UTair aircraft almost became a mass grave in Sochi

18 people were injured and one died while landing a Boeing 737 plane in Sochi.
Two dozen people were injured in the landing of Boeing 737 aircraft Utair at the airport Adler (Sochi). According to preliminary data, the liner, carrying 170 people on board, in the conditions of heavy rain and wind, did not have enough runway (runway) - it rolled out beyond its limits and caught fire.

Boeing 737-800 with the number VQ-BJI followed from Moscow (Vnukovo) in Sochi. At 2:50, the plane landed outside the runway for about 200 meters and landed in the riverbed next to the river. The strikes of the chassis and the right wing collapsed from the blows, and the left engine burned out. At the scene of the accident, rescuers left operatively. Not waiting for their arrival, the crew members themselves organized the evacuation of passengers on inflatable ladders. 18 people were injured, including three children. All of them were taken to hospitals, their lives are not threatened. To the other passengers, the authorities offered assistance to psychologists.

A witness of the airport employee incident had a heart attack, from which he died. The plane was severely damaged, but the fire on board was extinguished.

Investigative agencies of the Southern Investigation Department on the transport of the TFR initiated a criminal case on the grounds of the crime provided for in Part 1 of Art. 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (rendering services that do not meet the requirements of consumer safety). In the TFR, they reported that investigative actions are being carried out "aimed at consolidating the evidence base and establishing all the circumstances of the crime."

The airline Utair confirmed the fact of emergency landing, saying that its representatives cooperate with the investigation and aviation authorities. In the circumstances of the emergency, in addition to the TFR, the transport prosecutor's office, Rosaviatsia and the Interstate Aviation Committee are being examined. The results of the technical investigation will be determined by the perpetrators of the incident.

Presumably the landing became emergency due to the fault of the crew. On the runway the liner sat only on the second attempt, flying a large part of it. Places for even emergency braking were no longer enough, and it was difficult to stop the car on a wet strip from the rain. Accidents contributed to the wind, gusts of which reached 24 meters per second.