Transneft and Rosneft are quarreling again

The monopoly can sue the oil company.
Lasting not the first conflict between the "Transneft" and "Rosneft" has intensified again: Chapter monopoly Nikolai Tokarev has threatened to sue the oil company, since she had changed plans for loading oil pipeline under construction Zapolyarnoe - purpe, reorienting part of the volume on his trumpet. Sources of "b" in "Rosneft" claim that monopoly warned about the plans and agreed to change the route.

"Transneft" considers the possibility of the court with "Rosneft", said the president of the monopoly Nikolai Tokarev in an interview with "Pipeline transportation of oil." She was not satisfied that the oil company agreed to revise its plans for downloading under construction "Transneft" pipeline Zapolyarnoe - purpe. "I do not want to go," Rosneft "in this direction - well, it's her problem, but we have reason to solve the problem including through the courts and we have this right use, because.." Transneft "to cause serious damage to property" - Mr. Tokarev said. According to him, construction is on schedule, the pipeline will be commissioned in 2016.

On the construction of tuboprovoda cluster for the Vankor field, "Transneft" and the oil company "Rosneft" (going to pump up to 8.5 million tons in 2020), LUKOIL (2 million tons), "Messoyakhaneftegaz" (6.7 million tonnes), "Gazprom" ( 5 million tons), "Severenergia" (3.2 million tonnes) agreed in 2010. The total capacity of the pipe - up to 45 million tons (the first place put), an investment estimated at 211.2 billion rubles.

But in October, the monopoly said that the oil companies do not fit into the schedule and will not be ready to take the oil to the system within a specified period, explaining the influence of sanctions. Mr. Tokarev found it "excuses." "Even before the Ukrainian events, we were made aware that the timing will shift and the volume of the delivered oil will be less than the promised These talks began in 2013." - He said.

The further fate of the project as a whole is unclear: from it can actually get out "Rosneft". The company "has decided to expand its pipeline and lay it not in the direction of the Polar - purpe and to its Vankor pipe," said Mr. Tokarev. He estimated that the alternative project"Rosneft" will require more investment, and "Transneft" "fait accompli." "It is not accepted to behave in normal civilized interaction partners," - he says.

In the "Rosneft" monopoly claims not comment. But the source "b" in the company's claims that it is "in good time and in accordance with the legislation of the informed" Transneft "to change the routes of oil supply, it was agreed by it, so that there is documentary evidence." "It is surprising such a radical divergence between the negotiating position of" Transneft "and its statements in the media can only assume that this was the reason." Bifurcation ", it is possible that this is a banal lack of coordination between different departments", - he said. The government refused to comment yesterday.

This is not the first conflict between the "Rosneft" and "Transneft". In 2013, the companies could not agree on who will finance the expansion of ESPO to increase the supply of oil to China. In December, the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin visitedmonopoly office to congratulate Nikolai Tokarev on his birthday and smooth out all the rough edges. "But in general, the relationship between the two companies challenging now another escalation", - says the source "b", close to the oil company.

Dmitry Krupyshev, Managing Partner of Legal Capital Partners law firm, notes that the prospect of judicial review depends on an agreement with the oil companies: "The agreements are usually prescribed penalties for non-performance is unlikely such a large project was implemented without any guarantees for the court the most important is this particular document. ".