Ukraine accused Oleg Deripaska of economic subversion

The SBU accused Rusal of destroying the Zaporizhzhya Aluminum Smelter.
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The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) charged representatives of the Russian aluminum holding RusAl in deliberately destroying the integrated industrial complex of the Zaporozhye Aluminum Combine (ZALC) in the interests of "rivals from Russia." The announcement is posted on the website of the department.

"During the pre-trial investigation, special services officers established that the only primary aluminum producer in Ukraine since 2006 has been deliberately destroyed in the interests of Russian metal producers," the report said. To this end, in 2006-2008, "an organized group was formed of representatives of the Russian company Rusal, the former leadership of the plant, Ukrainian businessmen and foreign citizens," the SBU added.

Under the leadership of the "Russian curators", the destruction of the main production facilities of the ZALK was ensured, the special services believe. So, in 2009 they stopped ore-thermal furnaces and the main production sites of electrolysis production, which, in turn, led to damage and subsequent complete destruction of equipment.

Among the nine accused were representatives of "Rusal", the former leadership of the plant, as well as Ukrainian businessmen and a number of foreign citizens. "One of the defendants of the case is being held in custody, the former director of the plant - under personal obligation, among the suspects - three citizens of Russia," the SBU said. According to the investigation, the group's actions resulted in losses of the state amounting to more than 39 million dollars, as well as more than 100 million hryvnia (about 4 million dollars).

In the company itself, the investigation is considered an attempt at political pressure in connection with the proceedings in international arbitration. "The company regards these illegal actions as a response and an attempt of political pressure in response to a lawsuit filed by RusAl against the government of Ukraine in the international court for the protection of investments," an official representative of the holding RusAl told Tass.