Ukrainian spy collected enough information for 12 years in prison

Viktor Shur is convicted of collecting information about one of the Russian military enterprises.
In Bryansk ended the trial of 58-year-old Victor Shura. Russian citizen got 12 years in prison for spying for Ukraine, where he has a residence permit. According to investigators, he gathered secret information about one of the Russian military enterprises. Viktor Shur pleaded guilty.

On sentencing Viktor Shura said Federal Security Service of the Bryansk region. The process, which considered the case, having marked "secret", was held behind closed doors, the information on it has not previously been disclosed. However, in Ukraine the name Schur was at the hearing - the representative of the Foreign Ministry of this country last summer at a concert in support of "political prisoners in Russia" and called him.

58-year-old Russian citizen Viktor Shur registered in the Bryansk region, but recently lived in Chernihiv and has a residence permit in Ukraine.

Among the Court's Shura intelligence activities on the territory of the Bryansk region stopped on December 9 last year. On this day, according to the case, it is the task of the State Border Service of Ukraine received information about sensitive sites the Defense Ministry, which compositionYali state secret. In case of transfer of the special services of the neighboring state of collected information, it could be used against the security of the Russian Federation.

Detained Spy FSB crossing them Russian-Ukrainian border. When the detainee himself had technical intelligence means by which it previously supplied by representatives of Ukrainian special services, as well as materials collected by him.

In court Shur pleaded guilty to treason and collaboration with the special services of Ukraine. He was sentenced to 12 years in colony under Art. 275 of the Criminal Code (gosizmena in the form of espionage).

Note that a similar case of spying for Ukraine is considered now in Yekaterinburg. In the dock is a citizen of Ukraine, the former deputy director of the Poltava Turbomechanical plant Sergey Skirta. According to the FSB Sverdlovsk, in March this year, he tried to buy the technical documentation for the units, which produces Ural Turbine Works. At the time of the transaction, which took place under the supervision of investigators, he gave tens of thousands of rublesfolder with papers that were trade secrets. Immediately thereafter Skirta detained. Representatives of companies appreciated the contents of the folder is 100 million rubles.

Why military pensioner accused of spying for Ukraine

In April, St. Petersburg came to the final trial of the captain of the 1st rank, a former employee of "51st Central Design and Technological Institute of Ship Repair" (51th TSKTIS) Vladislav Nikolsky, who is accused of spying for Ukraine. According to investigators, a military retiree handed to foreigners technical documentation landing craft air cushion "Zubr" (Project 12322) and directory names warships Soviet standards, the content of which was classified in 2006.