Transneft quarreled with Igor Sechin

Rosneft is "singing along" with Deutsche Welle and Reuters publications, say Transneft.
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The company Sechin, in response, speaks of "inadequate attitude of colleagues towards strengthening control over the quality of raw materials in the oil transportation system."

Transneft issued a statement in which it indicated that the position of Rosneft on the localization of the effects of oil pollution in the Druzhba pipeline forms negative perceptions of Russian oil on the international market.

The company believes that the company Igor Sechin contributes to the spread of rumors of re-pollution, which are published by the media. “It is bitterly regrettable that our serious partner, Rosneft, acts as our ill-wisher,” the company said. It also states that Sechin is "aiming at Transneft, but it invariably ends up in Russia."

Transneft indicates that during his visit to the RSK refinery in Germany, Sechin assured that in order to tighten control over the quality of oil, it was decided to involve professional survey companies at all stages of the transportation of raw materials. At the same time, as the company notes, Rosneft opposed the adoption of a draft law on pipeline transport, including a section on quality control. Transneft also accused the oil company of being at meetings on the situation with Druzhba its representatives "opposed any practical steps" and demanded that monetary issues be solved first. At the same time, Rosneft’s appeals to the country's leadership with the claims of compensation were not documented, the pipeline operator points out. As noted in the message, this was one of the reasons for the start of oil transportation along the northern branch of "Friendship" three weeks later than planned. "

The representative of Rosneft expressed regret in connection with the comment of Transneft. According to him, “the inadequate attitude of colleagues towards strengthening control over the quality of raw materials in the oil transportation system” is puzzling. Rosneft also stated the need for an “intelligible and public” plan of measures that would exclude frauds with raw materials in the system of main pipelines.

A spokesman for Rosneft, Mikhail Leontyev, advised colleagues at Transneft to "calm their nerves." “The best way to calm nerves is to tell the truth. No one can understand how the poisoning of 5 million tons of oil has become possible through Lopatino. This is know-how. Tell us about it and everyone will be calm, ”he said in a conversation with RBC.

On July 1, Transneft announced that it had completely resumed oil supplies through the Druzhba pipeline. In late June, Energy Minister Alexander Novak spoke of a complete overcoming of the crisis. Scientists and Transneft are working with contaminated oil in the storage facilities.

On a sharp deterioration in the quality of Russian oil supplied by Druzhba, in early April, Belarus reported. On the fact of oil pollution in Russia opened a criminal case. The investigation believes that the dirty oil was loaded into the pipeline through the Samara-Unecha metering station to conceal the theft. At the beginning of May, the pure raw materials began to flow again according to "Friendship".