VEB will become a strategic partner of the Strelka CB Alexander Mamut

It will be the sawing project of Alexander Mamut CB "Strelka".
Created by businessman Alexander Mamut, KB Strelka found a strategic partner - they will become VEB. These negotiations the state corporation began after it was headed by former Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, who until May of this year oversaw the development of cities and public spaces in the federal government, which is what Strelka does. Over five years, the CB has consolidated state contracts by almost 5.6 billion rubles.

VEB will become a strategic partner of CB "Strelka", a source from Kommersant, familiar with the negotiations, said. Such a possibility is not ruled out, the head of the Strelka Board of Trustees, Alexander Mamut, told Kommersant. Information was confirmed by a representative of VEB. According to a Kommersant source, consultations on this topic between Alexander Mamut and VEB CEO Igor Shuvalov began a few weeks ago.

VEB's interest in the activities of Strelka is not accidental. Mr. Shuvalov, while still prime minister, until May of this year, oversaw the development of cities and public spaces in the government. To this work "Strelka" was involved. For five years, KB managed to get state contracts for a total amount exceeding 5.6 billion rubles. The largest order, for the development of the list of standards for the development of urban spaces, the bureau got in 2016 from AHML (now "Dom.RF"), its amount - 3.8 billion rubles. Another 1.8 billion rubles in aggregate. Strelka received from Moscow's capital repair department for the implementation of the My Street program. The KB also prepared an international competition for the development of architectural concepts of the Rublevo-Arkhangelskoe satellite city, commissioned by Sberbank's structures, for which the state bank has not yet started construction (contract amount is 45.5 million rubles). With the optimal performance of technical requirements, the contractor can earn from the total amount of state contracts from 5% to 10%, says a representative of one of the major general contracting companies.

KB Strelka is 80% owned by the same institute of media, architecture and design, which through the chain of companies owns Alexander Mamut. Another 10% - from the director general of the Strelka Institute, Varvara Melnikova, and the director general of the Strelka Design Bureau Denis Leontiev. The fact that the CB is on the balance of a non-profit organization can complicate the structure of the transaction, says one of the interlocutors of Kommersant. "Now the parties are discussing its details," he says. Experts interviewed by Kommersant found it difficult to assess the business of Strelka, as the company does not disclose even reports on RAS in SPARK-Interfax.

It is unlikely that Strelka is of interest to VEB exclusively for the volume of state contracts, says Irina Dobrokhotova, head of the supervisory board of Best New Building. "KB has the competence to develop the urban environment, the services of" Strelka "are often resorted to by developers," she adds.
The deal between VEB and Strelka may indicate that the state corporation, as an institution for development, will completely take under its supervision the development of urban spaces, which is a serious agenda for federal and regional officials, the source of Kommersant intends to include among the developers.

Now, he continues, this direction inherited from Mr. Shuvalov passed to the new curator of the construction industry, Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko, who currently has several other tasks - to prevent the growth of the number of defrauded co-investors and to change the rules for attracting buyers of apartments to developers.