Vekselberg's plan: something went wrong

New details emerged regarding the strange attempts to sell Koltsovo to the oligarch's structures.
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The sale of the state stake in the airport "Koltsovo" mysterious Moscow companies - "Rusregionbiznes" and LLC "Greenline", apparently, still controlled by the structures of Viktor Vekselberg. Incomprehensible failure circuit and made of representatives of "Koltsovo", and lawyers Sverdlovsk authorities to further challenge the concluded contract. But the oligarch subordinates issued the haste with which they were preparing to withdraw from the Board of Directors of State Airport. Evidence - in material.

Scheduled for May 13 extraordinary shareholders meeting "Koltsovo" Airport was thwarted. According to the official message of the company, the reason for the cancellation was the lack of a quorum. For insignificant at first glance, event and boring wording hides, however, the intrigue, which at least partially sheds light on the mysterious history of the "sale" of state-owned shares of "Koltsovo".

Recall that last year, deputies of the Legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region have agreed on the transfer of 34.56% of shares of "Koltsovo" (share in mouthSG Capital Airport) regional "Development Corporation of the Middle Urals" (KRSU). The MP assured that the sale to a private investor securities will not be and will remain under the control of government agencies. However, in January 2014, FAS Russia approved the application of "Koltsovo-Invest" to acquire 47.52% stake Yekaterinburg airport (including packet transmitted KRSU) that actually shed light on the fate of the asset. It only remained unclear how and when to do it and at what cost shares sold oligarch structures.

Representatives of the parties have explained that the regional treasury has no funds for airport development and above all to prepare it for the World Cup 2018, and that the investment program of "Koltsovo" has become unaffordable for the Sverdlovsk budget. However, no information about how the preparation for the sale, what is the estimated value of the shares, was not. Everything was non-public, and the public was assured that no concrete decisions about the fate of the shares is still pending.

However, on 25 March, it became aware of unexpected (and contested nowCourt) retired director general KRSU Sergey Filippov, after which the news of the state's stake Yekaterinburg airport began to crumble like a horn of plenty. In April a court of arbitration of Sverdlovsk region have addressed the representatives of the two mysterious Moscow firms with signs ephemeral - LLC "Rusregionbiznes" and LLC "Greenline" that indicated the existence of a contract of sale of shares Airport between them and KRSU. The claimant stated that at the conclusion of the transaction were checked credentials and Sergei Filippov (at that time he was still head of the company), and the Board of Directors Minutes "Koltsovo" in which the question of the sale of shares was approved (but did not specify one in particular).

The court was announced the date of conclusion of the contract - 20 March - and the conditions extremely disadvantageous for the state. Thus, the shares were sold at virtually the same price at which arrived in the authorized capital KRSU, and their pay was delayed by as much as a year.

In court KRSU representatives as well as representatives of "Koltsovo", do not accept the deal, stating that they do not know anything about it, what they have learned about Mr.nd just by chance, after the onset of action, and that its general conditions is economically unreasonable. Like, this could be in principle. At the same time press secretary of Prime Minister Denis Voronov Elena Paslera he claimed that KRSU Board of Directors did not take a decision on the sale of state shares of "Koltsovo" airport.

At the same time, sources close to Sergei Filippov, categorically insisted that Philip never made decisions on various projects without coordination with the regional government and the governor. And the "AWOL" to "Koltsovo", according to his version, there could be: sales contracts signed by the written instructions of the Prime Minister Denis Paslera. Given that KRSU Filippov and now conduct the lawsuit, it was unclear which of them is disingenuous.

It puts forward two versions of what happened: the action "Koltsovo" decided to sell the structures of Viktor Vekselberg after the maker of "laying" "Rusregionbiznes" and "Greenline" that decision-makers are not accused of collusion with the FPG (Denis Pasler earlier work structureUrach oligarch). Either one of the actors in the chain decided to beat the "Renova" and seize the asset later resold it the structures of Viktor Vekselberg, but much more expensive.

But representatives of "Koltsovo" waiting for the deal. February 20 airport announced an extraordinary meeting of shareholders of May 13. The statement, signed by the Executive Director
JSC "Airport Koltsovo" Alexei Piskunov, was determined his agenda - on early termination of office of the current Board of Directors and the election of a new one. Details became known later: April 15 was convened, and on April 18th of the board of directors "Koltsovo", which put forward new candidates to the board. If we compare the two structures, the striking main change: among the proposed candidates are no longer the representatives of regional authorities.

So, now to the Board of Directors of "Koltsovo" includes the Deputy Regional Minister for State Property Management Artem Bogachev, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Zyryanov and Regional Minister of Transport and Communications Alexander Sidorenko. Their etc.dlagalos replaced by top managers of airport assets Viktor Vekselberg, in particular, Dmitry Surovtseva, Nikolai Ulyanov and Oleg Fedotovskaya. That is, by the middle of April, representatives of the airport understood that they have reason to exclude officials from the Council. So the base, of course, first and foremost, is the loss of the right to state company shares. Sergey Filippov was fired earlier, and if the reason for dismissal was the deception structures "Renova" and the unauthorized sale of the shares, it is unlikely Directors "Koltsovo" Council would establish new candidates, knowing that they do not have the right to full control of the "Koltsovo".

Since the extraordinary shareholders' meeting was scheduled for 13 May already, it is likely that by this time gathered to announce and legally formalize a deal as it is necessary. But due to the fact that now the deal on March 20 officially recognized neither by the authorities nor the "Koltsovo", and because the official government announced the suspension of the sale of shares of procedure, and the shares themselves blocked in the registry by the court decision, the reason for the exclusion of officials of the Board of Directorsin no more. And so the May 13 extraordinary shareholders' meeting was simply torn down.

Unfortunately, the published documents is not shed light on why the chosen scheme did not work. It is also not clear why "Rusregionbiznes" and "Greenline", if they were in the field of structures Vekselberg, asking the court to force KRSU execute the transaction. But we will continue to monitor developments.