Victory Day in Moscow will cost 10 million dollars

The expenses for the celebration of the Victory Day in Moscow will amount to more than 600 million rubles. Traditionally, the most - about 150 million - will be spent on transportation of servicemen.
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The Moscow authorities plan to spend at least 615 million rubles for the celebration of the Victory Day, RBC estimates. Among the claimed spending is a concert near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, work with social networks and the media, a St. George ribbon of 5 km in length, as well as making rugs, blankets for the iPhone 8 and X with the inscription "I love Moscow".

Calculations of RBC were conducted only on the basis of information posted on the site of public procurement. Moscow's expenses for 9.5 million rubles were not taken into account. to hold a number of events in honor of the Victory Day for compatriots abroad, as well as the cost of fuel, which will be used during the demonstration of aviation and ground equipment at the Moscow Victory Parade due to the lack of open information necessary for counting. In addition, several thousand sets of uniforms are sewn for the parade every year, but information about this tender could not be found.

Procurement of the Ministry of Defense

The most expensive lot has traditionally been the transportation of servicemen to participate in the parade: in 2018, these services were valued at 147 million rubles. Two contracts went to IP Zatsepin Alexander Leonidovich, the same entrepreneur belongs to the company "NKN-Story", which won a similar contract last year.

Back in July 2017, the Defense Ministry purchased heraldic products for 2018, including more than 34,000 medals "For participation in the military parade on Victory Day" for up to 9.3 million rubles. This is a departmental award, established by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in 2010. Awarded for participation in the march, as well as for the training of military personnel, equipment and weapons for the Victory Parade.

At the end of last year, the ministry ordered work on technical supervision of T-34 tanks, which traditionally participate in the Victory Parade. The contract for 2018 for 6 million rubles. received the 61st Armored Repair Plant. Expendables for one tank will cost 529 thousand rubles, and for the work on preparing each tank for the Victory Parade will spend 3 thousand rubles. Another 4 million rubles. The Ministry of Defense spent on installing the sound and communication system during the parade and rehearsal in Alabino.

Concert with the blessing of the patriarch

The total cost of the announced tenders for holding festive concerts in Moscow amounted to almost 190 million rubles. Only the committee of public relations of the city ordered the holding of "memorial and memorial events" for 17 million rubles.

In addition, procurement placed prefectures of counties, parks, as well as district administrations, municipal administrations and other state structures. Among these purchases is a St. George ribbon with a length of 5 km worth 100 thousand rubles., Ordered in Zelenograd. Its participants in the action "Frontier of Defense" will be stretched between the memorial complexes of the city, symbolically denoting the front line in the battle for Moscow in 1941. The most expensive event will take place on Poklonnaya Hill - it will cost 13 million rubles. Here on May 9, the Mariinsky Theater Symphony Orchestra will perform under Valery Gergiev.

A concert near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior will spend 11.4 million rubles. This year on the court next to the church musicians of the Central Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defense will perform songs about the war in jazz processing. Among the conditions of the tender is the receipt of "the highest blessing from the patriarch of Moscow and All Russia". Purchases with such a condition the Moscow Directorate of Mass Events places at least a third time. All three contracts were received by LLC "SalMa". If before the Victory Day last year four companies took part in the competition, then before the City Day there were two participants, and on May 8 and 9 this year only "SalMa" Ltd. claimed to hold concerts.

On the action "Immortal Regiment" on Tverskaya this year will spend 12.5 million rubles., Among the costs - the development of scenery and video content. Concerts at the Belarusian, Kazan and Riga railway stations will cost the city authorities 13.3 million rubles. The event at the Theater Square, where the veterans meet traditionally, will cost 6.5 million rubles. On Nikitsky, Gogol and Chistoprudny Boulevards, as well as on the Arbat will be dedicated to the holiday photo exhibition worth 1.2 million rubles. Almost 45 million are planned to spend on festive events in Moscow parks.

Informational support for mass events on the Victory Day will be taken by the Polylog agency, which will receive 2.8 million rubles for this. The documentation for the purchase says that the performer must produce gift items with the symbol "I love Moscow" for a total of more than 400 thousand rubles. Including plaids, umbrellas, canvas bags and covers for the iPhone 8 and X.

Overclocking clouds, decoration, fireworks

The cost of the contract to disperse the clouds on May 1 and 9, as well as on Russia Day on June 12 and on City Day this year exceeded 400 million rubles. On the day of the Victory, this amount accounts for more than 100 million rubles. According to the contract, 12 aircraft will be dispersed, three more than in 2017. In addition, another aircraft will participate in the study of clouds to select a reagent - it will cost the state another 3.4 million rubles.

The amount of tenders for the festive decoration of the city by the Victory Day was more than 107 million rubles. Almost half of this - the cost of redevelopment of the Red Square and Vasilievsky descent, which ordered the management of the operation of buildings of higher authorities. The rest is for the design of districts and districts of the city.

Services for holding fireworks on Victory Day are present in at least 15 tenders, and the planned spending on them amounted to more than 8.8 million rubles. The most expensive purchase was placed by the Office for the operation of buildings of the highest authorities - the city's festive fireworks on the Red Square with sound and light performances cost 3.2 million rubles. In the park. Gorky - in 680 thousand rubles.

