Usmanov - in Sardinia, Vekselberg - in Oman

Where the Russian billionaires flew on the May holidays.
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Last week, Forbes found out in which ports the yachts of Russian billionaires moored on the eve of the first of May. This time we saw where their planes were flying. One of them, whose owner was just celebrating his birthday, made only seven flights in just a week. Some flew exotic routes. Read more - in the gallery.

* For the preparation of the material, data from the ADS-B Exchange service and the Forbes rating of “The 50 Most Expensive Russian Business Planes” were used.

Boeing 767

Prospective owner: Roman Abramovich

Aircraft valuation: $ 120 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 4 flew from Moscow to Israel. From there, May 7 flew in the direction of London

On Thursday in London, Chelsea’s football club, owned by a billionaire, will play against German Eintracht in the semi-finals of the Europa League. Abramovich has not been seen at home games Chelsea since the British authorities last year refused to extend his investment visa, Bloomberg wrote. This is despite the fact that he received an Israeli passport allows you to stay in the UK for 90 days for six months. Bloomberg even wrote that Abramovich, albeit without much joy, was considering selling Chelsea. Representatives of the businessman did not comment on this, and Sky Sports recently said that he still does not plan to sell the club.

Airbus A340-300

Prospective owner: Alisher Usmanov

Aircraft valuation: $ 150 million

Where to fly on holidays: April 30, left Moscow and landed in Sardinia

Alisher Usmanov’s real estate on the Italian island is real estate: a billionaire got a villa back in 2005 in Romazzino, where the most expensive and luxurious resorts are located. According to the data of the site, owned by Usmanov, Dilbar is moored off the coast of Sardinia. The cost of the yacht is estimated at $ 550 million.

Airbus A319

Prospective owner: Dmitry Rybolovlev

Aircraft valuation: $ 60 million

Where to fly on holidays: April 22, arrived from Monaco to Basel

Rybolovlev, who had grown rich on potash fertilizers, had been living most of his time in Switzerland since 1995. In 2011, he emigrated to Monaco, having invested $ 200 million in the football club of the same name. The last time the club, played by midfielder Alexander Golovin, played on May 5, was the match of the 35th round of the French Championship with Saint-Etienne. Monaco lost.

Airbus A319

Prospective owner: Alexander Abramov

Estimated cost of the aircraft: $ 57 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 5, the plane arrived from Sharm el-Sheikh to Munich, and two days later went to Paris

Russia suspended its air traffic with Egypt in 2015 after the terrorist attack aboard a Russian aircraft en route from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg. Last year, regular air transportation to Cairo was resumed, but the popular Egyptian resorts - Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh - will remain inaccessible for Russian tourists.

Gulfstream g650

Prospective owner: Sergey Galitsky

Aircraft valuation: $ 60 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 6, left Monaco and arrived in Krasnodar

“I want to build beautiful parks in Krasnodar, I want us to just live the life of ordinary people here and be proud of our city, its roads. And I think that it is important that rich people, where they live, should improve the conditions that exist, ”said Galitsky in an interview with Elizaveta Ossetian’s“ Russian Standards! ”Project - the first after selling most of the stake in Magnit. The billionaire decided to spend the money obtained from the transaction at home - in the Kuban. The founder of "Magnit" develops the Krasnodar football club and the football academy created by him in 2008 from scratch, built the most modern stadium in Russia and the city park with 2500 trees that were bought in Italy and Germany. Galitsky wants to turn Krasnodar into a city of European level, a billionaire acquaintance told Forbes. “If I have succeeded in this city and with these people, I myself must responsibly spend this money, and this also requires a considerable part of my life. Otherwise, there is no point in earning them, ”said Galitsky himself.

Boeing 737 BBJ

Prospective owner: Vladimir Evtushenkov

Estimated cost of the aircraft: $ 57 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 5, arrived from Monaco to Moscow

“I never rest for more than two or three days,” Yevtushenkov said in an interview with the Republic. “I don’t remember when I was on vacation for two weeks, I probably never was,” he admitted.

Airbus A319

Prospective owner: Andrew Scotch and family

Aircraft valuation: $ 71 million

Where to fly on holidays: April 29, arrived from Sochi to London, but on the same day flew to Moscow

In the UK there is an apartment with an area of ​​187.5 sq. M. m, which from 2017 free of charge use to four children of deputy Andrei Skoch, follows from his declarations.

Airbus A319

Prospective owner: Victor Vekselberg

Aircraft valuation: $ 56 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 1, went from Moscow to Oman

This week in Oman, like other Muslim countries, began the month of strict fasting of Ramadan. Tourists in Ramadan should not fast, but may face other restrictions: for example, when trying to buy alcohol or find a taxi.

Gulfstream g650

Prospective owner: Samvel Karapetyan

Aircraft valuation: $ 53 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 3 from Lisbon arrived in Madrid

Gulfstream g650

Estimated owner: Year Nisanov

Aircraft valuation: $ 48.6 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 1, flew from Moscow to Athens

Bombardier Global 6000

Prospective owner: Vadim Moshkovich

Aircraft valuation: $ 45 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 5, arrived from Verona in Porto (Portugal)

“I have satisfied all my ambitions. I have no inner urge for something personal. I live modestly enough, ”says Moshkovich. Billionaire spent $ 200 million to create a school "Letovo", which he intends to make "the best school in Russia".

