Vekselberg's ties: Forbes studied the structure of the billionaire's funds

Funds of Renova are invested into paper holdings of T Plus and Rosnano, and part of the assets are kept in Metkombank.   
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Forbes figured out part of the assets of two NPF, which belongs to the group "Renova" Viktor Vekselberg, the owner of the property - funds "Great pension" (hereinafter - FFT) and "Vladimir". The structure of the investments of the two funds and management principles are practically identical. Each of them has the largest share of assets managed by pension savings company. But it is, according to the chairman of the board and the FFT board member NPF "Vladimir" Alexei Goncharov, is not affiliated. Although controls a major part of the assets of two NPF. In the case of the FFT is the assets of tens of billions of rubles. Total at the beginning of the second quarter of this year, pension savings FFT is 32.2 billion rubles, while reserves - 2 billion rubles.

The assets of pension funds invested in including in the company Vekselberg. In particular, we are talking about the energy company "T plus". At the end of November last year in bonds and equities, "T plus" "Great pension" fund invested 2.8 billion rubles, "Vladimir" fund - 121 million rubles. FFT and "Vladimir" also invested 1 billion rubles and 112 million rubles in bonds, "Rosnano", said in a note on the fund investments "Vladimir" and FFT (available in the Forbes disposal). Its board of directors consists Vekselberg. Goncharov confirms that the investment of "Big" in "Rosnano" and "T plus" were carried out, but the volume of transactions with bonds "Rosnano", he said, in the case of the FFT - only about 60 million rubles.

After analyzing data on the investments of other large NPF, of Forbes found that any significant investment in both "T Plus" and "Rosnano" just did NPF "Atomgarant". This can be explained by the fact that its assets are managed by Pension Savings Company.

According to the Criminal Code "Capital" director general Vadim Soskova if NPF owns a particular financial-industrial group, and risk management of the fund voluntarily or involuntarily will be guided by the interests of shareholders. In his opinion, it is necessary to add a specific regulation of work of APF with the Criminal Code: "Set the standard, or even set a benchmark to the work with pension funds has not necessarily allowed NPF affiliated with the owners of the management company. If it is not affiliated with the shareholder, whatever her asked, whatever her convinced she will be guided by their own risk criteria. "

Managing Director RAEX Pavel Mitrofanov said that all legally operating companies are not affiliated with close NPF, as in investing pension savings there is no direct prohibition. "In all major pension business has its own management company (or group of the Criminal Code), which allows you to influence the investpolitiku" - says Mitrofanov. According to a source close to the "Renova" in the funds and assets of NPF good across the group is not a priority source of funding, such as the availability of securities of the company "T Plus" in the Lombard list of the Bank of Russia - is a much more significant source of liquidity attraction.