Ukrainian oligarchs have received land and cottages in Crimea

Among the first official owners of land and real estate in the Crimea turned out to be companies associated with the richest Ukrainian oligarchs.
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On March 28, 2014 a moratorium on the issue of land rights and the privatization of state property in the Crimea. In late May 2014 the moratorium was lifted, and in August of the same year the Crimean Goskomregistr began issuing the first certificate of land ownership. However, in the Unified State Register of rights to real estate data on issued certificates shall be entered gradually, and as long as the information about the owners of the Crimean land in it is very scarce.

RBC learned the owners of large currently registered land on the southern coast of the peninsula and found that in addition to the Republic of Crimea, Russian municipalities and state institutions in the list of the largest owners of land were four Ukrainian and one Cypriot company. All rights to the land they received in 2015, ie within one year from the date of accession to the Russian peninsula without Kyiv and recognized by most world powers.

Three of the largest portion of the total area of ​​4.7 hectares in Simeiz at the Ukrainian company "Sports Tour". In second place - 3.9 hectares in the village of Amenity in Ukrainian "Invest." followedCyprus Starvista (3,6 hectares in Simeiz) and Ukrainian "Tai-Invest" (3.4 hectares in the park) and "Ukrkapital" (2.6 hectares in Gaspra). All these companies are found RBC - former owners, escaped nationalization and confirm their right to land in another country.

Nenov Crimean

Full namesake of the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov, now heads the "Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine", his wife Ludmilla Azarov and their son Alexei Azarov owns six adjacent plots of approximately 0.1 hectares near Foros, on Cape Chekhov. According to the newspaper "Ukrainian Truth", Azarov received the land in 2004, when members of the dacha cooperative "Chekhov" decision of Council of Ministers of Crimea 1 hectare of land has been allocated for free, and each of the ten participants, including Azarov, was 0.1 ha. In 2010, according to the publication, in the territory of the cooperative was guarded cottage village. Azarov said earlier in the conversation with Ukrainian journalists denied this information. From communicating with RBC, he refused.

"Kum" the Russian president

Investment company "Sport-Tour", which owns hmley on the border Alupka and Simeiz, registered in Kiev. According to SPARC, it belongs to the investment company "Terra-Invest" (share capital is not available), in which the co-owners listed Alexander V. Moshinskii. Just name the lawyer representing in court the interests of the leader of the movement "Ukrainian choice" and the former head of President Leonid Kuchma administration Viktor Medvedchuk. As said Medvedchuk in the summer of 2014 in an interview with German weekly Der Spiegel, the president of Russia Vladimir Putin in 2004, he became the godfather of his daughter, Daria, and since then they have with Putin "maintain friendly relations." Relations with the Kremlin President Medvedchuk family not officially commented. In early 2015 Medvedchuk participated in the trilateral talks of the contact group in Minsk as the Special Representative for Humanitarian Affairs. Ukrainian political analyst Mikhail Pogrebinsky called him "the only man" who "could talk with Putin, [President of Ukraine Petro] Poroshenko, [head of DNR Alexander] Zakharchenko and [head LNR Igor] carpenter."

Land belonging to "Sport-tour & raquo ;, it is next to a children's TB Dispensary name Bobrova. In 2013, the Ukrainian newspaper "Mirror of the Week" wrote that because of the construction of the fence enclosing the land on which the "house Medvedchuk", children are deprived of access to the sea. Medvedchuk himself in a statement on the website of the "Ukrainian choice" denied information about the fence, but confirmed that the company is associated with the "Sports Tour". "Medvedchuk since June 2009, is the founder of the party and the direct owner of the Ukrainian legal entity, which, in turn, from March 2012 is the indirect owner of" Sport-round ", - said in a statement attached to the document signed by A. Moshinskii.

In a telephone conversation with RBC Moshinskii he confirmed that there is still a co-owner of the company "Terra-Invest", "with a small proportion", but refused to answer further questions, offering to send them "Mail of Russia".

Another 2.6 hectares of land in Gaspra (Yalta) is owned by "Ukrkapital". It is headed by Dmitry Shust, who is also director BlagotvSatisfactory Fund Viktor Medvedchuk. The address of the land plot (Alupkinskoye highway, 25) is constructed 18-storey hotel, which follows from the information on the site of the contractor "Ukrkapitala" LLC "BC" Triumph ". In "Ukrkapitale" RBC to the request is not answered.

Another one portion previously recorded in the allegedly associated with Medvedchuk company "Terra-Invest", the courts go. According to the decision of the State Council of Crimea on February 27, 2015 a plot of land, located at Yalta, settlement Gaspra, Alupka highway, 13, became the property of the republic until the completion of the inventory procedure, and securing property. "Terra-Invest" challenged this decision in court. The representative of "Terra-Invest", who wished to remain anonymous, claims that all plots owned by the company, were in the end, "withdrawn from the nationalization." I could not find court decisions confirming it with respect to land on the highway in Alupka Gaspra, RBC.

