Ukrainian games of Ramzan Kadyrov

Release of Russian journalists mediated by Ramzan Kadyrov, as well as the reports of the involvement of Chechen fighters in the Ukrainian conflict to support the pro-Russian rebels leaves no doubt that the Chechen leader not only claims a special role pf the proud North Caucasian republic in Russia, but also seeks to have an independent role on the international arena.
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"Ramzan Kadyrov - a person who has survived thanks to the fact that it takes a more pro-Russian than the Kremlin" - said an American expert on inter-ethnic conflicts in the CIS Paul Goble. C researchers opinion is difficult not to agree. Articles in the Chechen press are already successfully compete not only with the Turkmen media, but even with North Korean.

For example, he writes on the website of the agency "Grozny iform" political scientist, chairman of the Committee on international, inter-parliamentary relations, the national and the information of the Chechen parliament politics Dzhambulat Umarov: "Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich ... Thank you for the Russian and ownership to her pain and aspirations, you in we woke up. Thank you, from all sincerely devoted to you of the Chechen people for the fact that now, from generation to generation by word of mouth, we will tell their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, while there is this light that as Vladimir Putin's glorious era at the beginnings of a new, reformed and stronger powers was such a patriot and statesman of Russia, as Ramzan Kadyrovin ".

However, in exchange for this boundless devotion, and Vladimir Putin is unprecedented concessions. Ramzan Kadyrov has such independence, which never dreamed of Dzhokhar Dudayev, Chechnya and de facto became an Islamic state, with clear signs of a purely oriental despotism. However, recent developments suggest that even this privileged little Ramzan Kadyrov. The fact that the head of one of the subjects of the Russian negotiating the extradition of Russian journalists, looks rather strange. In fact, Chechnya has acted as an independent power, as a mediator in the conflict between Moscow and Kiev.

The fact that the Ukrainian authorities have apprehended Ramzan Kadyrov as a serious mediator, definitely sensation. You can, of course, to assume that even the father of Ramzan Dudayev being the mufti of Chechnya, has established close contacts with Ukrainian volunteers fought on the side of separatists, Kadyrov Jr. and only used the long-standing relationship. However, the sources "Rosbalt" categorically denied this version in Kiev. In their view, very influential in UkraineChechen diaspora (which, unlike Russia itself does not advertise), among which there are really rich. How confident informants, it is these people the Chechen leader and was used as a means of influencing Kiev.

However, regardless of which version is true - more importantly: Ramzan Kadyrov has convincingly proved that the sphere of influence is not limited to one of the Northern Caucasus. While at the same time he stressed that acts only in accordance with the instructions of the President of the Russian Federation.

Very confusing information about the participation of "Kadyrov's men" in the Ukrainian conflict. Although the sites of the North Caucasian separatists argue that the items of recruiting mercenaries to Ukraine in Chechnya is everywhere, local journalists and could not find any of them, and the Chechen leader denies citizens of the republic participated in the Ukrainian war. Even if skeptical to accept Kadirov refutation, yet it is clear that the scale of Chechen involvement in the conflict are exaggerated by many media outlets.

However, to completely dismiss the possibility of Checheant still not be in Ukraine. Moreover, the North Caucasians may be at war, and on the other side. As already wrote "Rosbalt", the site of North Caucasian separatists shechennews, published information about the creation of a "peacekeeping detachment named Caucasian hero Johar Dudayev in order to help Ukrainian people in their fight against Russian invaders." It is noteworthy that after the information about the Kadyrovtsy in the Ukraine, the North Caucasus, many users of social networking wrote that the peoples of the North Caucasus, on the contrary, must support Ukraine and Georgia as natural allies in the fight against "Russian imperialism".

At the same time the sympathy of many Chechens to the Ukrainians are unlikely to be an insurmountable obstacle if Ramzan Kadyrov, indeed, decided to take part in the Ukrainian conflict. Moscow has already used with great success in the war in Georgia, the Chechen battalion "Vostok", all men, who in the past fought against the Russian army. Chechens - magnificent warriors and hardly an exaggeration to say that this craft they love more,than some other.

After two Chechen wars in the country has become a lot of people who simply can not imagine their lives without participating in fights. It is noteworthy that during the period of de facto independent Chechnya, Shamil Basayev turned to the international community with a proposal to use the Chechen "peacekeeping battalion" in areas of the world's conflicts. In fact it was a gesture of despair - the new authorities simply did not know what to do with his soldiers, found themselves suddenly civilians. In my view, largely the same reasons explained and Basayev's raid into Dagestan: in order to avoid destabilization of the situation, the authorities of the breakaway republic just had to "send the army in the campaign" It is clear that in today's Chechnya there are a huge number of people for whom the military bread, measured mile far peaceful life. And for that fight - it is a secondary matter.

Although Chechens involved in the conflict, and it will be extremely negatively by the international community, it is still not so "terrible crime", as the Russian involvement in the conflict of war, as you can always refer to (and in many respects rightly) on the uncontrollability of the young leader of the Russian Federation. In this case, even a small amount of participation "Kadyrov's men" in the Ukrainian conflict may affect the balance of power. And it's not just that Chechens brave professional soldiers. Most of them have the experience of war with Russian forces. And they are fighting guerrilla methods "against the rules", and these are the men most inconvenient for the regular army.