Tuleyev's 12 chairs for Navalny

Furniture for Alexey Navalny's HQ in Kemerovo had to be carried from another region. Subordinates of Tuleyev began to throw sand in the wheels of the opponent of their master.
On the coming Saturday, it is planned to open the headquarters of the oppositionist Alexey Navalny, who is going to run for president of Russia, in Kemerovo. Difficulties began at once, because even the furniture for the headquarters had to be bought and brought from the neighboring Novosibirsk region. As experts note, the Kemerovo region is one of the most politically closed regions of the country. Aman Tuleyev has "ruled" the region for 20 years already, and those familiar with the situation say that the inability to purchase chairs for the headquarters directly in the regional capital is only the beginning of problems that the governor's subordinates can arrange for the oppositionist.

Mr. Tuleyev, to put it mildly, has no reason to like Navalny. In October of last year, his Anti-Corruption Foundation conducted its own research, which led to the conclusion that the results of the elections held in September were simply invented by the Kemerovo officials. According to official figures, the Kemerovo region demonstrated a truly record turnout - 86.8% of the population voted. Almost all those who came to the polls, again, according to official figures, wanted to see representatives of "United Russia" in the State Duma: they were allegedly given 77.4% of the vote.

Both the election turnout and the results in the Kemerovo region were very different from the two neighboring regions. It turns out that the election was visited by more residents of the Kuzbass than voters in the Novosibirsk region and Krasnoyarsk Krai combined! The statistics given for United Russia votes shows a similar trend: the party of power in one region received more than twice as many votes than in the Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk regions in total. Without this strangeness, United Russia would have had about a million votes less.

Navalny's team conducted a poll, which clearly showed that the figures that came out on the basis of voting in the Kuzbass, are, at the very least, doubtful.

"The Kemerovo region for many years is a real treasure trove of votes for the party of power and its candidates. Over two million voters in the Kemerovo region, according to the Central Electoral Commission, behave quite differently than the voters in neighboring Siberian regions: they come very disciplined to the elections and very disciplinedly vote for United Russia, the oppositionist said.

The poll showed that voters of Kuzbass voted with about the same enthusiasm and in approximately the same proportions went to the polls and voted for UR. Moreover, the residents of the Kemerovo region almost twice as often as the average for Russia said their reason not to participate in the election: "I do not believe that my voice will influence anything" and "I do not believe in fair elections".

Aman Tuleyev is the first person responsible for pulling the deal smoothly in the region on the day of voting, distributing the coveted deputy mandates for the next five years. However, judging by the opinion poll of Navalny's team, subordinates of Mr. Tuleyev might have been too active. Moreover, before the election Tuleyev deliberately tried not to be active, despite the fact that he headed the electoral list of United Russia in his region. Of course, it is much easier and cheaper to doctor the figures. However, in this case it's also necessary to doctor them with skill.

Tuleyev's "fosterlings"

Not so long ago at the reception in honor of the Russian students Mr. Tuleyev complained to the Kemerovo students that the region was experiencing "personnel hunger".
"Next year we will have elections. The heads of cities and regions...there are no those who would understand how the profit, income, expenditure part is formed, how to provide people with measures of social support and how to make it comfortable living in the region," the politician complained.

And this statement was made by a person who has been officially responsible for the welfare of the region since 1997! A person whose duties, among other things, include finding and cultivating competent managers. And those managers cannot be found anywhere, most likely, because de facto Tuleyev's tasks are completely different. And people from the governor's team become involved in criminal cases.

In the autumn of last year, a criminal case was initiated against two vice-governors of the Kemerovo region, Alexey Ivanov and Alexander Danilchenko. Also under the investigation were a senior officer of the Investigative Committee for the Kemerovo Region and two of his subordinates, the head of the administrative department of the regional administration Elena Troitskaya and the founder of the company Ugol, businessman Alexander Shchukin. According to law enforcers, the suspects were engaged in extortion, demanding from businessman Anton Tsygankov to hand over to them a controlling stake Inskaya mine. The cost of the stake was about one billion rubles.

How did Tyleyev react to the arrest of his subordinates? He stated that nobody was interested in his deputies, it was a blow at him: "Danilchenko, Ivanov, and Troitskaya - they are of no use to anyone. Most likely, they need a governor. I have felt this for a long time, about two years, there is a violent fight ".

The fact that the governor is worried, above all, by his career, is understandable - the arrest of subordinates, members of his own team is a sure sign of the upcoming resignation, which has been talked about for a long time in the region and in the federal backstage.

How does Tuleyev "help" his neighbors?

While other regions are doing their best to lure business and investments, Tuleyev's subordinates, speak evil tongues, do everything to help entrepreneurs escape from Kuzbass. Those familiar with the situation say that the payment of tribute by local businesses to Kuzbass is a common thing. The obstinate simply will not be allowed to work. Not surprisingly, every year the region is left on average by 500 entrepreneurs who "move" to the neighboring Novosibirsk region and the Altai. It is practically useless to fight, after all, according to rumors, the subordinates of Tuleyev are engaged in collecting tribute and punishing the obstinate up to ruin. The scheme is simple: first artificial obstacles are created for doing business, and then the enterprise goes bankrupt and is sold for a pittance.

In particular, deputy of Aman Tuleyev, Maxim Makin, was suspected of implementing such a scheme with regard to the electricity supply and heat supply enterprises (OOO NEK, LLC NUK) and Novokuznetsk Vodokanal.

In addition, it is rumored that until now, the company "Montazhinergostroy" got under Makin's control. The firm, in violation of the law, is in no hurry to execute a number of contracts. The contract for the construction of networks for the Kaltan school at the cost of 31 million rubles was not fulfilled, although the work should have been completed as early as in 2013. Equally failed the construction of a polyclinic in the Kemerovo microdistrict "Lesnaya Polyana", although 139 million rubles were allocated from the budget for these purposes. Also, the firm delayed with the implementation of contracts for the construction of two kindergartens for 287 and 240 million rubles.

The total amount of violations of the company may reach one billion rubles! By the way, in September last year Makin "quitted" his post. The step of the official was connected with the inspections of the law enforcement bodies of the activities of the company Teploenergo, which for a long time was headed by Makin. True, Makin was not abandoned by Aman Tuleyev to the mercy of fate, but immediately promptly appointed his adviser. It is obvious that, on his own initiative, Aman Gumirovich will not quit the governor's chair. And while the politician occupies the post of the head of the Kuzbass, the region will be circumvented by business, competent managers and fair elections.