"Ural Airlines" hid from the customs of the state of emergency in Barcelona

Budet lost tens of millions. The carrier has problems with spare parts.
Despite the growth of airfares, fuel prices and airport fees, the airline "Ural Airlines" (UA) is increasing its financial performance. In UA, explain that they found a way out of the situation by increasing the number of occupied seats. Aircraft are in the sky, a record time for Russian airlines, to bring profit to the owners of the carrier, and the result of "tough logistics, there are breakages and significant delays in the schedule of flights. The company is often forced to deal with ship repairs and in violation of Russian law. So, the customs officers managed to find out that the "Ural Airlines" after the emergency incident at the airport in Barcelona completely replaced the engine of the plane, bought in Ireland. In the future, the power unit was imported to Russia as a spare part of the aircraft, while refusing to clear it. Engineers UA assured the customs that no new knots were put on the plane, and all were repaired. Already after the completion of the terms of the lease agreement, the board was returned to the owner, and the company left the spare engine at its base in Russia as an independent facility. One way or another, "Ural Airlines" remains one of the most passenger-oriented, and the owner of the company Skuratov proposes to treat these issues philosophically.

The airline "Ural Airlines" in 2017 increased the volume of passenger transportation by 23.7% to the volume in 2016. Including due to this, the revenue of the carrier increased to 66.4 billion rubles (an increase of almost 16%). In this case, according to the main owner and CEO of the company Sergey Skuratov, the tariff fell by 4.5%, and if you count only on domestic lines, the indicator has become lower by 14%.

There are other negative factors presented by Skuratov. "Airport expenses increased by 15%, and the cost of aviation kerosene increased by 20%. In Russia, fuel is more expensive than in Europe. But we found options how to cover these factors. We increased the employment of seats, "the head of the company stressed, adding that the aircraft are in the air for 14 hours a day. According to his forecasts, in 2018 the airline will again increase revenue from sales by approximately 15% - this is about 75 billion rubles.

Currently, due to the high loading of liners and the absence of swing boards, experts note frequent cases of flight delays of the carrier, Koltsovo Airport (Yekaterinburg), where UA is the basic carrier, has compiled a punctuality rating for airlines for 2017. In the group of Russian enterprises, which fly daily from Yekaterinburg, the first place was taken by Yamal, whose punctuality level is 98.1%. "Ural Airlines" did not even enter the top three punctual.

"Delays in 98% do not depend on airlines. In a greater degree these are airports. We must understand this. Our direct fault will be only if the crew does not come on departure, but there is always a reserve crew. There may be a malfunction: the aircraft is a complex construct, there are 100 computers. Everything can be. In a greater degree this is not a malfunction, but computer glitches. There are problems, there is no escape from this, you just have to philosophically treat this and consider the company's actions from the point of view of whether she has given a drink, fed him, provided the hotel, "Sergey Skuratov justified the delays of his boards.

According to the owner, UA tries to maintain a high percentage of serviceability. It depends on the number of spare parts that are available on the basis of the carrier. Skuratov pointed out that the purchase of spare parts for foreign cars, and the carrier's fleet consists of Airbus-320 aircraft, is an expensive pleasure. Meanwhile, the issue of purchasing spare parts abroad and importing them abroad has become a stumbling block in the dispute between the carrier and the Ural Customs Administration (UTU). Currently, the airline "throws" the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk region suits to Koltsovskoy customs. Only in December and January, 13 such appeals were sent to the court. Sergei Skuratov confined himself to a short commentary on the situation, which is directly related to the repairs of aircraft aircraft: "We broke up in a vision. When buying an engine, we declare it as a spare part of the aircraft, and they consider it a separate product. "

In Koltsovskoy customs they prefer not to inflate rhetoric in negotiations with the carrier. "Ural Airlines" for decades remain one of the most active participants in foreign economic activity (FEA), and customs, as informed by the interlocutors of the publication, "you need to fight for indicators."

"I can not disclose the essence of the claims, including because of the fact that we have a large court practice in general. The customs have developed quite a constructive relationship with the carrier, and even these claims do not speak of any negative. The company does not cause any concern. I will call this everyday work, one of the main technical processes, "the source in the Koltsovsky customs office is trying to observe the diplomacy.

Meanwhile, disputes with representatives of the fiscal body threaten the carrier with serious financial losses. For example, at present, the "Ural Airlines" in court of appeal appeals to recognize as illegal one of the decisions of the Koltsovo Customs. According to informed sources of Pravda UrFO, in 2015 the airline imported an undeclared aircraft engine into the territory of the Russian Federation. In August of that year, UA carried out the flight Moscow (Domodedovo) - Barcelona. Return to the airport-based ship could not because of engine failure. In Barcelona, ​​the unit was completely replaced by another engine, shortly before it was bought by the company in Ireland for $ 3.5 million (it was not yet possible to bring the engine to Russia).

According to the materials of the arbitration court, upon the return of the ship to Moscow, the airline's engineering staff explained that repairs were carried out without replacement of the units and assemblies. Representatives of the company explained that the engine was partially destroyed when trying to take off at the airport in Barcelona. It is noteworthy that after the completion of the leasing contract in 2016, the aircraft was "disposed" from the territory of Russia with a different marking engine. This fact was revealed during a desk audit in the summer of 2017. The companies sent a demand for payment of customs duties in the amount of 62 million rubles and a fine of 14 million rubles. UA tried to challenge the decision, but to no avail.

However, for the incident with the aircraft engine, there is another point of view, voiced by lawyers who specialize in disputes of fiscals with foreign trade participants. Experts are inclined to see a violation of the relevant legislation in the actions of the carrier.

"Of course, you need to know all the details of this situation. However, based on the available data, "Ural Airlines" in any case had to notify the customs authority of the replacement. Moreover, the replacement of the engine is a serious work that takes more than one day, this is the key part of the aircraft. Any goods imported into the territory of the Customs Union must be declared. The question is only in mode. Even if it was not a warranty, scheduled repair, and the emergency, necessary that the liner could return to the port of registration at all, the customs should have been notified about the situation and declare the goods. As for customs, it can also raise questions, "Pravde Lesnikov, managing partner of the law firm Lesnikov and Partners, and customs lawyer of the highest qualification, pointed out his view of the situation to Pravda.

The hearing of the appellate court is scheduled for February 19, and if the arbitration award is not canceled, the airline will have to pay 76 million rubles to the budget. However, lawyers do not see this problem and ask Skuratov "to treat problems philosophically, complicate logistics even more and, probably, return losses, for example, from passengers".