Umakhan Umakhanov left Russia's nuclear forces without hydraulic drives

In the case of a bankrupt Podolsky Electromechanical Plant, a new turn has been made - the Russian Criminal Code officially recognized the fact of large-scale theft.
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In the spring of this year, the ex-general director of the Podolsky Electromechanical Plant (PEMZ) Murman Khakanovich Zakaradze fled abroad with half a billion rubles. The plant belongs to State Duma deputy Umakhan Umakhanov and his wife Naida Magomedova, being a key producer of hydraulic systems for the Yars missile systems and submarine fleet.

The criminal case against comrade Zakaradze, who had been executing PEEM since 2012, was initiated by the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in March 2017 under the article "Assignment or embezzlement on an especially large scale as part of an organized criminal group." The IC of the Russian Federation said that a quick ex-director stole not less than 30 million rubles, but rather, according to some mass media, 500 million rubles. In May, it became known that Zakaradze did not wait for justice in Russia and banally fled abroad. Now the man is searched through an international search. But it seems in vain.

But the main owner of Podolsky Electromechanical Plant - Umakhan Umakhanov - feels dry, calm and without problems. For example, thanks to the deputy status and relationship with the strong Dagestani clan of Magomedov, the owners of the group "Summa". His wife is the sister of Ziyavudin and Magomed Magomedov. If anyone does not know, the "Summa" group in the Federation is the private purse of the head of the Russian government Dmitry Medvedev and his entourage (like Arkady Dvorkovich, Igor Shuvalov and others).

Umakhanov and his wife control the majority stake in PEMZ JSC (68.42% of shares) from 2012. And Umakhanov, at least education, does not shine (only in 2003, at the age of 38, he managed to defeat the zoological engineer department of the Saratov State Agrarian University), but by Russian standards his uncle is very statusful and worthy of possession of a defense plant. In addition to his wife, in his luggage, for example, he took part in August-September 1999 as part of the Dagestani militia in repelling the raid of Shamil Basayev and Khattab detachments in Dagestan. For this in 2000, the man was awarded the Commendation of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation VV Putin, and in 2002, by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin was awarded the Order of Courage.

Now he is a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the party "United Russia", deals with agrarian issues, actively knocks out state budgets, and five years ago Umakhanov was drawn into Putin's militarization. The latter in practice in most cases leads to the sawing and withdrawal of public funds into offshore and crediting of industrial enterprises. This is not because reptilians or liberals are shitting. But because you can not try to build Stalinism in the African comprador economy, entangled in offshore schemes.

For the sake of justice, it should be said that PMEZ was involved in a number of scandals and raider seizures before Umakhanov - armed people burst into the factory, his land was squeezed out, and illegal financial transactions flourished around the enterprise. So the arrival of effective Dagestan zootechnics was only akin to the appearance of some Black Beard on the pirate Tortuga.

We will only remind you that this is not a shish kebab or furniture factory, but a unique high-tech enterprise. PMEZ develops and supplies mechanics and hydraulics for Topol-M mobile complexes, for S-300 surface-to-air missile systems, Tor missile systems, Buk, Strela-10, Tunguska and Pantsir, and Also systems of volley fire "Smerch" and "Hurricane" and missile tactical complexes "Iskander" - hydraulic drives, hydroelectric drives and other precision instruments. At the PMEZ, they make hydraulics for the fourth-generation submarine steering gear, and for gravity submarines of Project 955 Borey (Yuri Dolgoruky, Severodvinsk and beyond) gravimetric systems. Russian strategic nuclear forces are critically dependent on PMEZ. The strategic mobile missile system "Yars" (RS-24), which the Russian Federation threatens unspiritual America, without Podolsk hydraulics for launch complexes, can only be used in a stationary mode.

Until a certain time, embezzlement and a mess on the PMEZ closed their eyes until in January 2017 they "broke through". Sor out of the cottage was issued by the management of the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering (MIT). I quote "Kommersant":

Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering (MIT) was faced with problems in the implementation of the state defense order in the supply of mobile strategic missile systems "Yars". Due to the difficult economic situation and problems with creditors, the Podolsk Electromechanical Plant can not deliver equipment for the hydraulic systems of the Yars launchers in time. The management of the institute asked the state corporation "Rostekh" with a request to deploy duplicating production at the Kovrov Electromechanical Plant. This, as recognized in the MIT, will take about a year and a half.

The main problems of the Podolsky Electromechanical Plant (PEMZ) and the future negative consequences are stated in the letter of the head of the Moscow Institute of Heat Engineering (MIT) Sergei Nikulin to the first deputy general director of the state corporation Rostek, Vladimir Artyakov. Mr. Nikulin writes that in accordance with the contract dated September 29, 2011, the Ministry of Defense organizes the manufacture and supply of the Russian Defense Ministry with "U175M1 units" (self-contained launchers of the mobile ground missile system "Yars"). A part of these units is a hydraulic system, it is supplied by the Central Scientific Research Institute of Automation and Hydraulics (CNII AG), and its co-executor for the supply of equipment for this hydraulic system is PEMZ.

It turned out that it would not be possible to quickly deploy a duplicate hydraulics production at the Kovrov Electromechanical Plant (part of Rostek) - the process would take at least a year and a half. The annual production of "Yars" in Russia is relatively small - two to a dozen (yes, in the yard is not Soviet times), but this modest defense order may not be fulfilled. Himself PEMZ (more precisely, his "daughter" PEMZ Spetsmash, for which all assets were withdrawn) was encumbered with loans. So Umakhanov's factory to Sberbank alone owes 1.4 billion rubles, and they are not going to pay them. The state for all these years knew perfectly well what was going on at the strategic enterprise (the benefit of Rostekh owns 20.5% of its shares), transferred money to it, but ...

In December 2016, PEMZ was formally replaced by management and replaced by well-deserved friend Murman Zakaradze, Valery Pozdnyakov, who in April 2017 tried to give as much "encouraging" information as possible. However, and he was forced to admit that since last summer the enterprise has not supplied the products for the Central Research Institute of Oil and Gas. What next?

Russian media assess the situation is extremely pessimistic. They believe that the Dagestan clan of Umakhanov plagued banally from the PIEF, where an external surveillance procedure was already introduced, ie, The plant is recognized as being in a pre-bankruptcy state:

Despite state financing, the plant was unable to pay off either its creditors or Rosoboronexport. The enterprise of the deputy could not guarantee even work of own boiler-house. Residents of the whole microdistrict Podolsk, whose houses are connected to the boiler plant of the enterprise, remained in the last fall, in frost, without heating and hot water.

In the State Duma, recall, Umakhanov became famous for active lobbying of his agrarian and military industrial projects in Dagestan and the Saratov region, implying a generous budgetary financing, as well as advocating a ban on officials and deputies to have assets abroad. The MP himself officially owns only a modest house in Spain and a commercial firm in Finland - Finn Zhukovka Oy. And since the Russian state tolerates the financial pogrom of the Podolsky plant, it is likely that it will be brought to its logical end - that is, Before bankruptcy with the subsequent "nationalization" of losses.