US Congressmen asked to impose sanctions against Evtushenkov

Two congressmen sent letters to the State Department and the US Treasury with a proposal to impose sanctions against AFK Sistema and Vladimir Yevtushenkov. This is probably the result of the intrigues of the vindictive Igor Sechin, who was not allowed to finish Yevtushenkov last year.
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US Congress members Mark Walker and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen sent the heads of Ministry of Finance and the State Department - Stephen Mnuchinu and Mike Pompeo, respectively, a letter calling for clarification, should it be included in the sanctions list of the US Russian billionaire Vladimir Yevtushenko, and he controls the AFC "System "And MTS.

At the request of Congress, published on the page of Ros-Lehtinen on the congress website, it notes that Yevtushenko was mentioned as presented in the end of January, "the Kremlin's report," along with other Russian billionaires (Forbes in the rating 2018 estimated the state Evtushenkova $ 2 billion), and shares of Sistema's mobile operator MTS are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.

Authors request remind that in force in the US regulations, including the law "On Countering opponents by American sanctions» (CAATSA), provide for the inclusion in the sanctions list of persons personally engaged in transactions in the Crimea (the US authorities consider it occupied Russian Ukrainian region ), or heads of companies that carry out such operations.

Referring to information from open sources, Walker and Ros-Leitinen argue that the companies controlled by Evtushenkov are implementing large investment and construction projects. In particular, the congressmen refer to Yevtushenkov's conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin, held October 26, 2016 at a plenary meeting of the Interregional Forum of the All-Russian People's Front held in Crimea. "Vladimir Petrovich [Evtushenkov] here is AFK" Sistema ", such a company is also a multidisciplinary company. He will build multi-disciplinary medical institutions in Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea, "Putin said at the time.

request the authors also point to MTS charges of involvement in corrupt activities in Uzbekistan and urged the heads of the State Department and the Ministry of Finance to consider that there are grounds for further investigation about the fact violate whether action Evtushenkova and AFK "System" rules of American law on corruption abroad ( Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

"We urge the Ministry of Finance and the State Department, with the assistance of other organs of executive power promptly to investigate the activities of Vladimir Yevtushenko, the holding AFK" System "and MTS, and if this is considered necessary to introduce sanctions against them in accordance with CAATSA, appropriate orders president and the law on corruption abroad. We are looking forward to your timely reply, "the authors of the request summarize.

In Congress, the US and Walker and Ros-Leutinen are elected from the Republican Party, the first represents North Carolina, the second - to Florida.

The official representative of AFK Sistema Sergey Kopytov told RBC that the company did not receive any official requests. "The AFK Sistema Group does not conduct investment activities on the territory of Sevastopol and the Republic of Crimea," he assured.

Yevtushenkov himself spoke in February on the sidelines of the congress of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) about the need to remember the negative impact of sanctions that the US Treasury Department can bring against entrepreneurs from the Kremlin's list.

"Sanctions are a serious hiccup," the billionaire reminded, noting that businessmen in any case will have to work out a position "how to live with this". "Shapkozakidatelstva here should not be, that this is nonsense and the sea is knee-deep. This will affect everyone, "Yevtushenkov said then.

AFK Sistema shares fell 10% after the proposals from the US to impose sanctions

Securities of the investment company continue to decline due to the publication of a letter from US congressmen who suggested including the main beneficiary of the company Vladimir Yevtushenkov in the sanctions list

Ordinary shares of Sistema (MOEX: AFKS) during trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange on Friday, June 22, fell 10.4% to the level of closing of previous trades - from 9.6 to 8.6 rubles per security. This is evidenced by the data published on the website of the exchange.

The sharp decline began at about 13:30 Moscow time - up to 9.3 rubles. At 16:20 Moscow time, shares of AFK Sistema were traded at the level of 8.64 rubles.

Securities of the Russian investment company began to fall after the publication of a letter to US Congress member Mark Walker and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen to the heads of the Ministry of Finance and the Department of State Stephen Mnuchinu Mike Pompeo with a call to study the possibility of including in the sanctions list of Russian billionaire and the main beneficiary of AFK "Sistema" Vladimir Yevtushenko. Congressmen noted that he was mentioned in the so-called "Kremlin report" along with other Russian billionaires.

In addition, American congressmen emphasize that Yevtushenkov's activities fall under the law "On Countering America's Opponents Through Sanctions" (CAATSA). The document provides for the distribution of restrictions on all those who carried out operations in the Crimea or heads companies that conducted activities on the peninsula. The authors of the letter pointed out that the grounds for the distribution on Yevtushenkov of sanctions are the investments made by his company in the construction of various facilities in the Crimea.

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