Valerian Mazaraki is building a palace in Barvikha for 2.5 billion next to the generals of the FSB

What is owned by relatives of Valerian Mazaraki - the person involved in the investigations of journalist Ivan Golunov.
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Real estate worth more than 2.5 billion rubles PASMI found in the family of the deputy head of the state budgetary institution “Ritual”. Brother Valerian Mazaraki builds a mansion of several thousand square meters with a football field and an artificial lake on the lands of the forest fund in elite Barvikha. Part of the land used to belong to Viktor Vekselberg.

The situation around the arrest of Ivan Golunov, a special correspondent for Medusa, has led the journalistic community to launch investigations into the FSB’s relations with the leadership of the Ritual State Institution. Earlier this week, Novaya Gazeta, Baza and Transparency International found out that high-ranking FSB officers, head of the Moscow department of service Alexei Dorofeyev and his assistant, Marat Medoev, who, according to the media, are related to the funeral business, are side by side in an elite cottage village on the Istra Reservoir with the family of Valerian Mazaraki, Deputy Head of the State Budget Institution “Ritual”. The cost of homes in the area comes to 70 million rubles.

PASMI found out that this is not the only real estate of the Mazaraki family: they have built an estate in Barvikha, situated near Moscow, and its cost is ten times higher than Istra cottages: it is approaching the mark of 3 billion rubles. The land on which the Mazaraks make a family nest used to belong to billionaire Viktor Vekselberg.

They should be aware of:
- Director of the FSB Alexander Bortnikov
- Prosecutor General Yury Chaika
- Chairman of the TFR Alexander Bastrykin
- Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev
- Head of the Accounts Chamber Alexei Kudrin.

Grave-diggers and security officers

The head of the FSB in Moscow and the Moscow region, Alexei Dorofeev, and his deputy, Marat Medoev, became famous after the arrest of Medusa’s correspondent Ivan Golunov in the drug case. At the trial on the choice of a preventive measure, the journalist linked his criminal prosecution with a publication prepared by him, but not yet published, about the funeral business. It mentions these high-ranking security officials.

Golunov was not the only one who the security forces had been furious with because of the investigations into the activity of the state institution “Ritual”. In the autumn of 2017, the Daily Storm published a material in which it calculated how much “black cash” passes through a funeral structure subordinate to the Department of Trade and Services of Moscow. According to estimates of the publication, the annual turnover of bribes in the field of ritual business may exceed 24 billion rubles.

The investigation also mentioned an anonymous letter, the author of which accused the leadership of “Ritual” of “impunity and self-permissiveness”. Valerian Mazaraki, First Deputy Head of the State Budgetary Enterprise “Ritual”, was among the most distinguished: they wrote that he was walking with armed guards, who were “directly related to the FSB”. After that, they came to the editorial office with searches in the criminal case of defamation: the resolution of the State Committee for Investigation of the TFR in Moscow stated that the article in the Daily Storm contained statements with a negative assessment by the state institution “Ritual” and accusations of grave crimes.

They should be aware of:

- Russian President Vladimir Putin
- Head of Presidential Administration Anton Vaino
- Chairman of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko
- State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin
- Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

A recent investigation by Novaya Gazeta, Baza and Transparency International has confirmed that the Mazaraki are indeed linked to the FSB. Security officers Dorofeev and Medoev live in the elite cottage village of the Forest Bay type club next to Valerian Mazaraki’s relatives. On the spouse of his brother Lev Mazaraki Anastasia (nee - Cow) recorded townhouse. “This detail, in particular, was also discovered by Ivan Golunov, but did not have time to publish it,” journalists say.

The management of the elite settlement is handled by the company “Forest Bay” by Valery Vasilyev, writes “Novaya Gazeta”. His son, a former security officer, Andrei Vasilyev, was detained on April 25, 2019, together with the head of one of the K departments of the FSB, Kirill Cherkalin, and his former colleague Dmitry Frolov.

Banks and entertainment

Natives of the Stavropol Territory Valerian and Lev Mazaraki settled in Moscow long ago. Lev Mazarki was a banker in the past: in the 2010s, he was a shareholder of Vestinterbank, who lost its license, associated with Spartak football club sponsor Vladimir Kamyshanov, and also had to serve on the board of directors of the National Business Development Bank (NBRB). Whether it turned out remains a mystery - there is no information about it on the Internet. However, it is known that Mazaraki worked in the NBRB, and after his dismissal he demanded a “golden parachute” from the DIA in the amount of five official salaries.

The son of Lev Mazaraki and, accordingly, the nephew of the deputy head of the State Budgetary Institution “Ritual”, followed in family footsteps: by the age of 18, he became the owner of fashionable capital places — Jagger clubs and the Soho brand with revenue of 250 million rubles.

