Vadim Moshkovich bought a few pigs

For the pig farm with 10.4 thousand sows in the Belgorod region holding Rusagro will pay 1.8 billion rubles immediately and another 1.9 billion will go to repay the debts.
The Rusagro group acquired two companies - CJSC Capitalagro and OOO TD Capitalagro, the agroholding said. Both companies are the structures of the Belgorod meat producer "Capitalagro". This company has been operating since 2010 in the Belgorod region and calls itself the first Russian producer of marble pork. This type of meat the company receives from the pigs of a particular breed, bred by crossing and selection of several elite breeds. During the maintenance, animals actively move, increasing muscle mass, the description on the company's website says: the meat turns out to be bright pink with a marble pattern.

"This asset has a synergy with other assets of Rusagro." As a result of the transaction and the development of this asset, Rusagro will increase its share in the pork market and cut costs, "says Rusagro CEO Maxim Basov.

Earlier, the newspaper Kommersant called the former owners of Kapitalagro. The owner of 50% in the TD was the chairman of the Belgorod regional Duma Vasily Potryasayev, but from March 3, 2015 his share was in trust with Sergei Chebotarev. Another 35% was at the former vice-mayor of Belgorod Alexander Pashkov, 15% - from Ivan Roshchupkin. While the distribution of shares in the TD has not changed. CJSC Capitalagro is 100% owned by Chebotarev.

The deal with Rusagro included pig farms with 10,400 sows and a slaughterhouse with an annual capacity of 400,000 heads, the buyer said. The transaction amount is 1.8 billion rubles, the company said. Whether she takes into account the debt or not, there is not specified. The net debt of the acquired companies is 1.9 billion rubles. This means that the group "Rusagro" pays the seller 1.8 billion rubles. and it still has to repay the debt of 1.9 billion rubles., explained the press service explanation of Basov. In addition, "Rusagro" is going to invest about 300 million rubles. in the modernization of farms and slaughterhouses. As a result of the transaction, Rusagro will increase its market share in half-carcasses, large and small pieces, agroholding reports.

The Rusagro group is controlled by the family of ex-senator from the Belgorod region Vadim Moshkovich. Agroholding is the third largest pork producer in Russia with a share of 5.4%, which produced 207 420 tons of pork in 2017, according to the National Union of Pigs.