “big business”.

Last year, the TKB and the Central Bank agreed on a phased recapitalization plan, including with the involvement of a new investor. Could it be Otar Margania? This would be his chance to return to the banking sector. However, so far, apparently, it did not work out. Or is the attack on the Family of Gryadovs yet to come? Alexei Kudrin made a statement that he would like to check how the Central Bank will reorganize banks.

Who "milks" whom?

Recently, TKB reported that for the first half of 2019, it made a profit of 2 billion rubles. And it is true. However, the bank forgot to mention for some reason that during the same period 15 billion rubles were lost. their assets. Where could such a huge amount go?

Things are even more interesting at Investtorgbank (ITB), which TKB has been reorganizing since 2015. A month before the end of the year, the bank was in a disastrous situation. The ITB ended the year with a loss of 6 billion rubles. And suddenly, literally in the very first month of this year, it came out in profit plus. This is due to what and in what way? The banking market for a long time did not know such miracles of rapid profit growth.

And in July, the bank’s profit amounted to only 99.6 million rubles, that is, it fell almost three times in six months. What does this indicate? Perhaps Olga Gryadova draws the numbers that she needs. From an economic point of view, such financial leaps cannot be explained.
For three years of rehabilitation, the situation in the ITB has not improved by a single gram. But Olga Gryadova received for recovery in 2015 27.5 billion rubles. for 10 years at 0.51% and 19.5 billion rubles. at 6.01% until 2017 on liquidity. Subsequently, the Central Bank has repeatedly allocated additional money. A total of 72.4 billion rubles was to be spent on rehabilitation. However, last year the Central Bank apparently understood where the money was going, and decided not to give it to Olga Gryadova anymore.

From this table of basic banking regulations, it is clear that not one of them is respected. The Central Bank permits this for rehabilitated banks. However, what kind of recovery can we talk about when only over the last year the size of the fixed assets of ITB (f.123 and 134) decreased by 2 times. And this indicates that there are apparently no improvements in the bank.

It is likely that Olga Gryadova, as a clever magician, can transfer money between banks to cover the right positions at the right time. And this is being done, most likely with the permission of the Central Bank, because not a single year has been going on with “financial leapfrog” in the TKB and ITB.

To TKB today there are financial claims. The amount of claims for more than 1 billion rubles. (!!!) And how is Olga Gryadova’s bank going to cope with such an extra load? Paying magazines at the banker just will not work.