UAC will enter the Rostech at MS-21

And then it can be combined with the "Helicopters of Russia".
As Kommersant learned, Vladimir Putin supported the mechanism proposed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) to join Rostekh. The state corporation will invest approximately 30 billion rubles in the capital of the UAC. on the program of creating a medium-haul aircraft MS-21. Moreover, the option of merging the UAC with the holding company "Russian Helicopters" is being discussed. But the reorganization may seem costly for Rostekh: apart from financing the MS-21, it will have to find tens of billions of rubles for other projects of the UAC. For aircraft builders, the scheme can turn into problems due to Western sanctions, which have not yet been fully addressed.

President Vladimir Putin supported the idea of ​​the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov to connect Rostech to financing the MS-21 program, told Kommersant two top managers of the defense industry enterprises and confirmed the employee of the government apparatus. It's about investing Rostekh's own funds in the UAC capital, one of Kommersant's interlocutors explained. A source close to the presidential administration disclosed the mechanism for approving the idea: in a letter to the president on January 23, the minister said that the state corporation "confirmed the possibility of allocating about 30 billion rubles to the MS-21. in 2018-2020 years ». Vladimir Putin put a visa on the document that he agrees. Confirm this information officially in the Kremlin failed, the Ministry of Industry refused to comment.

This is the first step towards the transfer of UAC to Rosteha. Directly it was not possible to do this: the Ministry of Industry and Trade was developing a draft presidential decree on transferring 91.68% of the UAC shares owned by the state-owned corporation to federal government ("Kommersant" reported on November 23, 2017), but opposed by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. Mr. Manturov tried to enlist the support of Premier Dmitry Medvedev, citing the fact that in this scenario the federal budget will not have to allocate additional money to the MS-21, but was again redirected to Mr. Rogozin - the vice-premier demanded that the government provide an economic justification. According to "Kommersant", this time Denis Manturov decided to address the president without preliminary approvals. Dmitry Rogozin learned about the letter post factum.

But the decree of the president will still be needed, said the top manager of one of the enterprises of the aircraft industry. According to him, the draft document has already been developed and agreed upon by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance. However, Mr. Rogozin still has the opportunity to influence the process, Kommersant's source adds: "According to the rules, the document must be approved in the apparatus of the profile vice-premier, so that some clarifications are still possible. Although a cardinal revision of the course taken, it is definitely not to be expected. "

Meanwhile, only the inclusion of UAC in Rostek will not be limited to reform: several interlocutors told Kommersant that an item on the merger of the UAC with the holding company Helicopters of Russia (part of Rostek) will appear in the draft presidential decree. Thus, it will be a question of combining the competencies of the helicopter and aircraft construction industry under the leadership of a single management company that reports directly to Rostekh. The White House discussed this, a source in the government said: some officials thought it would be more logical to bring the aviation industry closer to the space industry, while Dmitry Medvedev shared the idea of ​​the Ministry of Industry and Trade to unite the UAC and the Russian Helicopters.

A year and a half since the signing of the relevant decree by Vladimir Putin, one of Kommersant sources has added to all the reforms.

As a result, Rostekh will become not only a set of air hubs and units (enterprises of the state corporation supply about 70% of components for airplanes), but also a manufacturer of ready aircraft equipment.

Yuri Slyusar, head of the United Aircraft Corporation, on July 18, 2017, in an interview with "Kommersant"

With the existing complex structure, we are still less interesting for investors than could be

The state corporation itself stressed that at the moment "there is no decision on joining KLA in Rostek", so "it is extremely premature to discuss any plans to merge assets and investments." The KLA was told that the structure and configuration of the assets of aircraft construction remains the prerogative of the state, and they expressed their readiness "to carry out the assigned tasks".

However, the scheme leaves open a number of questions. "Apart from the MC-21, the UAC also has other projects for which money is needed," Kommersant source in the aviation industry said. "The Russian-Chinese CRC-929 and the continuation of the SSJ 100 line require tens of billions of rubles, which now to seek "Rostecha". " In addition, there are enterprises in the UAC that are not subject to US sanctions, for example, the Irkut corporation (manufacturer of MS-21) and the AK. Ilyushin (responsible for the development of transport aviation), while Rostekh has been under sanctions for several years.

How "Rostekh" from the Ministry of Defense becomes the Ministry of Industry and Trade

The topic of the total stateization of the economy, which is relevant for Russia not for the first year, in 2017 became especially pronounced in the mass of sectors, from banking to oil. Against this background, the next round of the consolidation of assets that has been going on for ten years within the framework of Rostekh could pass unnoticed. But this turned out to be a turn of a new quality: "Rostekh" receives not only the profile defense industry, but also metallurgy and power engineering, the entire domestic aviation industry, and possibly shipbuilding.