Ural Rakhimov checked for involvement in contract murders

Investigators are checking the testimony of a former senator Igor Izmestiev that the son of ex-president of Bashkiria paid for some murders by the "Kingisepp" organized criminal group.
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In the near future a list of criminal cases against the former head of "Bashneft" Ural Rakhimov can expand. Investigators check the information that the son of the former President of Bashkortostan gave "orders" "Kingisepp" OPG to murder businessmen. Such indications Rakhimov Jr. is now provided by a former senator from Bashkortostan Igor Izmestyev, sentenced to life imprisonment for a series of murders and terrorist attacks. With the submission of the former senator's Investigative Committee has initiated against Ural Rakhimov, businessman Levon Hayrapetyan, as well as Chairman of the Board of Directors of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenkov criminal case of embezzlement of public funds and money laundering during the privatization and sale of "Bashneft" and other enterprises of fuel and energy complex of Bashkortostan.

Convicted in 2010 to life imprisonment of ex-Senator Igor Izmest'ev for several months in one of the capital spetsbloke jail, where he was transferred, "White Swan" from Solikamsk prison. Sources of "News" in the police said that Izmest'ev actively testifies at Ural Rakhimov both economicin aspect, and on the criminal.

- During interrogations Izmest'ev told investigators that he was only an accomplice assassinations, but not an organizer. Money for the crime he has received from Ural Rakhimov, who is the customer, and passed the leader "Kingisepp" OPG Sergei Finagin (Phin) - a source told "Izvestia".

Earlier trials Izmest'ev already said about the involvement of Rakhimov, Jr. in the killings. So, in October 2011 to appeal the verdict in the Supreme Court of the former senator asked him to cancel and send the materials of the case for a new trial.

- I did not have any motive for the commission of such crimes in the verdict. They were made in the interests of people, which everyone knows, including the investigators - the son of the former president of Bashkiria Ural Rakhimov - then said Izmest'ev the Supreme Court.

During the trial of her husband who was killed Izmestieva lawyers notary Galina Perepelkina Yuri Bushueva filed a request that the case be excluded from the charge of the murder. According to the statementBushuyev lawyers pointed out that not Izmest'ev was behind the assassination attempt, and the Ural Rakhimov. Izmestieva attorneys also alleged involvement in terrorist attacks blamed on Izmestieva, Rakhimov. Earlier Izmestieva defenders argued that Murtaza Rakhimov and a Ural involved in the terrorist act in 2003 and the number of murders that have occurred in the region. Lawyer Alexander Gusak explained that it is including the attempt on the senator from Bashkortostan Alexander Yakupov.

Investigators are now carefully examine this information. TFR has repeatedly tried to question the very Ural Rakhimov, but he was not in for questioning, he went to Austria and provide a certificate that needs treatment. Rakhimov's lawyer was unavailable for comment "Izvestia".

Earlier, the TFR has proved that Izmest'ev ordered "Kingisepp" grouping a series of assassinations of businessmen. Among them, production director Novoufimsky refinery Salavat Gaynanov, chief accountant "Bashneftehimtorga" Valery Speransky, as well as the notary Galina Perepelkina. In addition, the ex-senator suspected of orgOrganization terrorist attack in Ufa in November 2003, when at the car bombing killed two employees of the security company "The Shield" and three others were wounded. Key readings on Izmestieva gave Finagin, but he later said that he slandered because of pressure from the security forces and fears for the life of his brother Michael.

Izmest'ev was arrested by operatives in 2007 in Bishkek airport, Kyrgyzstan and sentenced to life imprisonment in December 2010. He, as well as the participants of the "Kingisepp" organized crime groups were found guilty of 24 episodes of criminal activity: including two attacks, fourteen murders and five attempted murders, including the assassination was Rakhimov Bush.

"Kengiseppskaya" OPG was created in 1992 on the basis of PSA in Moscow "Pass" residents of Kingisepp (Leningrad region) - Former boxer Imran Ilyasov and Sergey Finagin. Initially engaged in the protection of business cousin Ilyasova - George Safieva. The investigation activities "Kingisepp" OPG began after the arrest in September 2004 in Moscow, the former officer-nodvodnika Pumane Alexander, which was mistaken for a terrorist.

As it turned out, Pumane was a member of the grouping and preparing an attempt on the former financial director of the company "Slavneft" Yury Busheva. In February 2005 he was arrested accomplice Pumane Alexander Ivanov, confessed to five murders. Through his readings were caught almost all ordinary members of the gang and its leaders and Finagin Ilyasov. In 2007-2008, two trials were held in the Moscow City Court on "Kingisepp". 16 members of the group received from 4.5 to 19 years in prison, two were.