Vadim Ishutin leaves the house

The businessman sold Voronezh management company PIK-comfort.
As it became known to Kommersant, Russia's largest management company PIK-comfort LLC, formerly part of the PIK group of Sergei Gordeev, agreed with entrepreneur Vadim Ishutin to buy at least a third of Voronezh's Criminal Code with an annual turnover of over 1 billion rubles. The buyer plans to audit the new asset. Sources in the market note that Mr. Ishutin could keep to himself parts of the most profitable for the municipal business of new buildings, and sold the UK managed mainly requiring repair costs by the secondary fund.

The concluded deal between the structures of Vadim Ishutin and Moscow LLC PIK-comfort "Kommersant" was actually confirmed yesterday in the company of the businessman and the press service of the company. The parties do not disclose the amount of the transaction. "The company entered into a deal with a Voronezh businessman, co-owner of a group of enterprises in the housing and communal services sector. We will provide access to successfully implemented technologies, knowledge and experience that have been used for many years in servicing apartment buildings in our office ... PIK-comfort standards will increase the operational efficiency of the regional company, the press service of the Criminal Code said. "The first step in cooperation will be the audit of existing processes."

"PIK-comfort" can get control over at least 30% of the Voronezh housing management market. Its total capacity, according to the Ministry of Construction and the Mayor's Office of Voronezh, is about 30 million square meters. m in 5,4 thousand apartment buildings. The annual turnover of management companies market participants and local authorities estimate at 4 billion rubles. Under the management of "PIK-comfort" should be more than 9 million square meters. m housing with an aggregate turnover of about 1.3 billion rubles.

Among the main assets of Vadim Ishutin, which can be transferred to the buyer, are nine large Voronezh management companies that were previously part of the non-commercial partnership "Voronezh Chamber of Commerce" (VKP). These are JSC "Management Company of the Central District", "MC Zheleznodorozhny District", "Criminal Code of the Leninsky District", "Criminal Code of the Kominternovsky District" and LLC "Master MC", "REC" Central "", REC "Comfort" of the Kominternovsky District " , "УК РЭП-101", "УК" КБУ "». While their beneficiaries and management have not changed, it follows from the data of for yesterday evening. The majority of companies owns JSC Energoinvest and LLC Voronezh Management Company. According to the Ministry of Construction, these nine managers manage almost 1,9 thousand houses. In the structure of Mr. Ishutin's assets, there are a number of smaller CCs. In addition, the businessman retained control over the JSC "Operator of the EPPS Housing and Communal Services", through which almost all city MCs collect payments.

In the businessman's circle, he was told that he intended to "completely withdraw" from the market of servicing residential buildings. Previously, the share of its companies in the regional profile market was estimated at 65%. But now, as the source of "Kommersant" explains, it was reduced to about 30%, so the entire sold client base of the Criminal Code amounted to about 2.97 thousand homes. The fact that the Criminal Code when servicing more than half of the city's buildings operate only the third area, surrounded by Mr. Ishutin was explained by the fact that among the assets of "many low-rise buildings."

However, the colleagues of the businessman on the Voronezh housing market doubt that the businessman sold all the assets in the Criminal Code. "Over the past year, we saw that its structures were actively created by new management companies before the sale and moved the largest and" fresh "houses there. About 40 new companies could receive several hundred houses that were formerly serviced by large regional MCs, "a Kommersant source in the market said. "In my opinion, the seller could retain at least 20-25% of the market to preserve the opportunity to influence regional policy."

As an example of new companies, the interlocutor of Kommersant named Voronezh OOO Masterstroy and OOO Zhildomservis. According to the Ministry of Construction, at the end of 2017 and early 2018, these legal entities really got into management a few dozen objects. Most of them are new economy class buildings located on the outskirts of Voronezh.

OOO PIK-comfort, according to its own data, is the largest federal management company in Russia. It serves 54 million square meters. m in 48 cities in 19 regions. It has almost 5 thousand employees. LLC was previously a developer of the PIK Group of Sergei Gordeev, but from the beginning of 2018 it left its structure and is now "a separate company with other beneficiaries," Kommersant was told in the Civil Code. According to, PIK-comfort LLC belongs to Mayak LLC, the largest holding company in the field of housing and communal services in Russia. It was Mayak that formerly belonged to the PIK group. Now Mayak LLC belongs to JSC Centervest, 100% of which is owned by Julia Mosina, who is the beneficiary of dozens of CCs in various regions of Russia. The shares in Mayak are mortgaged in VTB under the terms of the loan.

PIK-comfort LLC was registered in 1999. The authorized capital is 100 million rubles. Revenues in 2016 amounted to more than 4.3 billion rubles., Net profit - 214.8 million rubles.

Tatyana Golovacheva, the chairman of the Voronezh Oblast Duma Committee for Housing, Utilities, Tariffs and Tariffs, notes that in the portfolio of large Voronezh management companies, there are many houses built in the 1930s-1950s that are "unattractive for the business of the Criminal Code": "Organizations that were previously part of the Voronezh Public Chamber, there was a lot of complaints, there were always scandals. But they dragged, as they could, old houses that they had inherited from the zero years. The quality of claims was many, but the buildings were not ownerless. "

The deputy noted that friendly to Vadim Ishutin the Criminal Code occupy "a solid share of the local market". "This business is attractive and liquid, so it is bought. It is still difficult to guess how the company will behave unfamiliar to the region. But you can not say right away that everything will be bad or, on the contrary, will change dramatically, since at the beginning the existing team of directors and ordinary employees must remain in the sold MCs, "concluded Tatyana Golovacheva.

Experts and market participants yesterday refrained from assessing the possible value of the transaction because of the "specificity of the business."