Turkish Enka refused to build transport hub at Paveletsky railway station in Moscow

A new investor - the MIT group can build an apartment complex there for 42 000 sq. M. m.
The structure of the MIT group, the company "Stroykompleks" Govorovo ", in April 2018 became the owner of the firm" TPU "Paveletskaya", follows from the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. The last, as previously reported in the materials of the Government of Moscow, belong to the rights to build a multifunctional complex (MFC) with an underground parking with a total area of ​​42,000 square meters. m at the intersection of Dubininskaya Street and Stremyanny Lane.

In December 2016, Mosinzhproekt, a city owned by the city, sold TPU Paveletskaya at open tenders. They won the "daughter" of the Turkish developer Enka - "Enka TC": at the starting price for a lot of 29.2 million rubles. she was ready to pay 315 million rubles. Proposals of other participants of the auction were much more modest: 102 million rubles. from the company "Blitz-trance" (it is associated with the development group "The Garden Ring"), 59.5 million rubles. from "Iceberg Optim" (included in the "Tashir"), and "TPU-holding" (MR Group) and said at all 29.2 million rubles. Participated in the bidding and the group MIT, but its offer was only four - 59.3 million rubles.

"Enka TC" really refused to erect IFC on Dubininskaya Street, confirms the two consultants who worked with it, as well as one of its partners. According to them, after a thorough calculation, the "daughter" of the Turkish company found the project economically unprofitable. The developer of the TPU has a financial burden on investments in the territory of the station and the transit hub, which most likely frightened off investors, says Marina Malakhatko, the director of the commercial premises department at CBRE. In addition, she said, the future developer must also agree on the project with the structures of the Russian Railways.

The request to Enka TC remained unanswered, according to the phones on her website on Tuesday, July 24, no one answered. After the refusal of Enka, TPU was offered to another bidder, but only the MIC agreed, two consultants familiar with the project said. The request to the "Garden Ring" remained unanswered. Representatives of the MIC and Tashira declined to comment.

MITS initially specialized in housing construction in the Moscow region and the new Moscow. True, in recent years, the group has been actively buying sites and within the old border of the capital. Now she is building here LCD "Lilies of the valley" on the street. Ostrovityanova and the Barbaris complex in Bibirevo. Projects are also planned in Pechatniki and Horoshevo-Mnevniki. Now the company's total portfolio is about 5 million square meters. The main shareholder of the MIC group is Andrei Ryabinsky. He is also the founder of Europe's largest promotion company in boxing "The World of Boxing", which has contracts with boxers Alexander Povetkin, Denis Lebedev, Grigory Drozd, and others.

Initially, in this section of TPU "Paveletskaya" the construction of an administrative and business complex was planned, that is, in fact, offices, the director of business development of the strategic consulting department of JLL Maria Dvoretskaya knows. Now, according to her, apartments and a hotel are declared there. At the same time, offices in this place would be in demand, Dvoretskaya said. Malakhatko agrees with her: the Paveletsky railway station zone, like the Belorussian one, has long been an established business cluster with a large number of commercial real estate and one of the highest passenger and transport traffic. At the same time, she said, the proportion of vacancies in high-quality office complexes in the area of ​​Paveletsky railway station is 2 times lower than in business centers near the Belorussian one. Now there is only 7% of the free space, 4% of which is in Class A, and no new projects are announced, agrees Dvoretskaya. Refusal from the business center in favor of the apartments, she explains the attractive economy of the latter: the sale of small apartments allows you to reach a much faster payback period. Butler also draws attention to the existing competition of apartments in the area where "Level Paveletskaya" is located, I'M on the Shlyuzovaya embankment, "Residence Zamoskvorechye", etc.

Hotel accommodation in this place also raises questions: the competition in the Paveletsky railway station zone is high and the existing offer covers all segments - from a 5-star Swissotel to an economical Holiday Inn Express, says the head of the hotel business department of JLL Tatyana Veller.

Investments in the construction of a new IFC managing partner of Colliers International, Nikolay Kazansky estimates at least $ 63 million.