Vadim Varshavsky dug into the grain before bankruptcy

The Tambov company intends to demand the bankruptcy of Donbiotech.
As it became known to "Kommersant-Yug", the supplier of equipment from Tambov "Zavkom-engineering" because of the debt of 25 million rubles. intends to demand the bankruptcy of Donbiotech, which is building a complex for the deep processing of grain in Volgodonsk. This will be the second bankruptcy attempt of Donbiotech in three months. At the same time, in 2018, arbitration courts satisfied about a dozen lawsuits of Donbiotech's counterparties, with whom he did not pay under supply contracts. How the project is financed and how the system problem with calculations to the suppliers is explained, the company management refused to explain.

Zavkom-Engineering LLC (Tambov) published on the website of the Unified Federal Register of legally relevant information on the facts of the activities of legal entities a message of intent to appeal to an arbitration court demanding to declare bankrupt Don Botechnologies LLC (Donbiotekh). The amount of debt in the message is not specified. However, in the arbitration file there is information that in November 2018, 24.8 million rubles were recovered from Donbiotech in favor of the Tambov firm. debt for the supply of equipment for the complex for deep processing of grain in Volgodonsk. During the consideration of this case by the Donbiotech court, I did not dispute the existence of the debt to Zavkom-engineering and did not file an appeal.

General Director of Donbiotech, Roman Golomovzy, did not respond to the request from Kommersant through the secret sent through the secretary.

Donbiotech LLC was established in 2010 by the famous entrepreneur Vadim Varshavsky. The company, in partnership with the German biotechnology firm Evonik, is implementing a project to create in Volgodonsk a complex for the deep processing of grain for the production of amino acids (lysine), gluten and animal feed. On the website of Donbiotech, the cost of the project is declared in the amount of $ 160 million. The processing capacity will be 250 thousand tons of grain per year. The project initiators declare that the future production will not have analogues in Russia and the CIS.

Note that from November 2018 this will be the second requirement to recognize Donbiotech as untenable. Then the company “Energy of the South” (Volgograd) filed a statement of his bankruptcy to arbitration, with which he owed 45 million rubles. for the supply of equipment. A month later, the court ceased bankruptcy proceedings in connection with the payment of the debt.

According to SPARK-Interfax, in 2018, arbitration courts granted about a dozen lawsuits to Donbiotech's counterparties, with whom he did not pay under supply contracts. Now the courts are considering seven more lawsuits against the company for a total of about 370 million rubles. The largest amount of claims (about 320 million rubles) on behalf of the Russian National Bank was declared by the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA). Recall that this bank was affiliated with the Russian founders of Donbiotech LLC; in November 2018, it was declared bankrupt and came under the control of the DIA.

The Donbiotech project for the construction of a complex for the deep processing of grain was financed by the Agricultural Bank. In 2014, he provided the company with the first tranche of an open credit line with a total amount of € 167 million. It wasn’t possible to find out whether the bank continues to finance the project and how much — the press office of the credit organization did not respond to the corresponding request from Kommersant. In the base "SPARK-Interfax" there is information that Donbiotech and the Agricultural Bank in October 2018 concluded more than a dozen agreements on the pledge of property for the obligations of the borrower until 2027. Various technological equipment was transferred to pledge.

Initially, the organizers of the Donbiotech project talked about the launch of the complex in 2014, then the dates were repeatedly postponed. In August 2018, the governor of the Rostov region, Vasily Golubev, in an interview with Kommersant-Yug, said that the total cost of the complex would be 15 billion rubles, of which 11–12 billion rubles had already been invested. According to the governor, the lenders “still consider the project to be promising,” and the region’s Ministry of Agriculture “is working on the issue with banks.” “Under favorable circumstances, the project will be implemented before the end of 2019,” said Vasily Golubev.