River, field and woods

“Big money loves silence,” they say. Mazaraki, apparently, adhere to the same principle: PASMI found that the relatives of the deputy head of the GBU “Ritual” in the thick of the lands of the forest fund are building a real mansion, which is clearly visible only from Google and Yandex maps.

In April 2019, Lev Mazaraki registered an unfinished building on the territory of the Barvikha consumer horticultural cooperative in the village of Shulgino. According to an extract from Rosreestr, by that time the object was built at 75%.

The area of ​​the house under the project is 3 thousand 138 square meters. m, the cadastral value - 55.8 million rubles.

The site where he appeared is estimated at 23.3 million rubles, however, data on the ownership of it in the materials of the Rosreestr are not yet available.

A quadrocopter near the basement of a giant mansion also shows a football field and an artificial lake. The land beneath them is owned by the Russian Federation, since it is part of the forest fund.

Lease Mazaraki rent forest land

Lev Mazaraki rented it in 2016 for 49 years, follows from the USRN data. The reason for registering the transaction was “the construction and operation of reservoirs and other artificial water bodies”.

Two surveyed PASMI real estate experts agreed that the market value of all objects, taking into account their location and readiness, varies between 2 and 2.5 billion rubles. For comparison: at CIAN, one and a half times smaller in size, the houses are nearby - in the elite cottage village “Deauville” in Odintsovo - without football fields, but with full interior decoration they sell for 1.9 billion rubles.

Next to the Mazaraki mansion, his family has two more plots with a total area of ​​1,750 sq. M. m. They belong to Igor Korovka, brother of the wife of Lev Mazaraki Anastasia - the one whose real estate on the Istra reservoir was discovered by journalists. Moreover, one of the land plots in the early 2000s was owned by the founder of Renova, Viktor Vekselberg.

The history of land near Moscow

In 2000, Vekselberg bought a plot of 835 square meters. m in PSC “Barvikha” from its business partner Yevgeny Olkhovik, however, he did not own long: after six years, Anna Sinyakin bought the land, the daughter of the former president of the judo federation in Moscow and Moscow region, Mikhail Sinyakin, who is known for his scandalous history with the participation of the security officers: along with he was involved in extortion of $ 8.2 million by officers of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but he got off with a suspended sentence.

And in 2018 the daughter of a judo sold the plot to Korovke, the brother of Lev Mazaraki’s wife. Together with the site Sinyakin gave him a 100 percent stake in LLC “Rada”. A few years ago, the company was interested in the prosecutor's office, the Federal Antimonopoly Service and the Forestry Committee of the Moscow Region. The fact is that in 2007 the company was on the list of those who received 3 hectares of forest land in the Podushkinsky forestry during non-competitive tenders. Supervisors have repeatedly tried to challenge their results. Now “Rada” belongs to Korovke, and with it the right to lease these 3 hectares.

He settled in our house ...

There are several former officials in the list of Mazaraki’s few neighbors on the Barvikha PSC. For example, quite close to them a plot of 835 square meters. The owner is Alexey Chernogaev, who in 2015 acted as director of the state institution “ZHilischnik of Koptevo District”, according to SPARK-Interfax.

In addition, Boris Shalnev's family owns the land and the mansion next to Mazaraki. At the beginning of the 2000s, under the mayor of Yuri Luzhkov, he was head of the department of trade operations and marketing of the Moscow City Land Chamber.

Alexander Pogorelsky is competing with the family of the deputy head of the state institution “Ritual” for the price of the allotment, who is attracted by the media as a speaker as director of the Institute of Eastern Europe. Behind him registered two plots with a total area of ​​8 thousand 312 square meters. m and the cadastral value of 87 million rubles. Satellite maps show two houses, but the maps Rosreestra home is not yet reflected.

It is also curious that the expert Pogorelsky is the business partner of the wife of a United Russia deputy and a member of the State Duma Committee on Natural Resources, Property and Land Relations Andrei Chernyshov: together they own the company “A.R.S. - MEDIA ”, creating social advertising for the administration of the Odintsovo district.

The owner of another site in 1 thousand 300 square meters. m in 2018, just a month was Irina Vikhrova, whose initials completely coincide with the name of the former head of the legal department of the ombudsman for the Russian Federation, and now the deputy chief doctor for personnel and legal issues in the Polyclinic №1 of the Administrative Department of the President.

Another allotment - owned by Liliya Suponitskaya, the founder of the “Passim” company, which worked closely with the Ministry of Internal Affairs — was handed over to her by the security services material confiscated during the investigation of criminal cases.

And finally: 5.6 hectares of forest land, which protects Mazaraki’s house from one side, is rented by Eximart LLC. Its owners are Dmitry Doykhen and Igor Branovitsky. The latter was called a man, once close to Sergei Polonsky. Doyhen - co-founder of the sports network "Sportmaster" and the resident of Malta.