Vekselberg didn't fit well into Switzerland

Russian billionaire scared the Swiss by firing three people.
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In Switzerland, the scandal around the Russian billionaire, chairman of the board of directors of companies "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg, who, according to local media reports, sacked several top managers in Swiss companies owned by him. According to the newspaper Schweiz am Sonntag, Vekselberg wants to take Swiss citizenship. In this case, the scandal is clearly not go in his favor.

Viktor Vekselberg, one of Russia's richest men with a fortune, according to the American magazine Forbes, at $ 14.2 billion (2015). In Switzerland, Viktor Vekselberg is a shareholder in several large companies: steelmaker Schmolz + Birckenbach, Züblin company, which is engaged in real estate, as well as two concerns for the production of technological equipment - Sulzer and OC Oerlikon. Schmolz + Birckenbach, as claimed in the company, "takes a leading place in the world for the production of long products and forgings of stainless and tool steels." Deliveries are including in Russia.

Problems in the global economy have a negative impact on those sectors where the concentrated interests of the Russian billionaire. For exampleImer, last year, fell sharply the demand for steel. However, Vekselberg and technology business suffered serious losses. Profit of the company Sulzer (Swiss chief asset Vekselberg), which, in particular, specializes in the manufacture of pumping equipment, fell by more than 16% to 254 million francs. There are about 14 thousand. People work at the company's plants.

Apparently, Viktor Vekselberg was upset by the negative financial news. A number of top managers, asset managers Vekselberg in Switzerland, according to local media, have lost their power. This, for example, the general director of the Swiss branch of "Renova" and the former head of Siemens Peter Loescher company. There were also fired Chief Financial Officer, General Counsel and Director of the Department of Public Relations.

It seems that public opinion was not on the side of the Russian businessman. The same Schweiz am Sonntag devoted to an analysis of this situation, a reversal. We paid attention to the scandal and other newspapers. Local corporate culture does not involve "sudden movements", especially the mass dismissal of top management, Sunlabor disputes taken to solve through negotiations. This principle is based on the so-called settlement agreement Swiss employers' unions and employees, adopted in 1937.

Unhappy, it seems, and have kept their posts managers - at least as a source of information, the Swiss newspaper indicated local interlocutors "Renova" room. Vekselberg immediately reminded him "of Russian origin" and accused him in an effort to conduct business in Switzerland by the same methods by which he conducts business in Russia. "It was a demonstration of the" Russian forces ", - writes Schweiz am Sonntag, citing one of his subordinates Vekselberg.

The Swiss are reminded that Viktor Vekselberg, has more than 10 years living in the Swiss canton of Zug, and even supposedly expects to receive local citizenship. If this is true, the scandal is clearly not benefit the Russian businessman. Advisor Herbert Smith Freehills Stanislav Grigoryev told "Izvestia" that if the dismissal of employees were indeed a violation, it may affect the confirmation of tax rezidentstva. In order to have this status, for example, you can have a business in the country. And some changes, including the composition of the staff can alert the authorities when making decisions.

- At Renova Management AG February meeting members of the Board of Directors of Zurich (RMAG) decided to strengthen the role of the board in the management of the investments in the assets included in the perimeter RMAG responsibility. In this connection, a member of the Board Peter Löscher was appointed to the newly created position of Deputy Chairman of the Board and resigned RMAG Chief Executive Officer, which he two years ago, has been delegated by the Board. This change reflects the new management of the company strategy and helps Peter to concentrate on strategic tasks, not wasting time on routine bureaucracy, which has to generally be engaged CEO - commented "Izvestia" Director of Strategic Communications, the official representative of "Renova" Group of Companies Andrei Storch.

According to him, it looks like a storm in a glass. As part of the optimization of staffing levelsand redistribution of functional three staff positions have been cut "of more than 35, so that the reduction is very modest." Dismissal, he notes, is completely in line with local regulations. Andrew Storch also denied reports that Viktor Vekselberg expects to get Swiss citizenship.

- Absolute nonsense. Mr. Vekselberg does not intend and has never intended to obtain Swiss citizenship. His only nationality - Russian, - Storch said.