Unexpected end of Ukrainian MMM

Sergey Mavrodi is closing the consequent version of MMM, the Ukrainian one this time.
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This new incarnation of the famous finale of the financial institution even the participants could predict at the moment of its creation, for one "but" - Mavrodi blamed the closure of the SBU, the Ukrainian security services and called MMM supporters of terrorists.

Ukrainian branch of the MMM has opened in January 2011, as well as in Russia with decoding "We Change the World." On the streets there were billboards with advertising in Kiev metro is constantly spinning rollers, paint all the advantages of the new financial scheme. She greatly resembled the savings bank - the investor had to deposit amount (usually not less than 100 hryvnia), and a month later there were already 130 hryvnia. All financial transactions conducted in currencies invented Mavrodi "Mavro". The client contract specifically stipulates that the investor may lose the entire amount of the time.

By mid-2011, according to estimates heads of the organization, officially recognized financial pyramid, only 200 thousand people were in Kiev, members of the scheme. Despite the background MMM, Ukrainian hryvnia invested in "Mavro" and waited for the golden rain.end of 2011, the organization closed its operations. At this time, the firm Mavrodi found better things to do in Russia, elections, trying to get into the opposition Coordinating Council and its other trolling.

However, when at the end of last year in Ukraine began a crucial time, Sergei Mavrodi would not Sergei Mavrodi, if not try to make money. In December 2013 MMM-2011 has become a MMM-2014. The conditions were even better: it was only registered on the site, and you have to account dripping about 600 rubles - 187 hryvnia. Then the money accrued bonuses depending on the course, "Mavro". Last established himself Mavrodi.

Pocket MMM was not empty. Experts attribute this as the fact that the organization was revived before the holidays, and the fact that it happened in an economically difficult time for Ukrainians. However, the scale of the human "bursts" at this time were much lower. Top managers of the MMM to mention the hundreds of thousands of depositors, but local journalists called numbers, and even less - 70 - 80 thousand.

The fact that the organization is minimized, spoke at the end of spring. thenmany not only did not receive any bonuses, but they could not get on their network account. Mavrodi claimed that this is due to a large volume of new investors. However, on the eve of Ukrainian MMM followed got a video of their financial guru as a personal message. It Mavrodi informed about the closure of their offspring:

"As I understand it, everyone is waiting for me in Sunday's video for clarification on the situation with Ukraine. So, there will be no clarification. Like it or not, and it is negative, and its absolutely no reason to put on public display. I and the ad-on did not do the site, but only after all the Kaspersky Lab announced. It is because of these reasons.

I understand your feelings, but thanks to its power. We do not come up with the situation with the head of the SBU? Sami saw everything. How can we continue to work in a country where we have officially declared by terrorists? What's hard to understand, and what does "explain"? Clear everything as day. Thank you, again, their precious power. Arrange this, the most real, in fact, a provocation. (No one, naturally, we do not fund and never funded.)

We, with St.her hand, do everything we can to mitigate the extreme consequences for the participants, and perform coagulation activity in Ukraine in the most favorable time for you. Everyone will be paid the face value + 10%. I express quite natural regret over the incident, but I hope for your understanding. There are realities, and with them have to be considered. Alas!

Sincerely, Sergei Mavrodi

PS And yet I believe that the Financial Apocalypse is inevitable! "

Statement by the head of the SBU Valentin Nalyvaychenko was made in early July. "Financing items mercenary recruitment is carried out, including, and such seemingly forgotten entities as MMM. Two swindlers of this structure are the representatives of the terrorist organization "Donetsk People's Republic" in the territory of the Russian Federation in the Kurgan region ", - he said.

It is worth noting that the statement of the SBU, most likely caused by the figure of the chairman of the Supreme Council of the DNI Dennis Pushilin. Before the revolution, he was known as a functionary of the MMM, and even nominated a candidate from the party MMM candidateth to the Verkhovna Rada, promising universal credit amnesty.

Judging by the forums as an online MMM, and the concomitant, panic is a special application is not caused among the Ukrainian depositors. The participants of the financial scheme, apparently, there were people already grated and ready to take risks. "Invested 23 thousand hryvnia, I received at the output 5000. Maybe it'll be back "- this is the common refrain. Many, according to the records, participation in the financial pyramid just tickled their nerves and had little hope of winning the "roulette".

It is worth noting that Ukraine - the only country of the former union, which has undergone a double blow Mavrodi and his schemes. So, MMM twice tried to enter Estonia. In 2011, the organization of advertising was even officially banned.

In 2013, the activities of the MMM was under threat because of the criminal case in India.
Russian authorities also have left trying to catch the tail of the bird of happiness MMM, in different regions of the criminal cases of fraud were filed.


Wide fame Mavrodi was in the first-half ofnot the 1990s when he created pyramid participants began to millions of Russians. The first version of MMM lasted about three years and broke up a year before the 1998 default, when the system collapsed state short-term bonds (T-bills) and the authorities were forced to stop paying on the domestic debt. Mavrodi in 2007 was sentenced for fraud to 4.5 years in prison. Upon his release, he promised to "do something" for the return of debts to depositors. In early 2011, he announced the launch of a new project - MMM-2011 ( "We can do a lot"). In May last year it suspended payments to the participants of the pyramid, announced the creation of a new project - MMM-2012. FAS found the scheme "MMM-2011" pyramid scheme.