Bombardier Global 6000

Prospective owner: Filaret Galchev

Aircraft valuation: $ 45 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 1, arrived from Berlin to Kalamata (Greece), then from May 6 went to Geneva

“Like many big businessmen, I do not know how to rest,” Galchev said in an interview with Expert in 2007. - Simple middle managers are much freer, they use their earnings much more efficiently. They go to rest several times a year, they dine in restaurants. ” Galchev argues that he himself in his life "do not need much." "For example, I love simple food - pasta, chicken, and delicacies are not for me," the billionaire told Vedomosti.

Airbus A318 Elite

Prospective owner: Zarah Iliev

Estimated cost of the aircraft: $ 42.5 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 1 from Moscow to Dubai and on the same day came back

The main partner and childhood friend, Zarah Ilieva Nisanov, was engaged in the supply of goods from Dubai in the early nineties. “I knew Farsi and Arabic, and when I started flights between Russia and Dubai, I flew literally on the second to watch,” he said in an interview with Forbes. - I’m walking down the street somehow, I see: haberdashery kits, combs sold for 75 cents apiece. And in Moscow, I knew, such are sold for $ 3. There were no mobile phones then, I waited for the evening, went to the post office, called my friend. It turned out that they are buying the same sets in the US for $ 1.75. I told him: take all the money you have, buy a ticket and fly here, just don't tell anything to anyone. He had $ 20,000, we bought goods for $ 115,000, I asked my father for the remaining money. They brought a huge number of boxes and in one day they resold them to wholesalers for $ 2.5 per piece and earned more than $ 200,000. ”

Airbus A319

Estimated owner: Andrey Guriev

Aircraft valuation: $ 36 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 3 from Bern (Switzerland) arrived in London

The family of Guryev owns one of the largest mansions of London - Witanhurst, wrote The New Yorker. The cost of real estate built at the beginning of the 20th century is estimated at £ 150 million. In 2010, the London authorities approved a redevelopment plan for the mansion with 25 bedrooms, as a result of which it will become the second largest (8000 square meters) in the city after Buckingham Palace.

Bombardier Global 5000

Estimated owner: Andrey Molchanov

Aircraft valuation: $ 30 million

Where I flew on holidays: on April 28 I flew from Moscow to Israel, returned to Moscow on May 5 and departed for Brescia (Italy) the next day

Andrei Molchanov in the past was the richest of the Russian senators. In his declarations, he pointed out at home in Italy.

Airbus A319

Owner: Mikhail Prokhorov

Aircraft valuation: $ 56 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 1 flew from Dublin to Kralendijk, Bonaire Island (Netherlands Antilles)

“I believe that rest with people who are emotionally and energetically loaded should be very active and simple, unassuming,” said Prokhorov in an interview with Kommersant. - That is, sport is basically a disco too, because it’s the same sport, just to the music. Well, the food should be pretty decent. Because I really like to eat. ”

Bombardier Global 6000

Prospective owner: Alexey Mordashov

Estimated cost of the aircraft: $ 27 million

Where to fly on holidays: April 28 went from Moscow to Ankara

“If I'm on vacation, then I try to relax,” said the owner of Severstal. - Of course, I am always in touch, and there is never a situation for me to turn off the phone. Sometimes I hear people say, "I left and turned everything off." With me this does not happen, I am always in touch, I can always find. At the same time, of course, there are some moments when I am not in touch in certain seconds, but in general, I am always in touch. This does not mean that I work from morning to evening. Just often there are projects that need to constantly lead. In general, I began to rest much more: in January, May, August. ”

Bombardier Global 5000

Prospective owner: Vladimir Lisin

Estimated cost of the aircraft: $ 20 million

Where I flew on holidays: on April 29 I went from Moscow to London, from there on May 3 - to Nice, the next day I flew from Nice to Strasbourg and returned. On May 6, the plane traveled to London and returned to Nice. May 7, arrived in Florence

Vladimir Lisin, who twice headed the rating of the richest businessmen in Russia, celebrated his birthday on May 7 - he turned 63. In France, the billionaire has a villa.

Bombardier Global 6000

Prospective owner: Igor Kesaev

Estimated cost of the aircraft: $ 20 million

Where to fly on holidays: April 30, went from Moscow to Nice and returned. The next day, flew to Cyprus and back. May 7 went to Geneva

In Geneva, the family of the “tobacco king” Igor Kesayev lived for a long time.

Dassault Falcon 900EX Easy

Prospective owner: Alexander Klyachin

Estimated cost of the aircraft: $ 17 million

Where to fly on holidays: May 1 went from Tallinn to Helsinki

Neither in Tallinn nor in Helsinki hotels of the Azimut Hotel chain, created by Klyachin, yet.