Viktor Rashnikov copied Napoleon's library for his 118-room palace

There's a copy of the Emperor's cabinet and an Olympic-sized swimming pool in the businessman's mansion with a total area of 6,000 square meters.  
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Rain has learned the name of the alleged owner of the estate near Moscow, a total area of ​​6000 m2, a report of which was published in the September issue of the magazine Architectural Digest (AD). The plot on which the house is built, is located in the exclusive village "Riitta" on Rublevo-Uspensky highway. The territory belongs to the full namesake chairman of the board "of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works" (MMK) billionaire Victor Rashnikovu.

According to the extract from Rosreestra received rain, the cadastral value of the land plot of 278 acres - 142 million rubles. The property Viktor Filippovich Rashnikova (same name and chapter MMK), it is 2005. The area is also situated villa area of ​​five thousand square meters, cadastral value of which amounts to 130 million rubles. Judging by the pictures on Google Maps, it is described in the AD building. Correspondent, visited the village, confirmed that the set on a house looks the same as in the photo and the estate AD.

The press-secretary MMK Dmitry Kuchumov in response to a reporter's question about the ownership Rashnikova said that commentsntiruet only activity plant. Contact by Rashnikovym failed.

Rashnikov since 2005 chairman of the board "Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant" - one of the largest steel producers in the world. Through the company "Myint Holding Limited," he owns 87.27% stake in the plant. Forbes estimates the state of a businessman in a $ 3.8 billion (23th place in the ranking of the magazine). Rashnikov in 1968, worked as a mechanic at MMK. In 1991 he became deputy general director of the plant, and in 1997 led him, then he began to buy up shares and in the 2000s became the majority owner.

Rashnikov was a confidant of Vladimir Putin in the presidential election of 2000. In 2003 and 2007 the businessman was elected to the State Duma from the party "United Russia", but after the election refused to mandate. Five times until the present convocation, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region. In 2007 Rashnikov declare 293 million rubles, wrote edition of «». Declaration in the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region entrepreneur does not provide.

This is due to the fact that PSchnick, as well as another 14 deputies, does not report earnings, combine legislative activities with business and therefore does not receive salaries in parliament, wrote RBC. The press service of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region edition explained that they could not force deputies to fulfill the requirements of the law "On Combating Corruption" and to report on their income. "We called on deputies to submit a declaration, but nothing more we can do. Hopefully, the deputies are aware of the degree of responsibility to the voters, "- said the headmistress's press service.

Material on the estate near Moscow appeared in the June issue of the Italian in 2015 AD. Palace (as he calls the journalist edition) designed by renowned French architect Joseph Karam Lebanese origin. Among his clients - Arab princes and Russian oligarchs who want to maintain privacy, the newspaper writes Departures.

Among the projects Karama paper calls and residence near Moscow area of ​​65 thousand square feet (six thousand square meters). For the construction of the estate near Moscow Karam attracted hundredsart and craft shops: painters, blacksmiths, upholsterers, masons and cabinetmakers.

Photos of the interiors the same as in "Architectural Digest" Rain found on the portal "Arhrevyu". The author of the design "of the estate in the palace style" four thousand square meters called Olga Terentyev. Terentyev itself declined to comment on the publication, citing the confidentiality of the information.

Karam in 2005 registered in the Russian firm "Karam Architecture", which, according to "Kommersant Card indexes", was liquidated in September 2015. The interviewee familiar with the activities of the company, says that the project was commissioned in 2010. The Russian office of the architect was forced to close due to lack of orders and financial crisis, the source said Rain.

The project, according to the interlocutor, was designed by French designer Karama Office. The architect himself is already in Russia carried out the "designer supervision." Another company, pertaining to the construction of the palace - "Faber" OOO - Catching up from 2008 to 2010It familiarizes device home roof, which looks the same as described in AD mansion. The telephone number of "Faber" is no longer maintained, but work in a private residence in the village "Gorki-8" (the village is adjacent to the "Riitta") is listed among the projects of the company on its website.

"Blinding splendor and noble simplicity"

This house with the site can cost up to $ 70 million, calculated broker Department of suburban real estate KalinkaGroup Inna Leschiner. Sell ​​homestead is possible for 80-90 million dollars, however, to find a buyer for such an object at the present time it is impossible, the expert adds.

In the palace of 118 rooms. Furniture, fixtures and finishes are made by French and Italian masters and companies. The landlord collects art and art: AD writes about two vases works of Russian artists of the XIX century. Two other vases of the same period have been sold at auction for $ 2.7 million. The Italian issue have pictures of the painting hanging above the table owner. Its author - El Lissitzky, the Russian avant-garde artist beginning of XX century.

Weetorus Rashnikov is married and has two daughters. Jr., Olga, in 2012, joined the board of directors "of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works." Forbes estimates her fortune at $ 3.5 billion. In the ranking of billionaires heirs, published by the magazine, it takes 30 place. The eldest daughter, according to the businessman, also "successfully engaged in business." In Rashnikova have grandchildren, "Vedomosti" he told the newspaper in 2007.

In the description of the settlement "Riitta" Online Realtors says that in Soviet times there liked to rest the entire party elite. "Village" Riitta. "- A collection of individuals built homes here are designed in various architectural decisions", - stated in the description on the site of the village.

Prospective home Rashnikova made in the Palladian style, and the interiors vary depending on the rooms. Pool is inspired by Paris' Grand Palais, benches made of Carrara marble, a study - in the style of French Empire - Napoleon plays cabinet I at Malmaison (here you can see the icon, presumably, of St. Victor).Furniture and fixtures - both in wealthy homes during the Second Empire, vases Regency. The architect had to "find a balance between aesthetics old neoclassical palaces and modernity, between the striking, dazzling splendor and noble simplicity", writes the author of the report in AD Gilles Dyer.

"Gigantic" Large living room manor "crowning dome trinadtsatimetrovoy height, and in the rotunda underneath, decorated with marble columns, go private rooms and apartments of the owner, his daughters and grandchildren, - says the author. - Perfect finish, carefully calculated effects, and emphasized luxury reminiscent not about today, but about an idealized past. "