Vadim Moshkovich took up a bad job

The structure of billionaire Vadim Moshkovich began to develop 10.6 hectares in the Moscow industrial zone "South Port" in Pechatniki. Before bankruptcy, this territory belonged to the GC-155 Mikhail Balakin.
Origin source
The company "A Place Development", controlled by the co-owners of the Level Group development company Vadim Moshkovich and Kirill Ignakhov, leased 10.6 hectares of land in the Pechatniki district in the capital (Yuzhnoportovaya, 28-28A) in May. This follows from the data of the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr). The lease term is until 2060. On Wednesday, June 6, the Committee on Architecture and Urban Planning of Moscow (Moskomarkhitektura) issued an order to prepare during 2018-2019 the project of planning this area.

Until October 2017, the rights to lease this site belonged to the structures of GC "SU-155" Mikhail Balakin - here was one of the factories of the group. Until 2015, the SU-155 was one of the largest Russian developers, but after falling demand for housing, the company was unable to fulfill its obligations to equity holders and went bankrupt. Rights to the site in the "South Port" were put up for auction as part of the bankruptcy of the company, and last autumn they bought a previously unknown on the development market company LLC "Santus" for 514 million rubles.

The Level Group did not respond to RBC's request. In the main structure of the company LLC "Level Group" 90% belongs to Vadim Moshkovich, another 10% from the company's CEO Kirill Ignakhin. In "A Place Development", according to SPARK, Moshkovich controls 30%, Ignahin - 21%, and 49% of the company belongs to Yuri Zhuravlev, who was not previously seen in the Level Group projects.

Now the status of the land allows you to conduct industrial building on it, and the cost of the site is, according to Knight Frank, about 1 billion rubles; when the urban development status changes to suitability for residential development, its price may exceed 4 billion rubles. Five years ago, Moscow introduced the concept of development of the industrial zone "South Port", where the land bought by the owners of the Level Group is located: as a result of redevelopment of the entire territory (944 hectares), there may appear 7.5 million square meters. m of new space, the total investment in the project was estimated at up to € 10 billion. The plot on Yuzhnoportovaya Street was just allocated for the construction of residential buildings.

In addition to Moshkovich, the plots in the South Port are owned, for example, by Aeon Roman Trotsenko and Eurocement Group by Filaret Galchev. The president of the holding Eurocement Group Mikhail Skorokhod told RBC that for the territory owned by the company, "all permits are being prepared". "Already after the consideration, we will take final decisions. It provides for a very large building, this is residential buildings, and office buildings, "- said Skorokhod. "Whether we will build ourselves or use this platform for implementation, time will tell," he added.

According to the company JLL, on the territory of Level Group it is possible to build about 200 thousand square meters. m of real estate, including 125 thousand square meters. m residential. The company estimated the investment in construction at 12 billion rubles. Director for Development and Consulting of Key Capital Investment Company Evelina Ishmetova noted that the development of the territory will require the construction of infrastructure facilities: kindergartens, schools and other. "There is nothing in the district. At the same time, the value of the site is also determined by the proximity to the metro (near the metro station "Kozhukhovskaya" and "Pechatniki") and to the Moscow River, "said Evelina Ishmetova.

So far, as noted in Knight Frank, in the vicinity of Yuzhnoportovoy streets apartments in new buildings are not for sale. The nearest residential complexes on offer are "Na Melnikova" (Magistrat-Nedvizhimost), Vlyublino (PIK), Atmosphere (Zheldoripoteka) and Lublinsky (Cortros) and the Domashny microdistrict (PSN group). In total, these complexes now sell more than 60 thousand square meters. m of living space.

The developer again

The main owner of GC "Rusagro" and ex-senator Vadim Moshkovich returned to development in 2016. Created by him, the company Level Group is engaged in small projects within Moscow: its portfolio now includes an apartment complex and a business class club house and comfortable class LCD with a total area of ​​261.4 thousand square meters. The main project in terms of volume is on the Amurskaya street with an area of ​​230 thousand square meters. m, the site for which an area of ​​6.3 hectares of developer bought last year.

Previous construction business Moshkovicha was larger. In 2015, he sold for $ 800 million to the "Safmar" group a land bank with a total area of ​​2,443 hectares, as well as several legal entities engaged in "construction, preparation of technical and project documentation, sale and operation of real estate on the territory of New Moscow" (development was carried out by the company "A101 Development ").