Vekselberg will cheaply buy up Prokhorov's "financial club"

"The bank of oligarchs" has actually lost one oligarch.
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As previously reported, scared searches in the offices of ONEXIM Mikhail Prokhorov entrepreneur began actively to sell his Russian assets, perhaps intending to leave the country. I must say that some of them difficult to find a buyer: extravagant projects tycoon, seemed whim in fat years, proved to be viable in terms of large-scale economic crisis. But on the other property, though and at bargain prices, shoppers still manages to find.

The owner of "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg got a chance to half (to 39.42%) to increase the stake in the bank "International Financial Club" (IFC), which is the principal owner Prokhorov (its structure controlled 47.45% stake), a petition for preliminary consent to a deal his Cypriot offshore Winterlux Limited has submitted to the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS). Winterlux already owns 19.71% shares of the bank. Thus, if the deal goes through, Vekselberg will become the majority shareholder of IFC.

Name Seller not disclosed. Who shares in 19.71% of the shares of IFC, similar to the one that can redeembe Vekselberg, also owned by the group "Onexim", manages assets Prokhorov and chairman of the Board of Directors of Evraz Alexander Abramov. Another 27.74% of the shares personally Prokhorov, the remaining 13.14% is owned by the IFC Board of Directors Chairman Ekaterina Ignatova, wife of the chairman "Rostec" Chemezov.

Stake in the bank sells the "Onexim", said a person close to one of the parties, without specifying details. The representative of "Onexim" declined to comment, as did a representative of "Renova". Representatives Vekselberg and IFC did not comment on a possible deal. Contact Abramov failed.

The fact that the group "Onexim" negotiating the sale of all its affiliated Russian assets, including the IFC, previously told "Vedomosti" two companion in the group structure, the person receiving the offer to purchase certain assets, a person who knows about this from staff group and familiar Prokhorov. Later, the group CEO Dmitry Razumov denied this, stating that "Onexim" "all negotiating <...> in otnoshenii of certain assets, many of them going on for several years. " The Group intends to develop its financial companies, he pointed out.

For IFC is now difficult time. The last few months, the bank is experiencing an outflow of deposits. In March, IFC clients took 6 billion rubles., Another 10 billion rubles. - In April, it follows from the statements of the bank. Customers took away money like a corporate, and retail accounts and deposits, it could provoke some reports of searches in the companies group "Onexim" and the IFC, which took place on April 14. During the searches, according to "Interfax", verified information on tax evasion and fraud. The searches took place in the offices of the IFC, the bank's representative confirmed, saying that it is not associated with the bank activity. The site IFC says that the investigations relate to the criminal case against the former shareholders of the bank, "Tauride", which deals with sanitation IFC. In June, the bank predpravleniya changed - it was Igor Antonov (before that worked in "Renaissance", Rosbank), former head Oksana Lifar Prodotains to work in a bank as a member of the Board of Directors. "The Bank has significant support from shareholders, which greatly enhances our ability to serve the corporate enterprise sector, the provision of private banking services and operations in the financial markets", - he pointed out.

By early June, customers are taken from the bank has more than 6 billion rubles., Follows from his statements, the majority of (3,9 bln.) Fell on legal entities.

Now, all typical of the IFC problem - the deterioration of the assets, the instability of growth of the resource base - are preserved, although sharp movements have not yet seen, says the analyst, "Expert RA" Stanislav Volkov, it is possible that information about a possible sale of Prokhorov its Russian assets could adversely affect bank. Investors IFC funds held in the bank virtually secured the reputation of its shareholders, he says, so any information about a possible sale of the share of one of them may lead to an outflow of the deposits, as customers appear doubts about the fate of the bank. For Vekselberg buy this share withcompletion is not burdensome, he said. Cost of the package, according to Volkov's calculations, could reach "tens of millions of rubles" (IFC capital as of June 1 - 8.4 billion rubles.).