Vasily Anisimov torn between vodka in Russia, winemaking in the Crimea and villa in Switzerland

Alko king and developer ir is unable to combine his subsidiaries in the United States, the businesses in Switzerland, the Crimea, and Russia.
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The owner of development company Coalco, one of the 200 richest people of Russia Vasily Anisimov seem too grown together with their vodka business - to the point that directly threatens to develop into cirrhosis. Just how inadequate entrepreneur Anisimov under the influence of vodka fumes could experience firsthand recently four guests who came to the anniversary of Musa Bazhaev sports complex "Olympic".

Approximately between performance and video greetings Andrea Bocelli Lionel Messi appeared on the scene businessman Anisimov, suddenly and without any reason obmaterili leading Grigory Leps. The singer Leps, which Anisimova without much trouble (which is one of only a ban on visits to the United States on charges of having links to the Russian mafia), held completely unruffled.

Fellow billionaire hastened to withdraw it from the stage and ran into the hall. But there drunk oligarch strove to come into conflict with fellow businessmen. To bring the situation to a filament, Anisimova, who could not walk without assistance, several guards withdrew from the "Olympic".

Family of American patriots

It is worth recalling that the United States rejected the Leps, quite supportive of his obmaterili Anisimov. In America, the lives of his family. Anne daughter of US residents vibrant social life. I tried to do "real estate investment" - buying up on daddy's money elite housing in New York, many overpay. "I want to create an empire and conquer the realtor New York" - shared the Annan plan. But to achieve return on investment has failed. However, America is discussing the scope of "Russian money" when Anisimov rented a house in the US resort known guests for $ 530 thousand.

Anna 19 years "collecting" property. In New York, she has an apartment of 360 squares with five en-suite on the 75th floor of the south tower of the Time Warner Center. The girl's father cost $ 15 million.

It offers scenic views of Central Park, very close to the former housing Boris Berezovsky (Trump International, $ 3.2 million.) And Victor Vekselberg (park "Millennium" on Broadway, $ 3 million). For two years, until a well-known New York designer Jeffrey Noel was doing repairs in the apartment, Anna lived with her sister Angelina in he four apartment high-rise Chetam on 65th Street.

Angelina herself has completed training at New York University and received a master's degree in marketing and business administration. While the younger sister to buy an apartment in Miami, she and her husband - an American of Ukrainian descent Ryan bought for $ 7 million attic area of ​​450 meters in a house on the Upper East Side in New York City. I have family already in the Miami apartment where they spent their honeymoon.

Around Anna Anisimova, Forbse included in the list of most profitable brides world curling loved money young people. At various times, her boyfriend called burning brunette Oliver Ripley, financial advisor, working with wealthy Russian; Jeff Goldstein, who also performs the duties and her assistant, and finally David Wiser, the owner of a nightclub in Miami, which, by the way, and advised on the occasion to buy a "flat" in sunny Florida.

Anisimov himself torn between the United States and Switzerland, where he attracted the shore of Lake Zurich in the territory of the Canton of Schwyz (called "Canton millionaires" in Switzerland). The wife of a businessman who owns several companies and works in real estate, 46-year-old Yekaterina Anisimova and his 16-year-old son Nicholas is definitely prefer prestigious quarter Küsnacht Zurich.

But all this splendor crossed Anisimov Sr., which is directly under the seven substitutes US sanctions by investing through offshore companies in the wine business in the Crimea.

What is "Vaynboks"?

According to RBC, "Vaynboks" Ltd. with a registered capital of 10 million rubles was registered in May 2016 at Forest Street, 3 - the same place where the Coalco and other major projects Vasily Anisimov. The main activity of the company - wholesale trade in drinks. According to 50% of the shares of the Company owned by Cyprus Senston Industries Limited and Hassan Bolov. This is an offshore company is also the owner of "Alkomir" (licensee of vodka "Putinka" brand) and established in 2014 Coalco Real Estate Investments Limited (parent company Coalco development group).

As these phones "Vaynboks" LLC journalists refused to connect to the CEO, but was informed that on request of the publication and ownership structure of the company will answer later.

According to a source in the alcohol market, "Vaynboks" "engaged in project development of vineyards in the Crimea, together with the structures of the holding company" Ak Bars ". It is about the project, according to the conviction of the source, "its managers conduct business meetings in Coalco office at the Forest."

The second owner "Vaynboksa" Hassan Boloeva there is a connection with the investors of the project "Ak Bars" in the Crimea. It has a joint business - LLC "Artinzhiniring" - with Abdullin Lenar, top-manager structures "Ak Bars". The last and owns stakes in OOO "Our Crimea" and LLC "Pearl". These companies have received almost a year ago in the lease for 49 years a total of 8.4 thousand. Hectares of land and property complex, including previously owned by famous SUE "Magarach" in the Soviet era. Total investment in the development of the wine business was announced at the level of more than 2 billion rubles, according to the material "Investment portal of the Republic of Crimea."

"Acts as the official investor in this area is problematic because of the sanctions, - says a source and alcohol market. - "Magarach" together with the "Massandra" factory of sparkling wines "New World" and other Crimean enterprises is still in the sanctions list of the EU. " That is why, he supposed, Anisimova structures try to "project is not directly involved."

Alkobiznes Anisimova

Until 2012, the structures of the billionaire, whose fortune Forbes estimated at $ 1.2 billion, a pool of vodka owned assets, including the Moscow plant "Crystal" and distributor holding VEDK (portfolio consisted mainly of vodka brands "Rosspirtprom" and "Putinka"). But in April 2012, Anisimov said the sale of alcohol business owner Petersburg distillery "Liviz" Alexander Sabadash, serving time on charges of embezzlement of budget funds. It was not quite true: one of the structures Vasily Anisimov received a license to use the trademark "Putinka" Only two years ago, when the brand was sold to the previous owner - "Real-Invest" Arkady Rotenberg.