Two new defendants appeared in the criminal case of Anatoly Motylev

The investigation found that 2014-2015 years, Motylev and his accomplices withdrew from the bank "Russian credit" 17.6 billion rubles.
In the criminal case of the former head and owner of the Rossiyskiy Kredit bank Anatoly Motylev, two new suspects appeared. These are the advisers of the president of the bank Igor Leonov and Igor Zhlobitsky. Both were arrested by the Basmanny District Court, the second being in absentia, because he disappeared from the investigation abroad. According to the Investigative Committee of Russia (RKD), with their help, Anatoly Motylev, in 2014-2015, stole from his credit institution at least 17.6 billion rubles. And for a portion of non-performing loans the bank received unsecured certificates "Moon Coast".

Officially, the advisers of the head of the "Russian Credit" Igor Leonov and Igor Zhlobitsky were appointed on October 31, 2014. However, as established by the investigation, the criminal group headed by Anatoly Motylev both entered long before that. As follows from the case materials, the first order from the chief to find "at least three technical companies for transit operations" to steal money from the "Russian loan" money advisers and then assistant Anatoly Motyleva Olga Ivanova (kept in jail) received back in February 2014. Simultaneously, a similar task from Anatoly Motylev was found, but only a real company, interested in obtaining a loan on favorable terms, was also received by Dmitriy Glazachev, Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Rossiyskiy Kredit Bank (under arrest). So in business there was quite legal Open Society "TM Engineering", received from bank Anatoly Motyleva the credit at a rate of 1,2 billion rbl. to "replenishment of working capital". Subsequently, this money was transferred to LLC "Metalgroup" and LLC "Spetsmetall" for allegedly received from them metal. And in the end, the entire amount was on the accounts of the firms controlled by the investigation, Igor Zhlobitsky, "Artfinance" and "Biznesinvest." In the future, on the instructions of the same banker Motylev, all the money was transferred to Finservis LLC in the interest of buying the bills of this organization. The promissory notes, according to the investigation, had no value - they were released shortly before the machinations at the direction of Anatoly Motylev.

In the future, this scheme, according to the TFR, was put literally on the flow and acted in effect until the revocation of the "Russian loan" license in July 2015.

For example, the same Igor Zhlobitsky, at the direction of Anatoly Motylev, for the commission of crimes "provided the creation, registration and opening of settlement accounts" of almost a dozen companies controlled by him. In total, according to the calculations of the TFR, at least 17.6 billion rubles were stolen through them from the Rossiyskiy Kredit bank.

The biggest scam, as established by the investigation, the members of the criminal group turned in October 2014. Then for the issuance of a loan to the institution of Anatoly Motylev, three LLCs were simultaneously contacted: Energokomplekt, Stroitek and Spetsstroy-14. In total, they received 9.4 billion rubles. The materials of the case say that the documents filed by company executives "were formally legal, but contained false information about the true purpose of obtaining borrowed funds and were used for their subsequent theft by participants of an organized group." Subsequently, all the money on the basis of loan agreements were on the accounts controlled by Olga Ivanova LLC Technomark. The last loan could not be serviced and, in the order of compensation, the Mortgage Certificates of Participation (ISU) "Moon Coast" was paid off with the bank. During the investigation it was established that the ISU "were not provided with anything and could not act as payment means or collateral".

It should be noted that only one of the executives of the really operating firms that were involved in the fraud of ex-banker Motylev was prosecuted. In 2018, at the request of the SKR, Basmanny District Court of Moscow imprisoned Igor Shvets, general director of OJSC ICMA. In June 2014, in the interests of the Motylev group members, his firm received a loan of more than 1 billion rubles in the "Russian loan". ostensibly to replenish working capital. It all ended as usual - the organization of Mr. Shvets on account of repayment of the loan was paid off by unsecured promissory notes of LLC "LigalVersiya". Later, the participants of the criminal group repeatedly used Igor Shvets as a guarantor of non-performing loans.

On the role in this case of the advisers of Anatoly Motylev, who has long been living in London, the investigation became known only this year. However, only one Igor Leonov was detained. Now he is being held in jail. But Mr. Zhlobitsky managed to escape: he was arrested in absentia and declared an international wanted list. Both are accused of fraud in a particularly large amount (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code), and Mr. Zhlobitsky personally also in a particularly large embezzlement, followed by the laundering of stolen funds (part 4, article 160 and part 4, article 174.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation ).

Note that in 2005, Igor Zhlobitsky, then chairman of the board of LLC Universal Bank of Savings, was already a figurant in the criminal case of fraud. Then he was arrested on charges of complicity in an attempt to illegally take possession of the shares of OJSC Mikhailovsky Ore Mining and Processing Plant. However, during the trial the act of the defendant and his five accomplices was re-qualified for part 2 of Art. 165 of the Criminal Code (causing property damage by fraud or abuse of confidence in a large amount). As a result, Igor Zhlobitsky was sentenced to a year and a half of the colony-settlement, most of whom went under investigation in the pretrial detention center.