Verdict for the murder of a millionaire in France was rendered in Moscow

Sultan Sigauri was found guilty of assistance in the morder of the former head of Saratovstroysteklo, Mikhail Lanin.
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Dorogomilovsky Moscow court handed down the first sentence on the murder in France of the former Director General of OAO "Saratovstroysteklo" Michael Lanin. Businessman Sultan Sigauri was sentenced for complicity in the crime. The main accused, "reshalschik" Ahmad Hamidov and "authority" Walid Lurahmaev (Validol) are wanted internationally.

Since Sultan Sigaruri fully admitted guilt and signed a deal with the investigation of his case was heard in a special manner. The prosecutor asked sentenced him to 9 years imprisonment in a strict regime colony. The judge gave a little less - for 8 years and six months. Since Sigauri is now serving a sentence of 12 years for taking part in the assassination of a businesswoman Tatyana balsam, two terms laid down in part. In total, it should be held in isolation for 14 years.

 According to police, Sigauri was a member of the group "reshalschikov", posing as employees of the presidential administration and offer businessmen office for a fee of millions of dollars. Then some of the victims were killed. The grouping of the power operations of an "authority" by Walid Lurahmaev Validol nickname.

As has found out the UK in 2011 at the Taras Shevchenko embankment in Moscow Sultan Sigauri he met with his friend Ahmad Hamidov. The latter, on the UK version, was the leader of the group "reshalschikov" posing as Kremlin officials. He is wanted by Interpol and, according to operative data, hiding in Turkey. Hamidov said Sigauri that he needs to find the killer, able to "deal" with one person.

After that, the Sultan spoke with his other friends - Chechen "authority" Lurahmaevym Walid, who agreed to take the job. Sigauri organized a meeting Lurahmaeva and Khamidov. It took place in the parking lot at the store "Spring" on Novy Arbat.

It is believed the Investigation Committee, during this conversation Khamidov offered validol eliminate a fee the owner of "Saratovstroysteklo" Michael Lanin. He personally knew Khamidov and gave the last and his associates more than 200 million rubles under the promise to appoint Lanin and his son at various positions: first, they talked about places in the Central Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Michael previously worked in the Anti-Corruption Squad), then - in the "Olimpstroj".

And when Lanin suspected that Khamidov and his friends lzhechinovniki are scams, began to demand the return of all transferred funds.

Validol during a meeting in New Arbat immediately agreed to do the work to address the Lanin and offered to carry out the killing outside of Russia.

Later, all the participants of the "negotiations" met at the cinema "Strela", where Hamidov gave Lurahmaevu package with 100 kDa euros, of which the latter gave Sigauri estate, 10 kDa was found out later that this is not the entire fee for the murder of Lanin 100 kDa Euro Validol offered only performers - have settled not far from Nice, natives of Chechnya Ruslan Bersanov and Yazid Arsalievu.

Lurahmaev himself became constantly flying to France. When in this country, everything was ready to crime, to the case in the UK data, connected Khamidov. He said Lanin, an official from the Kremlin, which if left 200 million rubles, ready to rewrite Michael Cottage near Nice.

In March 2011, a personal driver Khamidov brought Lanin and his civilian wife Elena Pravoslavnovoy tickets to Nice. During the trip, they had to examine the official house. A man and a woman met at the airport in France and Bersanov Arsaliyev, put into a car and taken to a place Villepinte. When they were on a small dead-end street, one of the intruders from the small-caliber pistol shot in the head and Lanin Pravoslavnovoy. Businessman died on the spot. Women were more fortunate - bullet pierced the skull, the victim only fainted. A criminal who decided that the second victim also died, quietly left with an accomplice.

Recovering, Pravoslavnova able to describe the attackers. From these data, the police detained people from Chechnya Yazid Arsalieva and Ruslan Bersanov, who together with his parents moved to France as early as 10 years of age. The sentence they were supposed to announce the summer of 2016, but the hearing was postponed until the verdict against Sigauri in Moscow.

 Khamidov was put on the international wanted list. Lurahmaev arrested in the spring of 2016 in Turkey, where he arrived on the passport on the name of Alexander Smirnov. However, they took him in connection with another investigation. Turkish authorities believe that Lurahmaev could be related to death in Istanbul Abdulvahid Edilgerieva - a relative of one of the ideologists of Wahhabis in Chechnya Udugov - who worked as a system administrator militants site "Kavkaz-Center" (Nikulinskiy Court of Moscow found extremist materials of the site).

How many people were victims and were killed by the group "reshalschikov" set yet. While it is known that they seized 200 million rubles paid by businessman Mikhail Lanin; 20 million euros, the bank laid businesswoman Tatyana balsam (the money she gave a State Duma deputy Mikhail Slipenchuk), which has been promised a lucrative state contract for the transit of gas through Ukraine to Europe; 2 million euros and 38.5 million rubles, placed in the depository of the Saratov regional Duma deputy representative, who wanted to take a large position; 4 million euros a businessman from Bashkiria, paid for the position of Vice-President of JSC "Transneft". Lanin was killed by killers in France, Ozirny - in Turkey, balsam assassinated in Ukraine.