"UVZ-Logistic" will be bought by manager Artem Chaika

"UVZ-Logistic" will be purchased by manager Artem Chaika.
As the Kommersant sources said last fall, structures close to the son of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika Artem, buy from Uralvagonzavod (UVZ) a large railway operator UVZ-Logistic (UVZL). The beneficiary of the investing company "Invest-Logistics" Alexander Samusev heads both the WZL and the "First non-ore company" controlled by Artem Chaika. According to Kommersant's information, despite the announced intention to hold a contest among the interesants, UVZ wants to close the deal as soon as possible. At the same time, the buyer promises to repay the entire amount of debts and guarantees of the UVZL, close to 120 billion rubles. But at the expense of what means it will be done is unclear.

FAS allowed JSC Invest-Logistics to acquire 100% of the subsidiary structure of UVZ - UVZ-Logistic, the message of the agency follows. According to Kartoteka.ru, Alexander Samusev owns Invest-Logistics through CET-Holding and CJSC -Apriori Invest. Since 2015, he has been heading the First Non-metallic Company (the POC, through the PKK MC, belongs to the son of Prosecutor General Yury Chaika Artem ). Since June 2017, Mr. Samusev has also become the general director of the UVZL.

In the industry, rumors of a pending deal with this buyer have been going on since the summer. When Kommersant September 14 wrote about the intention of the UVZ ahead of schedule and without paying a penalty, to withdraw the UVZL park from a three-year lease from the Federal Freight Company (FGK) of Russian Railways, sources told Kommersant that this is done in the interests of the PNA, which will be provided with a park for crushed stone transportation. In October, the park returned. UVZL owns 37.8 thousand cars, including 27.5 thousand open wagons (of which 6.1 thousand are innovative) and about 10 thousand cisterns. The PNA has 18 crushed stone quarries. The proceeds of PKK MCK for 2016 are 155 million rubles, the net loss is 98 million rubles. From OJSC PNK for the same period with the proceeds of 5.6 billion rubles. net profit - 45.2 million rubles.

UVZL is an operator on the balance sheet of which there are wagons produced by UVZ that are not in demand by the market in 2014-2016 - during the period of decline in demand for a new fleet and low rates (500-600 rubles per gondola vs. current 1,500 rubles per day). ). The company is trying to sell from 2015, but the main obstacle still under the previous leadership of the UVZ (the plant was transferred to Rostekh in December 2016) was colossal debts. The WFCC has 28 billion rubles. debt and 90 billion rubles. sureties, said in an interview with Kommersant on December 27, the head of Rostek, Sergei Chemezov. In February 2017, an attempt was made to sell to UVZL LLC Trinfiko Propety Management, controlled by the NPF Blagosostoyanie close to RZhD, but the deal was not approved by the FAS.

Then the management of UVZ refused this option and announced its intention to hold a tender. "In the near future we will announce a tender for the sale of UVZL, and everyone will be able to apply," Mr. Chemezov said in September 2017, expressing the hope that the competition will be announced before the end of the month. A source in the UVZ told Kommersant last autumn that the tender was being held solely for the sake of maximizing cash receipts that would allow repaying debts, and removing the fleet from the lease of the FGC was aimed at increasing the initial value of the asset.

In Rostekha and UVZ, from the answer to the question whether the tender will abstain, they said that the deal with Invest-Logistics was approved by the board of directors of UVZ and "provides for full repayment of obligations and withdrawal of sureties." How this will be done, in the UVZ do not say, in the "Sberbank Leasing" and "Gazprombank Leasing" (the main lessors of UVZL) declined to comment. The PNA did not respond to the "b" request.

The source of Kommersant, close to the sides of the deal, said that those "are interested in it being closed as soon as possible." The UWZL will be sold along with the entire park, the further policy concerning the lease of the fleet (VZLL recently leased 6 thousand wagons again) will depend on the buyer, he says. In the opinion of Deputy Director General of IPEM Vladimir Savchuk, if the deal takes place, then UZL will not become a captive operator of PNK, but will continue to work in the market, relying on this company as an anchor customer. Having a mixed park, the company will be able to combine orders, putting a standard park in those directions where it is possible to reduce empty run, and innovative cars - to directions where this is impossible, explains the expert. Now is a good time for the deals, says Mr. Savchuk: the wagering rates go up, and if such a deal was concluded in 2015, it would look strange, and now it is quite logical.