Unsinkable Sergei Prikhodko will remain in government

But already in a lower position of deputy head of the apparatus of the head of the government Dmitry Medvedev.
Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev appointed Sergei Prikhodko as first deputy head of the government apparatus, the Cabinet's press office said. In the past, the government of Prikhodko was vice-premier and headed the apparatus.

Prikhodko is a career diplomat, one of the most experienced Russian officials and an old-timer of the civil service. Since 1997, he oversaw the foreign policy of the presidential administration in the posts of the head of the administration and the presidential aide. In May 2012, after Medvedev moved from the Kremlin to the government, where he oversaw all legislative activity and personnel issues. Prikhodko was one of the initiators of the reset of relations between Russia and the US under the presidency of Barack Obama.

In the new government, the head of the apparatus was Assistant to President Vladimir Putin Konstantin Chuichenko. Earlier one of the sources of Vedomosti reported that Prikhodko was considered to be the presidential aide for foreign policy instead of Yuri Ushakov. As a result, Prikhodko remained at the same place of work, but was demoted. In this case, the post of first deputy head of the apparatus, to which Prikhodko was appointed, was not previously.

In February 2018 Prikhodko became the hero of the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK) Alexei Navalny. The investigation was based on the book and posts in Instagram model Anastasia Vashakevich (known as Nastya Rybka). Having studied the records of Vashkevich, FBK stated that Prikhodko and billionaire Oleg Deripaska (19th place in the rating of the richest businessmen of Russia according to the Forbes version) allegedly rested on a yacht off the coast of Norway in the company of model girls, including Vashkevich. Navalny argued that the presence of Prikhodko on the yacht of a businessman indicates a violation of anti-corruption legislation.

Commenting on the investigation of Navalny, Prikhodko told RBC: "By and large, this should have been answered in a male way, but we will remain within the legal framework." According to Prikhodko, Navalny tried to arrange a provocation, and the investigation mixed "everything possible and impossible." The official called Navalny "a political loser", and Deripaska - his friend.

In turn, Deripaska filed a lawsuit against Vashakevich and her mentor, Alexander Kirillov. Based on this claim, the pages of the website of Navalny with the investigation and the link to the investigation on YouTube.com were included in the register of banned information, and Roskomnadzor began to block the site. Later, Navalny removed the investigation from the site.