Donbass King

In 2004, the Donetsk businessman Rinat Akhmetov, №1 in Ukrainian Forbes-2015 list, with the state, according to the publication estimated $ 6,9 billion, bought the estate in Simeiz "New Kucuk Coy" to a park of 3.6 hectares.

Akhmetov is called the "master of Donbass" - in this region are its main assets, in particular one of the largest coal enterprises of Ukraine "Krasnodonugol", "Yenakiyevo koksohimprom" Avdeevka Coke Chemical Plant, Khartsyzsk Pipe and Makeyevka metallurgical plants, coal mines. Major businesses businessman unites "System Capital Management" (SCM) - the largest financial and industrial group in Ukraine. In 2012, prior to the start of military operations in Ukraine, SCM's consolidated sales amounted to $ 23.5 billion, while 53.4% ​​were in the metallurgical and 39.7% - in the energy assets of the holding. The conflict cost the companies dearly Akhmetov affected because of attacks and disruptions in the supply of raw materials: 2014 SCM Group completed a $ 850 million loss.

Since 2013, the state Akhmetov has fallen by more than two times (while it was estimated «Forbes Ukraine", $ 15.4 billion).

At the same time, together with the fall in revenue business empire entrepreneur lost several assets,Once inside, uncontrolled Kiev, namely in the Crimea. From the winter of 2015 SCM lost control of the "DTEK Krymenergo" and Crimean units and infrastructure telecom operators "Ukrtelecom" and "Vega", said the official commentary on the band's website.

In early March, the publication "The Mirror of the week. Ukraine "with reference to its sources reported that Akhmetov might become governor of the Donetsk region" as a person, arranging and Kiev, and Moscow. " And such a scenario is the publication calls the "Medvedchuk implementation plan."

Now the lands of the estate "New Kucuk Coy" owns a Cyprus offshore Starvista Ltd, which also is the only one listed in the owner SPARK Ukrainian company "Invest", which owns another 3.9 hectares in the park. According to Ukrainian newspaper "Zerkalo Nedeli", Akhmetov SCM sold "New Kucuk Coy» Starvista, after in 2008 the Prosecutor's Office questioned the legality of transfer of ownership of the estate, but the ultimate owner (Akhmetov) at the same time remain the same.

Contact Akhmetov explained editioneat that Starvista director until 2007 was a Roman Bugaev registering your company address as Donetsk, street Postysheva 117. The same address is listed in the contacts the press service of "Metinvest", included in the SCM (Rinat Akhmetov was co-owner of SCM until March 2009, are now the owners of the structure is not clear).

According to SPARC, Cyprus Starvista owned by Cyprus as System Capital Management Limited, whose director is also the Roman Bugaev. SCM Offshore addition Starvista owns registered in Holland Metinvest BV (part of the SCM group). In addition, Cyprus Starvista and Donetsk "SCM Service" together hold Moscow Ltd. "SCM Tools" (September 2015 every member 86.58 and 13.42%, respectively). The official inquiry into the RBC SCM remained unanswered.

Defending the preservation of the estate, Akhmetov has repeatedly clashed with "Tai-Invest", which owns sites nearby and plan to deploy a building. "Tai-Invest" is related to the other Ukrainian businessman - owner of the group "Power standard" Konstantin Grigorishin (Russian Forbes in 2015 estimated erfortune of $ 1.1 billion).

Disgraced businessman

The exact location of the three sites in the park, owned by the "Tai-Invest" is not known, when you try to find a public cadastral map displays a message that "the information about the object boundaries are absent." However, they are in one cadastral quarter, that is close to Starvista Limited areas.

Company "Tai-invest" through "Dim Investment" belongs to the Cyprus offshore. However, until 2011, co-owners "Tai-Invest" was a company asset "Svarog Asset Management" management, which, according to "Interfax-Ukraine" and the journal "Company" in February 2016, controlled by Leonid Pivovarov, a classmate Grigorishin. On the phone, "Svarog" RBC said that in one of the offices of the company have desk Grigorishin, but the official position of the company, he does not. At the official inquiry into the fund "Energy Standard" RBC has not received a response.

Prior to 2016 Grigorishin managed to do business in Ukraine, and in Russia, writes «Forbes Ukraine". However, before the New Year to growYi enterprises businessman were searched, and the MP, Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko called Grigorishin "threat to national security of Ukraine", due to the fact that he, as a "Russian businessman", "lobbying their people for leadership positions in the interest of its the energy sector. " Now, according to Forbes information Grigorishyn located in the United States.

"Most of the land in the Crimea was transferred to offshore, but the owners have remained the same. The property taken away only a few Ukrainian oligarchs - Igor Kolomoisky, Sergei Taruta. The rest were left alone, "- says the chairman of the public organization" Clean shore. Crimea "Vladimir Garnachuk.