Veterans' linen and irons for active residents

To purchase souvenirs, congratulations, gifts for veterans and residents of the areas on the occasion of the holiday and invitations to the parade, authorities plan to spend almost 40 million rubles.

At 7 million rubles. Moscow authorities purchased gifts and food sets. For example, the prefecture of the North-West Administrative District as a gift for "veterans and active residents of the Okrug" bought 600 sets of bed linen. In Mitino, local authorities purchased 600 bath towels for the residents of the district. In the Mountainous Region, for the 9th of May, 60 multivarocs, 50 vacuum cleaners, 35 meat mincers, 25 microwave ovens, 40 mixers, 20 juicers, 30 irons and coffee machines, as well as ten baking ovens, food processors and air purifiers.

In Strogino, for gift appliances - 90 irons and 70 teapots - "residents taking active part in the life of the district" can count.

To congratulate the "veterans of the state civil service and cultural figures," Moscow authorities purchased 200 automatic tonometers. Residents of the Sokolniki district will receive 500 thermo mugs, 200 ceramic mugs, 100 thermoses and 250 notebooks as souvenirs as souvenirs - all with the district's symbols.

Head of the Presidential Administration has concluded contracts for 57 million rubles. on the production and distribution of congratulations throughout the country to veterans of the war and to the workers of the rear. The number of congratulations in 2018 will be 1.5 million According to the Moscow mayor's office, more than 158 thousand veterans live in the capital, so about 5.7 million rubles will be spent on text congratulations of Moscow veterans.

The presidential administration has placed two more purchases in connection with the celebration of the Victory Day in Moscow for a total of 26.7 million rubles. These are invitations to the military parade and passes to his dress rehearsal, as well as souvenir products (modular models BM-13 Katyusha, badges 9 May, raincoats, baseball caps and caps).

"Dagger", "Corsair" and "Typhoon" with "Terminator"

On May 9, 159 units of modern weapons and military equipment, 75 air crews, as well as 13,000 servicemen will be deployed at the parade in Moscow, the press service of the Defense Ministry told RBC. This is 3 thousand people and 45 cars more than last year.

In addition, the flight of aviation in 2017 was not. It was canceled because of unfavorable weather conditions in the Moscow region, in spite of the fact that before it was allocated about 100 million rubles for dispersal of clouds. It was planned that 72 aircraft and helicopters would fly over Red Square.

In 2018, for the first time in history flyers of the fifth generation of Su-57 and interceptors MiG-31K, equipped with hypersonic missiles "Dagger" will fly over Red Square. On the aviation complex "Dagger" first became known on March 1 - when President Vladimir Putin spoke about him in a message to the Federal Assembly.

For the first time robots will take part in the parade. It is a question of multifunctional robotic complexes "Uran-6" and "Uran-9". In addition, in the celebration for the first time will participate the tank support vehicle tanks "Terminator" and unmanned aerial vehicles "Corsair" and "Katran". Drones will not fly, but will go on special platforms. The newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda" specifies that this was done "in order to maintain a single rate of passage of the mechanized column." The source of RBC in the Ministry of Defense attributed this to the failure of the GPS system in the Kremlin area and the incorrect determination of their location by geolocation services.

Among the novelties of the parade - anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-M2". For the first time an armored car "KamAZ" -53949 from the family "Typhoon" will pass by Red Square. The two-axle version of the Typhoon differs from the others in ease and for this has been nicknamed "Typhoon". Among the debutants at the parade is also the armored car "Patrol", which will pass through the center of the capital on May 9 as part of the calculation of Rosgvardia.

Most of those cars that will participate in the parade, has already passed the test in Syria, recalled the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Arsenal of the Fatherland" Colonel Viktor Murakhovsky reserve. "This time we will show a shock drones" Corsair ", which, according to rumors, has already passed practical tests in the Arab Republic. This is a clear allusion to the fact that drone drones are just about to go into service, "the military expert said.

Scandal with the MOE and new parade participants

This year, for the first time, the Smolensk Military Academy of the Airborne Armed Forces of the Armed Forces named after Marshal Vasilevsky and the branch of the Nakhimov Naval School from Sevastopol were included in the pedestrian parade for the first time, Colonel-General Oleg Salyukov told the Krasnaya Zvezda newspaper, who will lead the parade in Moscow. From the troops of Rosgvardia for the first time will participate in the parade of the Saratov Military Institute and the Moscow presidential cadet school named after MA Sholokhov.

Pass on the Red Square on May 9 and representatives of the Civil Protection Academy of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, participation in the parade which was in question. In early February, the Defense Ministry disseminated the release of representatives of which organizations and departments will be held along with the military on May 9, 2018, the ceremonial rite on Red Square. Academy of Emergency Situations for the first time since 2002 in the list was not. The source of RBC in the Emergencies Ministry and the Izvestia newspaper linked this decision with the participation of cadets in a flash mob in support of cadets of the Ulyanovsk Civil Aviation Institute who faced the threat of expulsion after recording a parody clip on the track of Italian DJ Benny Benassi Satisfaction.

Two weeks later, TASS reported with reference to a source in law enforcement agencies that Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu allowed cadets of the educational institutions of the Ministry of Emergency Situations to participate in the Victory Day parade on May 9 in Moscow. At the rehearsal of the parade on May 3, the correspondent of RBC noticed two foot columns from the Ministry of Emergency Situations.