Two generals and three colonels

Sechin shook up the leadership of the Rosneft's main asset.
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The oil and gas community Yugra analyzes scale personnel changes in the structures of the region's main mining companies - "Rosneft". Literally, just before the holidays, as reported, it was replaced by the work of the general director of "RN-Yuganskneftegaz". Today, however, as it turned out, from their posts left his three deputies, as well as the general director of "RN-Nyaganneftegaz". Now the main question that might mean for personnel policy KhMAO Igor Sechin.

On Wednesday, 11 June, it became known that the largest "daughter" of "Rosneft" - LLC "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" (66 million tons of annual production of 207 million tons of production throughout the "Rosneft") was replaced by the head. According to the press service of the enterprise, to the post of director general of the Young was appointed as the first deputy director of the Department of oil and gas production of "Rosneft" Radmir Faizullin. Today sources said the new information. Chef Mr Fayzullina by the department - Rustem Bakirov - was appointed general director of OJSC "RN-Nyaganneftegaz". Even the former head of "RN-Yuganskneftegaz" Igor Zherzh moved into place Bakirov andDmitry Minchenko, the ex-head of the "daughter" of "Rosneft" to Nyagan became deputy Zherzha, that is, come to the place Fayzullina.

In addition, the letter of resignation written three deputy general director Jung - Deputy Geology Viktor Maltsev, Deputy for capital construction Vladimir Zheleznyakov and the deputy for logistics Sergey Panarin. His positions have kept the first deputy general director of the company - the chief engineer Oleg Akimov, general manager Sergey Burov and Deputy Director General for Regional Policy and Corporate Affairs Alexander staff.

Local oil companies say they can not recall such a serious personnel changes. "We are waiting for the decision of the parent company for zamam, we can not say who will come in their place. But functionality, which is responsible for some of the deceased, a very large scale. For example, the budget for capital construction companies is hundreds of billions, it even surpasses the budget of Ugra ", - says one of the interlocutors

Oil companies explain usual reshuffle rotation, which is traditionally carried outin company. However, many of the frequent change of chief executives of mining companies KhMAO concerned. Radmir Fayzullin became the sixth head of the Young in this century. From 1998 to 2003, assets managed Tagirzyan Gilmanov further two years it was headed by Sergey Kudryashov (since worked and first vice-president of "Rosneft", and Deputy Minister of Energy, and is now headed by "Zarubezhneft"), followed of "Purneftegas" came Vladimir Bulba (2005-2010), who resigned from the post after the resignation of the president of the parent company Sergey Bogdanchikov. Since then, top managers increasingly began to change: Sergey Zdolnik formally otrukovodil half years - until the fall of 2012, his place was also a native of Yamal "Purneftegas" Igor Zherzh, who also worked a half years CEO. Zherzha, by the way, the pupil "Purneftegas" difficult to call. Prior to his appointment, he served in YUNG fast there, the deputy director of a very short time.

Some observers have expressed dissatisfaction with the arrival of the Vikings on such strategic positions. From Jung's local leaders were perhaps two Gilmanov and Zdolnik.On the other hand, there are experts who believe that any work of the enterprise or the relationship with the county residence of top managers or their change does not affect. "As for the contacts and agreements they subscribe to, and leadership in the region is all consultations with the parent company in Moscow - interlocutor explains. - If we talk about the production, the oil, and not only oil, the industry is designed so that a change of owners or top management has virtually no effect on him. Oil industry - it is a mechanism that long run and as long stops. For example, after a change of ownership from Yukos to "Rosneft", "Yuganskneftegaz" for the extraction even went to the pre-crisis level (referring to the crisis of 1998 - ed edition.) And was the largest crude oil producer in Russia. So in this case. So I do not think that the company and the district is waiting for some sort of a reboot. "