Victim of Vneshprombank: Vladimir Gruzdev has lost part of his wealth

The bank's creditors are trying to get off-balance sheet assets of the bank.
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Forbes was able to figure out the biggest victim of the revocation of the license Vneshprombank among individuals. According to three sources, he was a former governor of the Tula region, now adviser to the new governor, a member of the list of Forbes, Vladimir Gruzdev. He kept the bank from $ 44 to $ 50 million, say sources Forbes among the affected clients. In addition, according to SPARK, in Vneshprombank service company "Fashion kontitent» (Incity brand), which is 50.1% owned by the mother of Vladimir Gruzdev - Nelly, another 26% in funds UCP Ilya ShCherbovicha. "Fashion kontitent" laid in the bank their trade balances - clothes, shoes and accessories for 400 million rubles.

Representative Vladimir Gruzdev said that "Fashion continent" indeed was served in Vneshprombank, but notes the company's shares are not laid in the bank. For information about placing in Vneshprombank personal funds Gruzdev he refused to comment.

Gruzdev appeared another bank's VIP-client. In addition to his agent and the bank held in-law Nikolai Tokarev Andrey Bolotov, the wife of the deputy chairman of the government Dmitry Kozak HTalya Kvacheva family Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, relatives of Artur Chilingarov, the son of Sergei Ivanov, the presidential administration, Sergei, a State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik and his wife, the former head of Credit Suisse in Russia Diana Gendin, former head of the State Duma Natalia Burykina Finance Committee.

Most private investors faced with the fact that they are fictitious loans were issued.

Their appearance is due to the scheme for the withdrawal Vneshprombank assets. "Bank customers means used by shareholders as their own. According to my estimates, the starting point could be 2009 for this scheme. Signatures in loan agreements of many customers tampered with, and some contracts do not. These agreements are the owners of the bank was used to withdraw money from bank cash desks. By these means, they maintained their high standard of living - in a month they spend on up to $ 30-40 million, "- says one of the co-owner friends Vneshprombank Larissa Marcus. According to one source, he injured Vladislav Reznik - a fictitious loan in the region of $ 5 million has been issued to him, in addition, his seedLu burned contribution in excess of $ 10 million. A source close to Reznik says that this is a common problem with most customers Vneshprombank.

Lenders have already begun hunting for the owners of the bank's assets - George Bedzhamova (previously - Bidzhamo, is wanted on charges of fraud) and his sister Larissa Marcus (from December of the previous year is in jail). As told Forbes source close to the creditors over a month ago in Monaco to Bedzhamovu their representative arrived. "He showed a photo and assets owned by his family and offered to return them. Among them, the boat (including Ester III, which is estimated at $ 70 million), a hotel in Switzerland, real estate in France, Italy, the Baltic States ", - said a source close to the creditors. - "Bedzhamov refused to negotiate."

Also, the search continues for Bedzhamova assets and Marcus in Russia. According to the source, the central office building at Vneshprombank Komsomol prospectus, 42 were registered in the son of a top manager of "Rosneft" Artur Chilingarov - Nicholas and it has already been transferred to other persons connected with the creditors. Dans Unified State Register of rights to immovable property is not possible to refine it. Nikolai Chilingarov, through the Secretary declined to comment.

The largest creditor is Vneshprombank Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port. JV "Transneft" and "Amount" Ziyavudin Magomedov owns 50.1% stake in the group, "Transneft" has another 10.5% stake and controls 5.3% of the shares owned by RZD, another 20% - from the state. Magomedov himself takes an active part in the return of funds, Forbes told two sources close to the bank, since the sum of prior structures with his participation (including NCSP) is about $ 210 million. The "Summa Capital" did not respond to questions about Forbes. Among the other victims "Transneft", "Rosneft", the group "Gazprom" (with Bedzhamova structure works the company "Gazprom fleet"), who also declined to comment. The Central Bank and the DIA did not respond to requests Forbes.