Unpopular model of TsentrObuv

Well-known chain store operator declared bankrupt. The company's debt is 19.2 billion rubles. Will it be enough to pay off the debts?
The solvency of the operator can not be restored, but only enough funds to cover the costs and remuneration of the arbitration manager.

That is the disappointing outcome of the development of "TsentrObuv" once rapidly growing network, which includes about 1,500 stores. Why did it happen?

"TsentrObuv" - showmanship

"TsentrObuv" was created in 1992. Gurevich and businessmen Svetlov. It is developing two directions: a network of shops "TsentrObuv" and the network of youth stores Centro.

80% of the ordered goods in China, 20% - in Russia.

In 2009. in "TsentrObuv" came two new investors: Sergei Lomakin and Artyom Khachatryan. Both are famous for creating "Kopeika" popular network. Money, they say, brought so much that "TsentrObuv" should not have time to open new stores. At that time they already had about 350.

It was after the arrival of new investors and Centro network was launched.

In 2011, as part of the network was already more than 700 stores. And they worked on the borders of the European Union to Japan. In the autumn of the same year, shareholders are ready to place an IPO on stock exchanges in London and Hong Kong.

While "TsentroObuv" network was the largest growing network in Russia. Sales rose to 29 bln. Rubles.

"TsentrObuv" - the first problems

In 2012. entered the market a new player - Kari chain of shoe stores. Competition in the market has intensified. Along with this conflict between shareholders "TsentrObuv" began to appear.

Please agree to the release of Exchange. And then there were problems with the management. To manage rushed Sergey Lomakin, who would determine the strategy of network development.

Since it did not agree Nesterov current director of the network that the conflict with Lomakin was forced to resign in 2013.

Founders invited for the post of director Peter Ridler from England, but he has not worked for a year, resigned at his own request, because it was not able to fully integrate into a new business.

It should be noted that prior to 2012. Lomakin Khachatryan and did not participate in the management of the network, but only received dividends, doing their own projects.

When Lomakin was in charge of the sale, then began to emerge not very pleasant for the "TsentrObuv" things. For example, the price of some Chinese suppliers were 20% higher for her than for Kari network. There were other issues that have a negative effect on pricing.

In an effort to quickly capture the market, "TsentrObuv" attracted credit funds, working with 15 banks. And, accordingly, its work is heavily dependent on loans obtained.

"TsentrObuv" - and the crisis broke out!

Of course, to work "TsentrObuv" influenced the 2014 crisis. just two of the market were lost: Ukrainian and Polish. Sales in Russia decreased by one third.

As it turned out, there were other reasons, which are then no one knew. About them tell on.

The crisis immediately apparent credit dependence "TsentrObuv". The Company has become difficult to service their debts, since due to the drop in sales they have become equal to the costs of the rent.

Having problems with suppliers. Due to the delays in payment has been reduced payment period. The scheme of development - purchase and sell - is under threat. Shareholders began to realize that soon will not be able to fulfill their obligations either to banks or to suppliers.

In 2014, the first layoffs of employees, and a total of 400 people were laid off this year began.

The situation was hopeless network. Come on claims for non-payment of rent of premises. Shareholders were inclined to, to announce "TsentrObuv" bankrupt.

"TsentrObuv" - a new investor

By the time they thoroughly quarreled and each of them began to look for an investor himself.

Network "TsentrObuv" interested businessman Vladimir Palikhata, president of concern "Rosenergomash". However, he was willing to invest, only if Lomakin pay part of the "TsentrObuv" debt.

still was no agreement in the circle of shareholders. Contradictions have gone so far as to have a common solution could not be accepted.

Then Anatoly Gurevich, co-founder of the network, adding fuel to the fire of the conflict between shareholders. Gurevich cedes its stake Dmitry Vernimontu, and he becomes the owner of shares - 40.4%.

The reasons for this are unknown generosity Gurevich. Apparently, he was carrying a personal commitment to Vernimontom in monetary terms. Otherwise, in another of its action can not be explained.

Shortly thereafter, it does not remain people Lomakin Khachatryan and the board of directors. And the post of director general of the network appointed Leonid Venzhik, according to some sources - a longtime friend Palikhata.

Moreover, the network accounts transferred to another bank. The arrival of a new investor through an incomprehensible "concessions" Gurevich, virtually ended the capture of the network.

"TsentrObuv" - claims of "Gazprombank"

"TsentrObuv" gets a new "hit" In May of this year. "Gazprombank" suspected her of illegal use of a credit line in the amount of 8 bln. Rubles, provided by her in September 2013.

Note that even before the crisis and the serious problems of the "TsentrObuv".

According to the materials of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, one of the "TsentrObuv" employees invested in a dedicated credit amount 4.3 bln. Rubles in the company "Fullainvest", "Irma" and "no one", and it is prohibited by the loan agreement.

In USRLE in the last two companies are no data on either the directors or by the owners, and the "Fullainvest" is a founder and director, a certain Orlova Irina V..

What kind of businesses that have received such a large amount? Gazprombank about these transactions is not known. In addition, the Bank believes that one of the "TsentrObuv" brought another 400 mln. Rubles.

"TsentrObuv" - who is to blame

Top managers of the company in all blame Sergei Lomakin. It was he who had the right to make operational decisions from April 2013 for March 2015 "TsentrObuv" for all companies. And this is exactly the time when withdrawing money.

In recent years, Lomakin, indeed, folded its operations in Russia, is now abroad, his phone is not answered. Maybe he and withdraw money? It was in 2014 at Lomakin was eager to actively "TsentrObuv" management.

Although some doubt the fault of Sergei Lomakin. And why did he and Khachatryan escaped abroad?

"TsentrObuv" - change of name

While the investigation is looking escaped shareholders, "TsentrObuv", which is now led by Vladimir Palikhata, there is something inexplicable.

Her remaining areas of goods sold Kari, and their liquidity goods transferred to the new network, created Palikhata and Nesterov, once resigned from the post of director general of the network due to a conflict with Lomakin.

The new network was called "FeshenShuz". It is in fact illegally seized property, "TsentrObuv".

In general, the new owners "TsentrObuv" doing everything to creditors have not received their money.

"TsentrObuv" - the story continues

Now "TsentrObuv" appointed bankruptcy trustee, which makes it impossible for the new owners to make decisions.

Deal will have to many. And, experts say, can not only swim debts to creditors, but also the state. And it is quite a deal for many participants in this story.

The sad thing is that the network is profitable because of miscalculations leadership and infighting between the shareholders will cease to exist. As always, people have suffered. At least those who have bought shoes in the network.

The degree of suffering of those who are brought to this network, to withdraw money illegally implemented the property will determine the appropriate authorities.

It is hoped that the punishment would be not only fair, but also inevitable.